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    Personal Narrative: A Video Project Project by Robbin Rae Jan 6, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Media Encoder 686 3

    For this project students will explore how past experience(s) and background knowledge is used to deconstruct media messages. Each student will produce a narrative short that will illustrate a lesson learned or an experience that caused a change. Students will be able to demonstrate learned basic video techniques and production process complete with brainstorm, script, storyboard, production short, and reflection.

    Narrative Chase Scene Project by Susan Ehrlich Apr 2, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Elements 2.8k 1

    This is a project I wrote for my Video and Animation class. Students study all of the camera angles and shots, then apply them to a narrative chase scene. Since this is a narrative, students must have a clear beginning setup, middle and ending resolution to their scene.

    Personal Logo Assessment Rubric Assessment by Rosalyn Chiupka Mar 14, 2017 Products Illustrator 1.3k 2

    This is the LOGO ASSIGNMENT I give to my students. The rubric is used to assess the drawing/sketch of the logo. Later I get them to create it in Illustrator, in both color and black/white version and illustrate it on various items like letterhead, business card, t-shirt, cup etc. Create a logo that represents you as an individual that can be used in your electronic portfolio Guidelines The finished product can be in black and white, with colors labeled. If you create your logo with colored pens or pencils, use colors that match the design. You can use grid paper or sketch paper for the final product. Your logo can be imagery only or imagery and text. The text can be your initials and / or your name as in a personal monogram. You should be able to explain the design elements and principles you applied in your logo and the rationale for using them. For example, explain whether your design illustrates horizontal symmetry, vertical symmetry, diagonal symmetry, radial symmetry, or asymmetry. Explain why you selected one style over another. On a separate piece of paper, indicate the design decisions you made and state why. Assessment See logo rubric

    Sense of Place: Landscapes, Environments, Psychology, and Narrative (Photography Project Using Adobe Spark Page) Project by Jeff Larson Jan 16, 2017 Products Photoshop Adobe Spark 1.6k 0

    This lesson utilizes photographs from SFMOMA’s collection that feature natural and urban environments. The images range from traditional compositions to unique, abstract approaches, introducing students to different ways landscapes and environments can be captured and presented. Additionally, this lesson asks students to view, discuss, and reflect on artists’ intentions and the emotional or narrative effects of the work. Using the examples as inspiration, students then create their own image or series of images. Essential Questions How does photography tell a story about a particular place? How do the choices an artist makes affect the way we interpret the story or emotions behind a photograph? Learning Outcomes Understand and analyze how composition choices, framing, cropping, or arranging can have an impact on the emotional or narrative qualities of an image. Create a photograph/series of photographs that focuses on a natural/urban environment and includes a strong emotional/narrative component. Materials Needed 3–5 printed copies of 9 photographs from the lessonPhotograph Analysis WorksheetLink to the Adobe Spark presentation "Sense of Place:Landscapes, Environments, Psychology, and Narrative"Link to the lesson and content on SFMOMA's website : http://bit.ly/2iY0hSriPads, laptops, or computer lab

    ADOBE Spark without personal login Discussion by Andreas Grefenberg Jun 4, 2017 Products Adobe Spark 5 0

    Hey there! Here I am with a maybe not too easy question - the answer though might be easy when it is as I assume.Due to the fact that I'm teaching in a quite strict area of Germany concerning data protection and privacy issues it is NOT allowed to 'force' students to register on whatever platform. In my case it is supposed to be ADOBE Spark Video because I'd like them to create short videos and presentations on several topics.At present I have several iPads with a collective Adobe account. BUT if there will be a future BYOD policy at our school I could not imagine to have students work with this shared account.I know there is the possibility to use an already existing Google Account but not every student has got one. Is there anybody who has got any experience with this account issue? Thanks in advance! ;) Andreas

    Color Theory Project: construction of a personal color wheel. Project by Deb Joseph Sep 2, 2013 Products Illustrator 11k 10

    This, Color Theory Project, is part of a series of projects related to the elements and principles of Art and Design. The Focus is Color. Students examine the nature of subtractive and additive color. Discover the difference between CMYK & RGB color spectrums and their purposes. Students construct a color wheel chart in Adobe Illustrator and customize a color panel to include the following hues: primary, secondary, tertiary, tints, shades, complementary, monochromatic and analogous. Students also explore the psychological aspects of color and the way we perceive color and it’s meaning, in preparation for a later project.

