Youth Media | Educator Resources

Creating Impactful Learning Experiences

Learn how to help youth use media tools to communicate their ideas effectively and tell their stories in a unique and personal way. This collection of resources has been developed to foster a more intentional strategy for media making – one that is purposeful and designed to have impact and effect change.

The AYV Guide and toolkits provide educators with planning tools, examples, and tips to help launch and sustain robust youth media experiences. The curricula, in a variety of media formats, provide educators with the activity steps and handouts for leading a youth media project.

The resources and training materials were developed by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) for Adobe Foundation.

Program Guide

A must read for anyone interested in leading youth media making activities.

Career Guide

Help youth find their own creative path.

Animation Curriculum

Discover how stop-motion animation can be used to creatively engage audiences on social issues.

Documentary Curriculum

Youth artists explore the untold story of someone they know by creating a short portrait documentary.

Digital Storytelling Curriculum

Youth explore their own histories and construct a personal narrative using digital media.

Graphic Design Curriculum

While producing three distinct graphic design projects, youth are challenged to imagine a world of possibilities.

Video Narrative Curriculum

Youth will reflect on a real or imagined moment of conflict as inspiration for a narrative video project.

Collaboration Toolkit

This toolkit provides strategies for engaging youth in collaborative media projects by exploring perspectives of two or more communities.

Common Core Toolkit

This toolkit includes recommendations for effectively integrating AYV curriculum and the Common Core Standards.

Exhibition Toolkit

This toolkit illustrates strategies to bring youth work to a specific audience in meaningful ways.

Rough Cut Toolkit

This toolkit provides strategies useful for engaging youth media makers in thoughtful dialogue through an activity called Rough Cut Review.

Trainer Guide & Training Resources

For those interested in training other educators in youth media instruction, access our trainer guide and training modules to lead your own Create with Purpose training.