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An interview with Subhashini Balasubramanian

Thousands of educators like Subhashini Balasubramanian have learned new skills, shared their expertise, and connected with the community on the Adobe Education Exchange. And we want all educators in Singapore to take advantage of these opportunities. Read Subhashini's story, learn how she has benefited from the Adobe Education Exchange, and help us spread the word across the education community in Singapore.

Where do you teach?

I have taught in various local schools and nonprofit organizations like, Temple of Fine Arts and Friends of Museums in Singapore. Recently I taught Visual Arts as a fulltime art teacher at the Global Indian International School (GIIS), Queenstown Campus in Singapore.

GIIS is known for their learner-centric and skill-based teaching methodology. They offer holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students. They cater to Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary and Junior college students.

What is your teaching background?

I have always enjoyed learning new things and sharing that knowledge. I strongly believe that if we teach someone what we know, we actually understand the concept better.

I have been teaching Art for about 10 years. I have conducted various art workshops like fun with dots and lines, block printing, digital designing, and drawing and painting to children and adults.

Why did you become an educator?

I became an educator because I think I am a constant learner. I am very much intrigued by the ever changing education system and especially how knowledge is now easily accessible to anyone who is looking for it through the internet and other means. In Tamil there is a saying that means whatever you have learnt is only a handful and what you are yet to learn is a big ocean. I want to keep developing my knowledge and share with others so that I hit a balance somewhere in the big ocean.

Subhashini Maniam

What is your greatest challenge as an educator?

The greatest challenge I face is to keep the course interesting and engaging. The present generation of students are more visual and need clearly planned classes and workshops. I try to be as engaging and as hands-on as possible. From the time my friend introduced me to the Adobe Education Exchange, I often look to its resources which has helped me improve my courses.

How have you used Adobe products in your teaching practice?

I taught an introduction to graphic design session for senior class students and I introduced Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I discussed vector and bitmap files and software. I shared one such resource on the Adobe Education Exchange. They were excited to do a project with the best photo editing software. They were able to do basic photo re-touching where they edit, correct and apply filters using Photoshop.

What is your experience with the Adobe Education Exchange?

I have shared one of my class assignments, called Instagram Assignment. I shared it because after going through a lot of resources, feedback and comments by others on the AEE who have inspired me, I decided to share one myself. I thought the comments made by the visitors and fellow members will definitely help improve my approach of the subject.

How is being a part of a community of teachers valuable to you?

I enrolled in an AEE course on creativity in education last year and through that course, I got to know how to use the platform. The assignment review, webinar, and other elements of the course helped me to connect with fellow members and share our learning. We also made good friends and it is always interesting to listen to every teachers experience in class—be it a school or a university. It is definitely encouraging to be in a community of teachers who go through similar challenges and experiences.

How did the professional development course you took help you in your teaching practice?

I wanted to update myself with the knowledge of how to make every class and session better. The various video suggestions, interviews, and the assignments helped me to understand the needs of the present generation of students. I have definitely incorporated my learning into my teaching practice and have received positive feedback from my students and fellow teachers.

How do you think the Adobe Education Exchange can benefit others in Singapore?

Adobe Education Exchange is an amazing platform to meet professionals in the field of art and education. The community of like minded people sharing their experience is a boon to anyone who is willing to learn and share. I think educators from Singapore will definitely benefit from the wealth of resources and contents that Adobe Education Exchange offers.

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