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    My pledge to support creativity in education Digital Asset by Matthew Miller Feb 5, 2015 Products Photoshop Bridge 3.6k 4

    In the hopes that this will inspire you to support creativity in education, I wrote my pledge on a whiteboard and challenged myself to fill the board with pictures, at least some of which told a bit of a story or related to stories I know. I hope you enjoy it. This is released into the public domain; if you'd like to use it for anything, feel free.

    Using Twitter to support Group Learning (SPARK RESOURCE) Digital Asset by Ian Upton Feb 28, 2018 Products Adobe Spark 8 0

    Twitter can be a great tool to support group learning and discussion. This Adobe Spark is a resource you can use to support your students (or yourself!) in the use of Twitter for a group learning situation. The resource guides you through setting up, Twitter basics and then moves on to using #hashtags to follow group tweets. Written in plain, non-geeky, language, share this Spark with your students and engage the power of social media! Ian. Access the Spark Resource Here: http://bit.ly/iu-twt

    Support Adobe MRY NYC Discussion by Jose Pause Carrero Apr 14, 2018 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock
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    My main topic is how I can I be of support and help to any on any digital project which can range from the course to beyond the course? I have an extended network as a resource in the professional community which are Adobe based from all walks of life around the globe. So I welcome anyone that may be of support instruction or even beta testing on start up projects for teaching and including materials. As well suggestions for lesson plans from digital to live in the field recording and documenting along the way. Digitally taking the learning beyond the classroom. If this sounds like something that peaks your interest feel free to reach out. I also have a question for you how has the Adobe education exchange and the digital learning curve work for you? As well progress with your students and is there a steeper slope when considering your students?