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Assignment Description: Project – Advertisement Creation (100 points possible) For the following activity the goal is for the student is to identify positive and negative aspects of newspaper advertisements. This information will be used to design a series of advertisements for a fictitious client. During the design process the student will identify several potential solutions that will address the client’s needs, and finally determine the best solution (best ad design given the client needs). Students need to explain why they think that is the best solution. In this project each student will design a series of advertisements for a client that will be published in a local newspaper. The client wants to place three ads in the following sizes: 22 p9 x4 inches (black and white) 36 p4 x 10.5 inches (spot color) half page 69 p9 x 10.5 inches (full color) advertisements. To gather ideas for the ad series, students should look through several newspapers…observe advertisements and answer the following questions: What lures you in to the ad? What keeps your attention? Students will cut out 3 that they like and 3 they don’t like and glue them to 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Students will write a short paragraph about each add identifying positive and negative aspects of each. This writing assignment will be submitted as part of the project. Students should select the type of business for the client and utilizing the information of the chosen business, create three thumbnails for each size (9 total) and select the most successful version. Next using InDesign, the student will create 3 ads, print them out and mount them on foam board for class presentation/discussion. Students will submit: 6 glued sheets of good and bad ads 9 Thumbnail sketches 3 completed and mounted ads using the correct color scheme Written summary of the positive and negative aspects of ads submitted and an explanation of why the solution chosen best meets the fictional client’s needs. Suggestions and comments: Reading through newspapers and magazines and seeing what makes an ad successful is key to understanding advertisement creation. A good ad will get the point across quickly and strongly. Pay attention to space and usage of lettering. A client will often provide too much information for an ad; ask yourself how can you distill the information and make the ad successful. Search for all types of ads in the paper: small ones with a lot of type and big ones with too little; ask yourself how the designer solved these special issues. This project will also get you accustomed to the methods of print color options; make sure all the images reflect this with proper resolution and proper color selection.

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Graphic Design

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Page design and layout for print and digital publishing.

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