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Adobe Education Leadership Toolkit

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This four-part toolkit is designed for educators who wish to lead change in their communities to unleash creativity on campus.
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Adobe Education Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation to be lifelong creators.
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10 hours

Unit 1: Module 1 - Creating Your Vision

This module covers how best to set your vision as a leader and recruit stakeholders to help in your efforts.

5 hours

Unit 2: Module 2 - Planning Your Pathway

This module introduces a variety of activities and pathways you can use to jumpstart a creative community in your region.

5 hours

Unit 3: Module 3 - Implementing Your Plan

This module covers best practices for leaders in the Education space who wish to form teams and plan activities and events to foster creativity on campus.

5 hours

Unit 4: Module 4 - Assessing Your Impact

This module covers how to reflect on and assess your impact as a leader.

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All Comments (12)

Shelby McNutt

Very interesting read. I didn't realize that I had already started this with the members of my department

Zoe Rea

Fab - didn't know this existed!

Mick Perkins

very informative

Carlos Calla Huayapa

Interesting Content, Thank you for sharing

Daniel Timbal

Interesting tool. Thank you for sharing.

giovanna busconi

Thanks for sharing!

Mary-Elizabeth O'Toole

Thanks for sharing. This is a useful tool and the modular approach makes it so flexible.

Veronica Sarmiento

Thanks Melissa!

Clint Balsar

I'm looking forward to giving this a closer look. It looks like you've developed an excellent tool to raise awareness and challenged us to take the call to lead. Thanks for all the efforts.

Paul Callaghan

Thanks heaps Melissa. Just the impetus needed for our newly created ICT steering committee. Time to get the ball rolling. Cheers.

Margaret Young

Wow what a great effort Melissa and all others who contributed. It was just what I needed.

Rachelle Wooten

This toolkit is awesome, Melissa! I can't wait to use it within our department and district!

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