    Teaching Narrative Structure in Short Stories Presentation by Krisztina Mesch May 24, 2018 Products Adobe Spark 0 4

    A Spark page dedicated to understanding short stories and how they are structured. This is through the use of exemplars such as the Rainbow FIsh and The Three Pigs to examine their structure, along with notes and tips for writing a short story. Includes a link to edPuzzle but that's only for my English students. Please feel free to send me any feedback on how to improve this resource, or, if you'd like a neutral copy without some of my own notes for own class.

    Build Your Brand: Getting Started Workshop Aug 5, 2015 Products Illustrator 10k

    Learn why you, as an educator, should build your personal brand. Consider your voice and who you want to be. Then create your perfect logo for all your print and digital media using Adobe Illustrator. (Approx. 1-2 hrs plus logo creation time)

    Personal Branding // Logo Design Project by cookie redding Jun 3, 2018 Products Illustrator 5 0

    Your Job // This is a multifaceted project: some researching brainstorming, some list making, some sketching and some actual production. Step one:: Complete the worksheet on research on the business of design. Type your answers and upload to Blackboard by due date. Step two:: Complete the worksheet on your logo and personal branding. Type your answers and upload to Blackboard by due date. Step three:: Brainstorm! Sketch! It’s idea generatingtime! Time to come up with your brand for our sale. What is your brand’s name. What is it’s logo? What is it’s color scheme? Find a minimum of 30 brand identities that you relate to and put that link in a word document and upload when finished. After that, start your sketches. Create a minimum of 20 brand logos for your business. We will review as a collective so be ready to talk about your design, brand and ideas. Scan or photo your sketches, add to a word (or InDesign) document and upload when finished. Step four:: Create your logo using Illustrator. Logo may not be designed in any other program...use Illustrator! Print and mount with a tracing paper overlay for submission. (print out size is 8.5x11 (letter) either landscape or portrait accordingly...border must be uniform) Remember, your brand is representing your entire product range...from products to packaging, and signage to booth display. Remember that less is more and remember that a “good” logo can be seen at multiple sizes (small to large, print to web). Your logo will be used throughout the semester, so be sure to finesse and refine it to the highest degree. It is representing YOU so make it your best! Specifics // :: Research worksheet (20 points) :: Design Business Plan worksheet (20 points) :: Pinterest research link and sketches (20 points) :: Logo/brand design in Illustrator (printed and mounted) (40 points) Deadlines // Week 1:: Research Worksheet and Pinterest research link DUE Week 2:: Sketches due and begin working on Illustrator version Week 3:: Design Business Plan DUE (beginning of class, no exceptions) Week 4:: Final Logo DUE (beginning of class, no exceptions)

    Managing the Creative Classroom Workshop Aug 23, 2016 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 3.8k

    Consider ways to structure and manage your classroom to foster and catalyze creativity. Showcase your personal vision of a creative classroom space using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

    Personal Identity Curriculum by Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen Apr 14, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop Illustrator
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    This course involves students' developing a portfolio and other personal promotion materials. It is also a reflection into each student’s design identity in terms of philosophies, approaches, visions, and aims. Throughout the analysis of different ways to present creative works, each student will carry out the most suitable communication strategy and produce his own tools to boost the presentation of his designs. The course concludes with a Portfolio Review where students present themselves and their work to potential employers and industry leaders.

    My personal brand Project by Imelda Hernández Aug 16, 2013 Products Photoshop Illustrator 1.4k 1

    Through brainstorming aspects determined that I wanted to appear in the design of my personal brand. I performed a couple of sketches first and then used Illustrator and Photoshop for design proposals. I requested the opinion of friends and family to decide personal brand best.

    Digital Media & Learning: Video Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Adobe Premiere Pro 3.7k

    Learn the skills you need to create compelling and engaging videos that will get students curious to learn more. Teach your students to make their own videos on topics they care about.

    Personal Struggle Photoshop Poster Project by Jennifer Leff Oct 9, 2011 Products Photoshop 1.4k 2

    Personal Struggle/Good vs. Evil I've been doing this project for a few years in class and the students love it and take it very seriously. They have to use a picture of themselves and utilize certain adjustments and tools in Photoshop. It allows me to see where their skill level is at and gives the students a chance to try new techniques. If you like this assignment, please vote for it in the Educator's awards.

