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    Learning and Teaching Typography Discussion by Aalia Rahman Jan 27, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Typekit Illustrator Draw
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    Unfortunately I graduated from a university that failed to focus on the arts and there were no typography classes. Not knowing enough typography can be quiet an issue as I homeschool high school students and I find it hard to teach it to them as well. Question: Where can I learn typography besides at another university? What are some resources you use to better your typographic skills and have an eye for good typography? What exercises would you recommend I (and my students) do to learn more about typography? Thanks a billion!

    A short course in Typography Technical Tutorial by Matthew Miller Mar 4, 2014 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro
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    A poster I developed for my graphics design classes, summarizing what I felt were the essential elements of typography I wanted easily reference-able. If you feel there is anything I've missed that's essential, please let me know about it for consideration for inclusion in version 2. It may not be obvious from the thumbnail here, so I want to mention specifically that this is licensed CC-BY-SA, so feel free to use this in your courses, modify it, share it with others, and so on, subject only to the requirements to attribute me and share it in the same fashion (see the link if you're not sure what this means).

    Shot Construction Worksheet - Flipped Learning Lesson Lesson Plan by Kev Lavery Oct 21, 2015 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop 4.5k 12

    This is a revised version of this post. This short activity provides students with an opportunity to practice storyboarding a range of shots portraying familiar situations. There is a predominant focus on subtlety and it also provides opportunities for sharing and reflection to better deconstruct the work they are doing. This lesson is designed for Media and Photography classes but would work well in an English class that is working on a film as text assessment. Realising that I often spend a good portion of beginning of the lesson going through examples and shot types I thought I would try a flipped learning approach - the lesson begins with a Video Essay to be watched by the students before the lesson so that they can get straight into the activity and use the class time to their advantage. I have attached a link to the YouTube video and also the shot construction worksheet. Just in case the YouTube link doesn't work, this is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vM5zsgHogk This is my first attempt at this sort of delivery of content so I am very open to feedback/advice. If this turns out to be successful this would be a really good way for me to introduce my practical lessons. I used Premiere, Photoshop and Audition to create the video.

    An Introduction to the Basics of Typography Worksheet Lesson Plan by Peter French Aug 26, 2011 Products Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver
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    This is the worksheet I use when introducing typography using the web site, http://graphicdesign.spokanefalls.edu/tutorials/process/type_basics/default.htm It is a simple worksheet that the forces the students to read the whole web site and record key elements that I find important. Pls note - I have also added information which I feel is critically important to the worksheet, from another web source (documented on the sheet).Feel free to use the document as is or to change it to better suit your needs.

    Motion Graphics & Typography - After Effects Tutorials Web Link by Andrew On Yi Lai Aug 8, 2015 Products Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects 7.0k 12

    Hello All! Below is a link to a playlist i have gathered from across a variety of the best motion typography tutorial videos on YouTube. The playlists is arranged in a sequential order based on the level of difficulty. I have also attached two student examples from my Year 9 group. The project is to bring visual value to an existing or original piece of music using motion typography & graphics techniques. All work is produced on Adobe After Effects. These playlists serve as a great reference for my Year 9 and 10 students when they are undertaking the motion typography unit at school. Would love to get feedback on this list and suggestions for other motion typography or graphics based tutorials that you find valuable to your teaching! Motion Typography and Graphics Tutorials Motion Typography - Student Example 01 Motion Typography - Student Example 02 Regards, Andrew Lai

    Typography – wax on wax off Discussion by Lukas Engqvist Jun 19, 2016 Products Typekit InCopy Illustrator
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    I'm at the end of the school year, marking the last assignments and looking through course evaluations. I read a comment from a student saying they were expecting more typography… and I wonder what they mean and how I could be clearer. I guess it is a bit like Karate Kid where the kid comes to the master to learn to fight and is given chores, the chores prepares his body to defend agains onslaught, strengthens his muscles and prepares him… but he does not reflect over that it is the tedious chores that is his training. We see it as the audience and the "wax on, wax off" becomes and iconic phrase for our students. I must make a mental note to share this parallel with students the next time I teach InDesign. So this class that has no typography, what did we do? We watched seminars from Cooper Type and similar playlists. Some in class, others I asked them to see on their own. They were given an assignment to find a typographer and make a magazine cover and spread with that typographer as the subject. We also wrestled with long documents, cleaning text, creating templates and discussing legibility and white space. Constantly telling them to print their work to evaluate it. Repeatedly asking them to make a minor modification and evaluate how it could some times make a drastic impact on the whole. We also went through the smart functionality of master pages and running headers/footers, tables of contents, footnotes, cross-references, endnotes, layouting forms and much more. I hope one day they may understand, and hopefully reflect on the typography they learned. How do you teach your students what typography is?

