Youth Media | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access and use the resources and curriculum?

The curriculum and youth media training resources are freely available to any educator interested in leading youth media with an Adobe Education Exchange account. All of the materials have a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to use and/or repurpose the materials for non-commercial purposes as long as the appropriate attribution is offered.

I’m interested in learning more about leading youth media – do you provide any professional development or training?

The Adobe Education Exchange supports educators with elevating creativity in education through an array of online professional development and training opportunities, including self-paced courses, live workshops, and collaborative courses. Explore all the professional development offerings here: Adobe Professional Development.

Can I receive software donations to lead youth media making activities?

Eligible educators in the United States can also apply for software donations through the ConnectED program.

Is there a way to share the youth media created in my program?

Adobe will also be launching an online community in the Fall of 2016 where youth from around the world can connect and share work to create movements of social change. Visit the Project1324 website to learn more.

I am a trained Adobe Youth Voices educator, how can I continue to participate in the program?

While there is no longer a formal Adobe Youth Voices program, educators are encouraged to continue to use the Create with Purpose media making approach in their instruction and to stay engaged through the Adobe Education Exchange community.

An Adobe Youth Voices badge has also been made available in the Adobe Education Exchange to acknowledge your participation in the program. Contact your AYV coordinator if you do not receive a badge after creating an account on the Adobe Education Exchange.

If you have additional questions please visit
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