6th grade social studies projects

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Our curation of free creative social studies resources provides students the skills and knowledge to become active and responsible citizens.

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About this collection of 6th grade social studies resources

Our education team has curated this collection of sixth grade social studies lesson plans and projects to help students understand the complexities of social relationships, societies, governments, and more. All our teaching resources incorporate digital media to spark students’ imaginations and challenge them to present information digitally.

Inspire students’ creativity through new mediums and create a dynamic social studies classroom environment by incorporating our unique teaching resources. Our adaptable and flexible sixth grade social studies projects can be easily integrated into your curriculum while challenging students to think critically and learn content more deeply.

These materials were made by educators, for educators, with strategies and ideas they’ve successfully implemented in their sixth grade social studies classrooms to encourage students to express themselves and their ideas in novel ways.

Plan a creative and fun 6th grade social studies curriculum

Beyond disciplinary skills and content knowledge, our sixth grade social studies resources provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become informed and involved members of any community. Students will develop a nuanced understanding of the power they have to make a lasting impact in their communities, society, and world. From telling a story with pictures and words to taking a stand on a controversial issue, students will find that these resources challenge them to get informed and think deeply about their social responsibilities.

Incorporate digital media into your teaching materials and build your students’ fluency with different software tools to help them develop as learners. Each one of our lesson plans and projects includes step-by-step instructions for how to use Adobe’s digital tools to creatively extend your content in an exciting and engaging manner.

The Adobe Education Exchange is committed to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to deliver meaningful learning opportunities. Browse this curated page for grade-specific social studies resources that you can easily integrate into your curriculum or adapt for other topics and subjects to meet your needs.

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Create fun social studies activities by leveraging Adobe’s suite of digital tools. Challenge students to think creatively by visualizing information, motivate them to learn content more deeply with scaffolded reflection activities, or help them break down complex topics by creating digital presentations, recordings, or videos. The clever incorporation of digital media in all our teaching resources is guaranteed to introduce excitement and critical thinking into the classroom.

Check out the Adobe Education Exchange’s exciting new course, Design Your Creative Class, to learn about how creativity can help inspire fun and engaging social studies lesson plans. Additionally, excite and engage your students by incorporating some of our sixth grade social studies projects into your curriculum. These resources are designed to challenge students to expand their knowledge through the creative use of digital media and tools.

Browse the Adobe Education Exchange’s curation of social studies lesson plans and activities to discover teaching resources that can be adapted to your needs. Review this curated social studies page to find grade-specific lesson plans or take a look at our other elementary social studies pages for additional inspiration.