    Introduction to Kinetic Typography Presentation by Peter French Apr 28, 2013 Products Audition Photoshop Animate CC
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    This is a Powerpoint presentation I recently shared with teachers in Australia via an adobe Connect session. The presentation documents how I teach kinetic typography to my grade 11 animation classes. They are totally new to kinetic typography but they have had prior experience with Photoshop and Flash, the software I use for kinetic typography. It walks you through... 1. a brief intro about the concept of typography complete with a few examples that help build understanding 2. a brief walk through the steps I go through in my classroom 3. and a few additional notes / observations and last but not least, 4. there are student samples to watch and discuss. Although the presentation starts with thoughts and text I actually begin in class by showing the examples from Vimeo that are listed on one of the slides. That gets them intrigued and on-track (especially the Cave Johnson Lemons piece). Get them engaged and then - let them lose. It is a serious challenge to build one of these pieces but so worthwhile once completed. BTW - these pieces could be constructed around absolutely any subject at all, which I why all of them are clicked on in the descriptor. Also - although the more interesting examples are a bit complex to build, simpler ones could be constructed... and therefore made accessible to younger grades.

    Typography Cheatsheet Web Link by Mike Skocko Apr 21, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 2.6k 1

    A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage.

    Typography Web Link by Aalia Rahman Feb 2, 2015 Products Typekit Adobe Creative Cloud Edge Web Fonts 4.6k 4

    Butterick's Practical Typography by Mathew Butterick and Erik Spiekermann is a free ebook that lays out ways to improve your typographic skills through type composition, text formatting, recommended fonts, and page layout. He notes simple and key aspects that when altered can change the way you look at type all together. http://practicaltypography.com

    Usability worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Education Jun 30, 2010 198 0

    Use this worksheet to help your students investigate and analyze how usability is important in web design.

    Planning Worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Adobe Spark
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    This fillable worksheet was used in the Adobe Youth Voices Online Course as a way to capture educator program plans for the year.

    Ruler Worksheet Assessment by Judy Durkin Oct 16, 2010 Products Acrobat 782 2

    I am always shocked at how many high school students cannot use a ruler. I put together this worksheet to test their skills. We cannot let kids graduate without the ability to use a measuring tape - whether it is U.S. or metric system.

    Typography Portrait Project by Julie Rivard Sep 5, 2011 Products Illustrator 6.5k 24

    This is an exciting and favorite lesson of my students. In this lesson students are taught about the elements of typography and how to create type in Adobe Illustrator. I then give them step by step directions on how to create a typography portrait in Adobe Illustrator. They choose someone they want to do a portrait of and then they interview or research that person to find out words that describe them and a favorite quote they can use in the project. They are engaged in this lesson because they get to choose the person they want to make a portrait out of. They also find creating a portrait with type that describes the person to be very intriguing and challenging. They also learn an amazing amount about typography and creating type in Adobe Illustrator along the way.

    Game design planning worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Education May 16, 2012 Products Animate CC 1.1k 1

    Use this worksheet as a planning tool when for your students as they design games. The worksheet includes design templates for two types of games: drag-and-drop and character movement, but can be modified for specific situations.

    Artist Feedback Worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Oct 31, 2014 Products Photoshop Elements Adobe Premiere Elements 2.5k 8

    This worksheet includes prompts that help artists capture the feedback they receive during a Rough Cut Review from the audience as well as a checklist for project revisions.

    Type Rendering Worksheet Project by Judy Durkin Jul 10, 2011 Products Acrobat 1.0k 1

    Design students must gain a deep appreciation for individual letter forms and how they fit together: leads to a greater understanding of spacing, kerning, legibility, readability. This is an exercise worksheet. Students must draw the two words EXACTLY.

    An Introduction to the Basics of Typography Web Link by Peter French Aug 17, 2011 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    This web site introduces the basics of typography including its essential elements (type anatomy, characters, ligatures etc.) history, design and family classifications . I use the site as a basic intro before stepping into typography as expressive design (an area this site does cover). I have also loaded a worksheet and a skillbuilder exercise which I use with this site. They are loaded as Intro to Typography Basics Worksheet and Intro to Typography Basics Intro Exercise. You are welcome to use these additional assets as is or as a basis for new versions - whichever works best for you.

    Project plan worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Education Jul 5, 2010 414 1

    Use this worksheet to teach your students the importance of planning their design projects by having them identify the tasks, estimated time, due date, and owner for each stage of the design process.