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The Vision Comes First

Samry (Youth), Australia

Having a creative vision isn’t just for Hollywood directors, but for anyone who sets out to make media that will matter to its audience.

To produce something that communicates your message in a compelling way takes forethought. This advance planning and design is how a trio of AYV youth - including Samry, a participant at the Fitzroy Learning Network Computer Clubhouse - focused their thinking for a new media project.

“My current project is going to be a combination of video and animation about refugees,” says Samry. She is working with two other people, and notes, “We are all refugees from different backgrounds.” They have a vision for their work: “Hopefully the video will teach people to be understanding and accepting of refugees that come to Australia.”

To this end, they have had to make a lot of choices in the course of the pre-production and production process. There are of course myriad ways to represent the issue, in any number of media formats.

Talking it through together, Samry says that they decided “part of our filming will be a conversation between the three of us about the hardest thing about being a refugee, and our experiences.” She explains it was a deliberate choice to do this “instead of interviewing because we wanted to show a personal experience rather than just talking about ourselves to the camera.”

Thinking about how they wanted their media work to resonate with the audience gave them direction at the outset of the process. They came up with their vision and worked backward from that to craft something that would help them carry out that vision.

Their design choices are key in this process, and Samry notes, “We hope to use animation to make statistics and stuff more interesting.” Being open to mixing media forms gives their project more creative potential. Being open, in general, to the wide array of media formats and tools – and to all the different things that are possible with storytelling, imagery, and sound, etc. – can help media artists realize their vision.

This has been true for Samry and her peers, who find that sometimes, during production, “We try something and if it doesn’t work with the project we will talk about changing it.” They are open to adapting their plans as they work, but the vision had to come first.

POST DATE: May 31, 2015
AUTHOR: Wendy Rivenburgh

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