Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production

Visual Design CC

Visual Design is a project-based curriculum that develops key digital communication skills such as design, project management, research and communication, and photography, graphic design and illustration, and page layout technical skills using Adobe tools.

Visual Design can be used in graphic design education or in more general career and technical education. Each project builds on lessons learned previously and contains an instructor guide (with learning objectives, step-by-step teaching instructions, assessment rubric, and details on alignment to the Adobe Certified Associate exams) and a series of activities to teach students. Activities include student technical guides, worksheets, best practice guides and demo assets. Utilize the entire curriculum, individual projects, or individual activities to adapt this content to your course.

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The Visual Design introduction includes an overview of the curriculum, with a skills matrix, classroom enrichment, and skills overview rubric.

Project 1: Collages and Photography

In this project, students learn the basics of photography and composition. Using Adobe Photoshop, students modify and optimize images to create a collage.

Project 2: Logos

In this project, students analyze color theory and design principles used in logos and then plan, create, and build a logo by using Adobe Illustrator.

Project 3: Business Cards

In this project, students use Adobe InDesign to create their own business cards and, in the process, learn about typography and page layout design.

Projects 5 & 9: Portfolios

In this mid-term and final project, students create a portfolio of their work and explore career opportunities in the photography and graphic design fields.

Adobe Digital Careers Teaching Resources

Visual Design is one of the Adobe Digital Careers curriculums. To learn more about these curriculums and other teaching resources, please visit the Adobe Digital Careers page.
Adobe Certified Associate

Adobe Certified Associate alignment

Visual Design aligns to the Adobe Certified Associate exams for Visual Communication with Photoshop, Graphic Design and Illustration with Adobe Illustrator, and Print and Digital Media Publication with Adobe InDesign.

ISTE Standards for Students

Digital Design aligns with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students (2007). Learn more about the ISTE Standards for Students.
Visual Design archive

Visual Design archive

Access past versions of the Visual Design curriculum.