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Students were instructed to create a personal logo, first in black & white. Then they had to develop a color scheme, no more than three colors and finally a color wheel showing the Primary, Secondary and Personal Color Scheme. LOGO COLOR WHEEL PRE PRODUCTIONCreate a Color Wheel using your logo (Black & White version). See attached.Copy and paste from your original logo file. Resize, duplicate three times > align vertically and horizontally.Be sure to group > ungroup > color > groupFirst row, one original plus the primary colors.Second row, one original plus secondary colors.Third row, one original plus your own personal choice of color schemes. PRODUCTIONSpec's:App: AIIntent: WebUnit of Measure: PixelsSize: 1000 px X 1000 px Be sure to use your guides and alignment tools for this assignment. Set title and labels for each row, flush left.Add copyright in lower right corner. (keyboard shortcut > option g > #2018#first initial, last name)POST PRODUCTIONSave as Native .AI file to your Illustrator folder. Also save as a PDF (NO Printer's Marks) to post to GC with Reflection and a JPEG for your SPARK Project.REFLECTIONThree para minimum = C + 10 vocabulary words. What inspired your color schemes for your logo? In your own words describe how your logo represents your personal style. What was the most difficult part of this assignment for you? What is the importance of Primary Colors? How did the use of the alignment panel and guides help you with this assignment? Please run spellcheck before submitting. Materials: The is for students that are Beginners with AI. Understanding the Principles and Elements of Design, basic interface knowledge and tool bar. Type Tool, Selection Tool, Direct Select Tool, Type on a Path, Fill & Stroke, Pathfinder. Students submitted three thumbnail sketches researched basic logo concepts. Recognizing shapes in logos. Problem solving and collaborating was key.

Wendy Turrentine
Last Updated April 27, 2021

Student Time

6-10 hours estimated class time

Education Level

9th - 12th Grade
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