Teaching Outline for Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

I am teaching a 2-hour class to adults that is an introduction the Adobe Illustrator. The aim of the class is to get the students familiar with some of the basic tools of Illustrator. The premise is that once they learn these basic tools, they will be able to make a very basic logo design. Ideally, this would be a 3-hour class, to give more time between tools so students can experiment. My teaching outline is attached below. A presentation deck is also attached. This presentation is a combination of resources from Adobe Education Exchange and a couple of books that I own. The presentation deck cover more advanced topics that could be used for a second class or if you have a couple more hours. Finally, a handout is attached as well. It is a combination of resources I've found online and a list of useful links on the web for students.

Jack Knoebber
Last Updated April 27, 2021


Graphic Design

Student Time

1-2 hours estimated class time

Create beautiful vector art and illustrations on desktop and iPad.

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Learn more about Adobe Illustrator

Learn more about Adobe Illustrator

The industry-standard vector graphics software lets you create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards.
Get started with Illustrator

Get started with Illustrator

View a series of short video tutorials to learn the basic tools and techniques of Adobe Illustrator.

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