Design a mobile app to enhance literary text exploration

Students will explore the key concepts, themes, story and characters of a literary text by designing an educational mobile app in Adobe XD which presents these elements to its users, in this 1- 2 hour activity.

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Last Updated May 16, 2022

Student Time

1-2 hours estimated class time

Education Level

9th - 12th Grade
Design, prototype, and share user experiences.

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Learn more about Adobe Xd

Learn more about Adobe Xd

Share your story with designs that look and feel like the real thing. Wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more — it’s all right here, all in one place.
Get started with Xd

Get started with Xd

Follow along through the process of creating artboards, importing images and text, adding interactivity, and a whole lot more.
  • 21st Century Skills Framework
  • ISTE Students: Creative Communicator
  • ISTE Students: Innovative Designer

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Creative Commons license

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