Learn Encore Basics - 9 tutorial set on CreativeCOW.net

In this series of 9 tutorials on Adobe Encore you will learn the basics of this powerful DVD creation tool that can create DVDs, Blurays and Flash websites! Learn how to dynamically link Première Pro sequences directly into Encore and how to create motion menus and wire the whole project up quickly and simply with confidence so that you create stunning DVDs Materials: You will need to have access to digital image, video and audio files to use Encore. You may also wish to have access to Première Pro to learn how to send sequences to Encore to encode to DVD

Andrew Devis
Last Updated April 27, 2021

Student Time

3-5 hours estimated class time

Education Level

6th - 8th Grade Higher Education View more
  • ISTE Students: Innovative Designer
  • ISTE Students: Computational Trainer
  • ISTE Students: Knowledge Constructor