Lesson Plan : Our Town

As part of the yearly curriculum, students work on vocabulary and structures around the theme "Our Town ". They watch a video brochure , answer questions about our town, create a mind map with vocabulary lists found in the brochure and start investigating on issues not covered in the video. They take notes , work in groups with P2P scaffolding and search or create images and videos related to the town, ask local historians and older citizens to back up their information.They record podcasts with situational dialogs with an English speaking visitor who has come for an annual festivity " Fortín Pampa".Texts, images, videos and sounds are integrated in an interactive production. The main objectives of this lesson plan are to develop macro abilities in L2 , 21st Century Skills such as ICT integration,collaboration, cooperative work, production sharing with global communities and interacting with other cultures in English. The teacher guides the process with the intention of developing multiple intelligences , personalizing styles of learning, promoting autonomy, metacognition and reflexion with observance to Digital Citizenship rules. The final students' production is an interactive digital creation by group which is published and added to the blog and to the professional portfolio. Some of the teachers' management of the class is run via Edmodo with tutorials , assignments and feedback as well as face to face interaction in class. The whole process is evaluated with a rubric that involves teacher, students, resources and process. Resources: Cornell Notes Framework Translating Guide Interactive Vocabulary Tenses Map

Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Last Updated April 27, 2021
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