8th grade social studies projects

Selected by the Adobe for Education team

Our free and creative eighth grade social studies resources engage students while providing them the knowledge and skills to become active members of their community.

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About this collection of 8th grade social studies resources

Our flexible and creative social studies resources will inspire students to become active, informed, and responsible citizens. These lesson plans, projects, and activities can be used to teach students about the complexities of social relationships, societies, international civic life, and the impact of social movements on culture and legislation.

Are you looking to further define your curriculum, or are you in need of supplemental material for an upcoming eighth grade social studies lesson plan? The Adobe Education Exchange offers unique, creative resources that empower you to create rich learning experiences. Learning is at its best when it’s creative and hands-on, and when it allows students to practice real-world problem-solving. It’s easy to fulfill your teaching objectives and meet students’ learning goals by implementing these engaging social studies resources.

These resources, curated by our education team, will help your students express themselves in new ways and allow them to gain a thorough understanding of important events, people, concepts, and more. An interactive, experiential learning opportunity will drive engagement and make any social studies topic fun and digestible.

Engage students and create deeper learning experiences

Select any of our free social studies projects and lesson plans and easily implement them into your curriculum. To save you time, these resources include everything you need to quickly run a successful eighth grade social studies project or activity, including learning objectives, student samples, and step-by-step tutorials to set you and your students up for success.

Use our unique implementation of digital media to challenge your students to present information digitally in multiple formats — infographics, videos, presentations, and more. Select from a number of free and accessible creative software tools based on your needs, whatever the device or license type, and ignite creativity and digital literacy.

The Adobe for Education team is committed to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to deliver meaningful and creative courses. Based on your teaching objectives, scan this curated page for grade-specific social studies resources that you can easily integrate into your eighth grade social studies curriculum.

Frequently asked questions

Use the Adobe Education Exchange course, Design Your Creative Class, to learn how to prepare creative, fun, and engaging social studies lesson plans. Additionally, to excite and engage your students, incorporate some of our eighth grade social studies activities into your upcoming lesson plan. Our resources are designed to challenge students to expand on their learnings through the creative use of digital media and tools.

It’s easy to make social studies activities fun with the help of the Adobe Education Exchange’s digital tools. Encourage your students to break down complex topics by creating digital presentations, recordings, or videos. For example, students can dive into activism and create videos or write letters to spread awareness about a particular issue. No matter your focus, you can use our resources to introduce digital literacy into the classroom and inspire students to use their creativity to learn content more deeply.

You may wish to browse the Adobe Education Exchange’s curation of social studies lesson plans and activities to discover teaching resources that can be adapted to your needs. Scan this curated social studies page to find grade-specific lesson plans or take a look at our other elementary social studies pages for additional inspiration.