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    Adobe Youth Voices Career Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Photoshop Elements
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    This toolkit will give youth strategies and tips on preparing for the future and making choices that are right for them. The resources in this toolkit were developed expressly to help youth find their own creative path.

    Rough Cut Review Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Dec 15, 2015 Products Photoshop Elements Behance Adobe Premiere Elements 2.6k 1

    The Rough Cut Review Toolkit provides strategies and resources useful for engaging young media makers in meaningful dialogue and exchange with peers through an activity called "Rough Cut Review." During the Rough Cut Review sessions, youth receive the constructive critical feedback they need to help them take their media work to the next stage of completion.

    Collaboration Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Dec 15, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Premiere Clip Adobe Spark
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    The Collaboration Toolkit provides strategies for engaging youth in collaborative media projects and exploring interests and perspectives between two or more communities of youth media makers. Facilitating this level of collaboration between youth from different locations offers educators the chance to promote global awareness and understanding. Throughout the Collaboration Toolkit selected youth media projects are referenced to watch and reflect on. This collection of youth media can be found on the Create with Purpose Vimeo Channel.

    Exhibition Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Nov 7, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Clip Photoshop
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    The Exhibition Toolkit can be used as a companion to any curriculum or project, to cultivate youth engagement and creativity throughout the different steps leading up to exhibition. The resources comprised in the toolkit illustrate strategies to bring youth works to a specific audience in meaningful ways. Educators will learn how to employ various tools to guide youth artists in the process of framing their message, refining their original media pieces, and sharing the work with an audience.

    Youth Media | Home Program

    This collection, including media produced by youth, builds on the curricula, toolkits, and stories created by the Adobe Youth Voices program.

    Educator's Guide to the AYV Career Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Photoshop Elements
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    This Guide is for Educators to use in tandem with the AYV Career Toolkit. The Career Toolkit is a resource youth may use independently or with the guidance of an educator. The kit provides support, strategies, and activities for youth who are contemplating their career options and preparing for future opportunities.

    Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Web Link by Jim Carleton Jul 28, 2010 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    Adobe Youth Voices is a great in depth program that takes educators and students through the process of creating multi-media with purpose. Adobe has now launched Adobe Youth Voices Essentials which makes many of the resources that are available to Youth Voices participants available to all.

    Adobe TV: Adobe Youth Voices Web Link by Adobe Education Sep 23, 2010 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Story Encore
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    Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation's signature philanthropy initiative empowering young people to Create with Purpose. Youth use digital tools to express themselves about issues important to them.

    Adobe Youth Voices Guide Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Adobe Spark
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    The AYV Guide is intended to both orient and support educators who are planning and implementing creative media projects with young people. The Guide presents a vibrant road map for the learning experience and provides educators with planning tools, examples, and tips for launching and sustaining effective youth media programs. It encourages educators to develop their own approach, with inspiration from an array of instructional materials, embedded video tutorials, and sample youth works from around the globe. The practical ideas shared in this Guide, together with the teaching and learning resources from some of the best thinkers and artists in the field, will, we believe, prove to be an invaluable resource to educators working with young media artists.

    Creative Media Making and Common Core Toolkit Lesson Plan by Adobe Youth Voices Jun 30, 2014 Products Photoshop Elements Adobe Premiere Elements 3.6k 1

    The Adobe Youth Voices media making curriculum connects and resonates with the U.S.- based Common Core State Standards. A unique collaboration of educators and administrators developed the standards to reflect the various literacies necessary for college and career readiness. The Common Core also represents a vision of the skills and understandings to be expected of an educated, engaged citizen in the twenty-first century. This toolkit includes recommendations of best practices for effectively integrating Adobe Youth Voices curriculum and the Common Core Standards. These practices are organized into the following three important dimensions: InquiryCollaborationAuthentic Assessment In addition, the toolkit offers tools and resources that support and guide robust inquiry, effective collaboration, and authentic assessment.

    Adobe Youth Voices Discussion by Brian O'Dell Sep 30, 2015 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
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    I came across this while I was looking for student contests to submit my class work into. Does anyone know if they will be doing the Adobe Youth Voices Contest for High School Students this year? I'm looking at the areas of Film, Graphic Design, Animation and Photography. Also are their any other contests that you are aware of? I know of the Art Institutes 2D3D Contests as well as Scholastic art and Writing Contest. Thanks

    Concert Poster for Los Angeles Youth Orchestra Project by Shirin Raban Aug 22, 2012 Products Photoshop 1.7k 0

    Challenge Los Angeles Youth Orchestra was embarking on being an independent organization, and needed to raise awareness and funds through their bi-annual concert. Almost 100 students gather from all over Los Angeles on Sundays to rehearse for classical concerts. Solution Color Me Spring poster was designed in a surreal style to express the magic of the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra Spring Concert in full bloom. Playful spring colors, lighting and floral illustrations were fused with dynamic typography and imagery of young players interacting with their conductor to spread the scent of spring and to delight, attract and inspire music lovers.

    Adobe Youth Voices Member Trendsetter Joined Jun 3, 2014 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    Increasing creativity, preparing young people to be the problem solvers, critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.