Using the iPhone for low-cost Film and Audio Recording in the Classroom

While this doesn't directly have to do with Adobe yet, I thought I'd share a series of videos I created for the Centropa Summer Academy that I'll be attending this summer where I will be helping many teachers learn how to using filmmaking in their classrooms. The tutorials are basic introductions to the products, apps, and techniques one can use to get quality video and audio out of one's iPhone or similar smart phone. I hope this helps any teachers who want to bring filming into their classrooms but don't have the funds to buy much equipment. Tobin Materials: This video series is aim at teaching teachers how to use the iPhone to film and record quality audio through a few low-cost tools and apps. Below are links to Centropa (the summer academy for which the video series was originally created) as well as the filmmaking items discussed and used. Centropa: DURBPRO 58" Lavalier Microphone for iPhone: StarGoods flexible iPhone Tripod (pack of 3): StayblCam iPhone/GoPro Stabilizer: iTalk Premium iPhone App: Filmic Pro iPhone App:

Tobin Herringshaw
Last Updated April 27, 2021

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