Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Use this collection of technical tutorials, from the Digital Video curriculum, to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Technical guides include: 1. Overview of the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 workspace 2. How to import files 3. How to manage media in the Project panel 4. How to create a storyboard in the Project panel 5. How to trim clips in the Timeline panel 6. How to work with clips in the Timeline panel 7. How to create standard image, movie, and audio files 8. How to capture video 9. How to use editing tools in the Source Monitor 10. How to apply and adjust video transitions 11. How to adjust audio and apply crossfades 12. How to record a narration in the Audio Mixer 13. How to create TV news-style J- and L- cuts 14. How to edit in the Program Monitor 15. How to use Adobe Media Encoder CS6 16. How to use the Trim Monitor 17. Understanding the Titler 18. How to build text and objects in the Titler 19. How to work with alpha channel transparencies 20. How to use the Motion effect 21. How to add text effects 22. How to apply and adjust video effects 23. How to work with audio 24. How to change clip speed and direction 25. How to apply and adjust video keying effects 26. How to work with temporal and spatial keyframe interpolation 27. How to make text roll and crawl 28. How to use nested sequences 29. How to work with other motion effects and features Materials: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 installed on all machines

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Last Updated April 29, 2021
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Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web.
Get started with Premiere Pro

Get started with Premiere Pro

Learn basic editing skills in Adobe Premiere Pro with the Get Started series. Get familiar with the workspace and how to create new projects.

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