7th grade social studies projects

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Discover free creative social studies resources that will teach students the power they have to make a lasting impact in their communities.

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About this collection of 7th grade social studies resources

Enhance your social studies classroom experience with the help of our creative, engaging, and challenging social studies learning material. Through our unique resources, curated by our education team, students can creatively learn about the importance of community, international civic life, and how understanding history helps us create a shared future. Our strategically curated seventh grade social studies activities and lesson plans introduce creativity into the social studies classroom and use student individuality and voice to inspire social action.

The incorporation of digital media in all our learning material will inspire your students to use new, creative applications of learning. Motivate students to present information and data digitally to learn content more deeply and develop as learners. Create a dynamic learning environment where students are challenged to use different digital media to expand their skillsets.

Our education team makes it easy for you to incorporate our social studies activities and lesson plans into your curriculum. Each one of our resources includes step-by-step instructions for using Adobe’s digital tools to creatively extend your seventh grade social studies content in an innovative and exciting manner.

Spark creativity and engage students in novel ways

Beyond disciplinary skills and content knowledge, our free resources provide the opportunity for students to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will enable them to become active, informed, and responsible citizens. Bringing these materials into the classroom will help you teach students about the power and capacity they have to effect change in their community, our society, and the world.

Our unique implementations of digital media will challenge your students to present information in multiple formats — infographics, videos, presentations, podcasts, and more. The introduction of digital media and tools into every seventh grade social studies lesson plan leads to rich learning experiences for students.

The Adobe for Education team is committed to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to deliver meaningful and creative courses. Browse this curated page for grade-specific social studies resources that you can easily integrate into your seventh grade social studies curriculum based on your curriculum or student learning goals.

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Check out the Adobe Education Exchange’s new course, Design Your Creative Class, to prepare creative, fun, and engaging social studies lesson plans. Additionally, to excite and engage your students, incorporate some of our seventh grade social studies activities into your upcoming lesson plan. Our resources are designed to challenge students to expand on their learnings through the creative use of digital media and tools.

Freely browse the Adobe Education Exchange’s curation of social studies lesson plans and activities to discover teaching resources that can be adapted to your needs. Scan this curated social studies page to find grade-specific lesson plans or take a look at our other elementary social studies pages for additional inspiration.

It’s easy to make social studies fun with the help of Adobe’s digital tools and platforms. Our unique activities and lesson plans will help students break down complex topics through creative digital applications. Introduce our exciting and flexible resources to bring digital literacy into the classroom and inspire students to use their creativity to learn content more deeply.