An inductive approach to learning available fonts in computer Lab

In an InDesign/Desktop Publishing class we have a session where we want students to explore the range of existing fonts available to them as well as adjustments that can be made to them. While it is true, we've distorted some fonts (something we admonish is not desirable later in the course) our goal here is familiarity with the tools. Famous quotes, and song lyrics work well for this exercise. Special characters, and open type options are also introduced. Follow up homework is students have to create something similar of their own. Materials: Crafting a Quote, or Lyric with available fonts in the computer lab using a range of choice and tools is all that is needed

Wayne Kijanowski
Last Updated April 27, 2021


Graphic Design

Student Time

1-2 hours estimated class time

Education Level

Higher Education
Page design and layout for print and digital publishing.

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