Project: Design and create a Info Graphic Type Posrter on certain classic typeface/family. POP UP card that goes with poster using the typeface on your poster.

Design and create a 18”x24” PRINTED AND MOUNTED Type Poster on typeface/family you choose. The typeface must consider one of the classic typefaces and families in graphic design (do your research on which are considered classic typeface). The style of their poster design will be in a Information Graphic Format, having these following topic must be part of your design: 1) Designer/Creator 2) History 3) Show the typeface in it’s complete family, showing all the letters upper case and lower case and numbers 4) How the typeface is used in what type of design and industry show an example. Then you are going to take that typeface/family and create a 8”x8” POP UP card using the type you chose for the poster. You will choose any 3 letter word and set it in the typeface you chose on the poster and make the “word” POP UP then you open it up. You can create a design that goes with the word to make part of the design of the POP UP card. You are going to have to do research on how to build a POP UP card for this part of the project.

Scott Cooper
Last Updated April 27, 2021


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Higher Education
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