My Flipped Classroom Experiment

As part of the 2014 Adobe Generation Professional: Video course, I was asked to share a resource I made using Premiere about my flipped classroom. This little video doesn't focus on Adobe products but utilizes them as I do a lesson for my students. As an added bonus, it is a flipped report on flipped learning from early in 2014. I've now done this for 2 years and the results haven't wavered. Only one student has failed and that's because the student left all tests blank, turned in no homework, and was often truant.Class statistics: a. Students ages 15-19 b. Videos were each about 3-5 min (one concept each). A whole lesson is about 10-15 min of instruction. I made no changes to what I would traditionally share live in class. c. Were there any students who did not bother to watch? A few at first. However, in our Moodle classes, I made quizzes to complete after watching (short 2-3 min) and I occasionally do examples from their homework. This is the same issue I would have in a traditional classroom. Did the student take their textbook home and study? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. d. Are these exceptional students? This is a typical classroom: Motivated, Average, and "Why do I have to Be here?". The only way a student fails, so far, is simply by not doing any homework and leaving tests and quizzes blank. This has only happened once and it was a student who was trying to get parent's attention. I have since continued using flipped video (created using Premiere and Camtasia) to create lessons. The statistics that I present in this short report, still hold true for my science and math classes. Enjoy!

Mark Janke
Last Updated April 27, 2021


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