Multimedia Journalism

Prerequisites and expectations: This class is required of all journalism majors. The expectation is that incoming students are proficient in the fundamentals of journalism (newsworthiness, accuracy, fairness and ability to work on deadline). Students do not have to have online experience or knowledge in order to take this course. Course goals: This class will introduce students to journalism in an online environment. Students will gain an understanding of the capabilities and attributes of good online journalism, including interactivity, functionality, navigation and innovation. Students will learn how to “think online,” identifying and developing multimedia stories and practicing the fundamentals of editing and creating effective Web packages. While technological skills will be taught, this is first and foremost a journalism class, with an emphasis on journalistic skills. At the end of the semester, students should “know” the following: · How online media works – its functionality and tools · What journalists are doing online and where the industry is headed · How to identify multimedia stories and what works online (news judgment) · The importance of immediacy, interactivity, multimedia, search, navigation and innovation · Professional standards and expectations — working on deadline, teamwork, accuracy, flexibility and openness to new technology and approaches to communicating with the public At the end of the semester, students should “know how to do” the following: Set up and use the WordPress content management systemEmploy basic HTML, including links, images and navigationWrite and edit for the Web, including links, headlines, summary decks and captionsShoot, edit and upload video and audio Prep and crop photosDesign for the Web, employing basic techniques of color and typographySearch effectively and critically evaluate online informationUtilize social media for journalistic purposes · Create a personal portfolio page that utilizes the above elements.

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