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Powerful Storytelling Across the Globe

Through the AYV program, young people around the world produced vibrant, compelling media pieces to illuminate issues they care about and inspire change. Explore a sampling of youth-produced media from the program below and visit the Create with Purpose Vimeo channel to access even more work.

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Beautiful Words (United States)

A powerful film created to convince those who are self-esteem deficient and those who are going through tough times that there is a way through everything, whether it be through art, writing, or other means.

Change Starts With Oneself (Bonaire)

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." Creating change in a community means making positive changes for your self first. A fun puzzle of a person being pieced together with a great overall message sent to the audience.

Meter X Meter (Jordan)

Hiba has worked on this short abstract movie with her friends about wiping females identities away being a female her self in a Middle Eastern community, as a response to "I Have a Story" national short movie contest announced by Woman & Girls Lead Global in Jordan (WGLG) to raise awareness about Gender based violence.

Deaf Not Dumb (London)

Deaffinity, a group of young deaf people based in London, have gathered to produce this sensitive and thought-provoking statement film campaigning for greater access for members of the deaf community.

Destination: Earth!

No matter their cultural or ideological differences all the people share the same home: The Planet. There is no other place where we can survive, so we must be very careful and lead many efforts to preserve what we still have. Our destination as a human race is not unknown, our destination is: Earth!

Hunger's Core (Canada)

“Hunger’s Core” is an animated short by youth artists Salwa Majoka and Christine Chung, which tackles the simple truth as to why world hunger exists. While our world provides all the necessities for every being, the current man-made system taints this, and pushes certain individuals to chase utter scraps for survival. Many times though, they cannot even reach the bare minimum, and are left with their palms eternally extended. While the remainder of mankind enjoys their “red apples” this lifestyle consumes the weak and unfortunate. Why is an unbreakable cycle that we are all part of?

In This Life Nothing Is Impossible (United States)

With all the odds stacked against him, one young man refuses to give up hope that his future will be better.

Today I Read Fear (Argentina)

Have you ever read a book or a story and became so caught up in it that it almost becomes a reality? A modern take on Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Raven,” a clever use of sound effects may end up surprising the audience. Literacy is important but also fun. It should be a priority in all schools.

Under the Influence (United States)

This piece uses a collection of photos to tell the story of how one young woman struggles to find her racial identity.

If I Could I Would (Uganda)

This is a video narrative that shows a mother sending a message to her daughter. Telling her to be careful and not make the mistakes she as the mother made.

Life (China)

Migrant workers in Beijing are often stereotyped as a group of people who do manual work with little education and income. There are quite a lot of people who see them as robots who are strong but emotionless. They are judged by their work and low status. However, this documentary explores a deeper side and has found that they are not numb. Aside from following their daily routines, they also manage to take time from their weighty duties to live their lives to the fullest. As former farmers, migrant workers remain an unspoiled character of simplicity and purity, which allows them to fit into the city life. Moreover, their love of life enables them to survive and thrive.

TechJunk (India)

We all encounter it every day, right from used-batteries to thrown-away mobile phones. They are never disposed properly. In the end, we all throw away stuff we could still use. This costs money and adds to pollution. We've always wondered: What can we do to change all this? How can we all solve TechJunk? This video is our answer. In five minutes, we show you what TechJunk really is, why not all e-waste is really "junk", and how you can help save the world.

Cambio Jovenes: Change is In Youth Voices (Mexico)

Youth possess the power to change the world they live in. They merely have to desire it. Cambio Jovenes is an upbeat look at how we can shape the globe around us. Utilizing stop motion, this fun film inspires the imagination.

Life (Romania)

This film is called "Life". The author chose to reflect their thoughts using visual poetry. The theme is inspired by all the feelings a person has when they travel through life. The ups and downs are visually represented by nature scenes. A swan means purity, a painting means beauty, a dandelion inspires fragility. The subject addresses people who are willing to find motivation and inspiration. Someone who watches the film can become absorbed by the music and get involved into the atmosphere. Finding beauty in simple things is an ability that everyone should possesses in order to define themselves as pleased and happy people.

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