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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Curriculum

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Welcome to a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. This curriculum has been written specifically for teaching DPS in a secondary or post-secondary education setting. The curriculum has been prepared with graphic design students in mind. However, it can be used with students in Journalism, Photography, and related fields.
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Syllabus Units
6 hours

Unit 1: Basic Concepts

DPS gives students an opportunity to go beyond print and learn to design for mobile devices. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to digital publishing on mobile devices using DPS.

The emphasis is to help students understand that DPS provides an entire “ecosystem” for creating, viewing, distributing, and monetizing content, and analyzing user behavior.

This lesson consists of a lecture with slides. You may also want to include some live demo of various apps created with Adobe DPS.

2 hours

Unit 2: Interactivity Overview

App content created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) can include a wide variety of interactive effects.

This lesson will help students learn the types of interaction that can be created in DPS folios, and see many real-world examples of interaction created with DPS.

This lesson consists of a lecture with slides. You may also want to include some live demo of various apps created with Adobe DPS.

4 hours

Unit 3: Creating and previewing articles (Lab)

In this lab, students will have the opportunity to create static article content in InDesign, and preview the articles they create on a tethered iPad.

2 hours

Unit 4: Design considerations for screens

Designing for mobile devices is the same as print design in some ways, and different in many other ways. The purpose of this course is to help students think critically about how digital design for mobile devices differs from print design.

This lesson consists of a lecture with slides. You may also want to include some live demo of various apps created with Adobe DPS.

Unit Activities

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4 hours

Unit 5: Creating and previewing a Folio (Lab)

In this lab, students will create a folio, set folio options, add articles to the folio, and learn various ways to preview the folio.

8 hours

Unit 6: Creating Interactivity (Lab)

In this lab, students will learn how to add various types of interactivity to DPS articles.

6 hours

Unit 7: Including Media and Interaction

In this lab, students will learn some best practices for embedding audio and video in DPS articles, and learn how to include four different types of animation.

4 hours

Unit 8: Create an app and publish folios

The focus of previous lessons has been on creating folio content. But a folio by itself isn’t very useful. A folio needs an app in which to reside. A folio will be “published” into an app. How to create an app and publish a folio is the focus of this lesson.

This is a lecture lesson. Because of the expense and complexity associated with getting developer accounts and certificates, these steps are best demonstrated and explained to students, rather than running a lab environment.

10 hours

Unit 9: Final Project

This final project provides a way for students to tie together all that they have learned in this course, and reinforces by repetition the tasks they have performed in previous lessons.

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Sarah Buncum

I am teaching Digital Desktop Publishing, you have made valuable resources. Thanks!

Lukas Engqvist

How is this affected by the change in DPS? Any thoughts? Have students now that have to complete unfinished assignments, that are not possible to finish with CC2015.

Yasar Butt

When i need new resources Adobe is always there for help me out. Thanks Adobe.

Bradley Moody

Awesome, this was much needed! Thank you!

David Badgley

The DPS publishing platform is powerful and engaging. We have used it for the past three years and it just gets better and easier to create compelling content. Looking forward to using these resources

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