    Personal or Enterprise? Discussion by Ian Cowland Feb 11, 2016 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Premiere Pro
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    Hi, I use an Enterprise Adobe account when I am at work, which gives me access to the full Adobe Suite. It also means that any development/training I undertake whilst signed is credited to the Enterprise account, so when I no longer have access to this Enterprise account I will lose my work and any certificates, badges, etc. Ideally I would build a portfolio to showcase my work and development, but technically I don't own the content, my employer does. But who owns the records of the training I have undertaken. So my questions is: is it possible to link my personal and Enterprise accounts in such a way that I retain a record of my work and achievements that Adobe award for completing the online self-paced training etc, or should I only undertake training whilst signed in with my personal account? Thanks, Ian

    Personal Branding— Tyler Dockery Discussion by Tyler Dockery May 14, 2015 Products Illustrator InDesign 2.0k 2

    I found the personal branding self-paced workshop to be rather nice. I'd upload my personal logo, but I cannot find a way to do so here... Anybody out there take this training?

    Digital narrative summary and storyboard worksheet Digital Asset by Adobe Education Jul 5, 2010 648 0

    Use this worksheet to help your student plan to create a digital narrative by describing the overall movie in the form of a rough flowchart, creating a list of the filenames and general settings for the movie, and creating detailed storyboard sketches and descriptions for each section of the movie.

    Creating a "Storied Portfolio" Using Adobe Spark Page Project by james kinney May 25, 2017 Products Adobe Spark Behance 778 0

    FOREWARD: This project is part of a Digital Storytelling course. The rationale for the project is anchored in the fact that simply posting and curating a website with static images and text in a world where almost TWO BILLION images per day surge onto the web will result in those images having an underwhelming relevance and impact. The rise of mobile social platforms has been a game-changer in how we value online experience. Social requires presence, presence requires identity, identity requires a story, story needs to be supported by evidence, credentials and artefacts (text, images and videos). Social also demands participation or engagement and engagement requires sharing. One may choose to share enthusiasm and encouragement (Likes), Comments, Opinions, Feedback or Critiques, Know-how, Tips, Referrals, Jobs and even Money! The degree and quality of our participation forms the basis of our Social Capital and that social capital converts to influence and influence opens the door to monetization of one's activities. Increasing one's social capital is the ultimate focus of this project. It should be understood that there is an imperative in the mobile social world to constantly curate and share one's self and that being a wallflower will relegate one to being the digital equivalent of one of Plato's cave dwellers! What is a "Storied Portfolio"? A storied portfolio wraps one's visual narrative (the collection of visual artefacts that instantiate one's body of work and processes) in a text that instantiates the creator's academic or professional trajectory, their philosophy or worldview vis-a-vis their creative or intellectual quarry as well as unique, personal perspectives that serve to provide an authentic and intimate basis on which to know and engage with the creator—it is a way of "getting to know" the person before the prospect of actually getting to know them—which is entirely possible and has happened on social creative platforms such as Behance. This braiding of one's story with one's works may be likened to being toured around a design studio or an art gallery with the designer or artist, respectively. Mobile social's inducement to participation requires that we be able to share powerful and meaningful stories that will excite, entertain, inform and encourage the members of our various communities. These stories can be told exclusively through image, video, audio, text or a combination of any and all of these media. Being able to bind these various media elements together happens best when they are tied to a central story—it helps us to better understand them and to attribute to them particular significance. Stories help us to make sense of the complex and chaotic and seeing you and your work tied to an interesting and compelling story helps it to stand out from the infinite and chaotic morass of media artefacts that clog the arteries of the web. Story, then, provides added value. It is in this context that it is incumbent upon us to develop our stories and connect our work to those stories. THIS, in the general sense, is what a storied portfolio is. The collection of stories, story fragments and artefacts that trail behind us are what constitute our narrative. Narrative is really the sum total of our activities—the overall, general impression. This is crucial to areas in art and design such as Advertising, Marketing, Brand Design, Brand Strategy and Brand Management. As you transition into your professional life you and your work will develop as a brand—one that will have not only a "look" but a host of stories associated with it—some which you will author and others written by the people and companies who have come into contact with you and your company's products or services. These will form the basis of your brand narrative. These activities in the digital realm are what constitute what has been referred to as one's digital footprint and the learning surrounding the activity is geared towards creating active and engaged digital citizens. So, a storied portfolio is a way of creating and controlling the elements that will represent you and will metaphorically and quite literally write the narrative of your brand. These elements will range from tweets and other social media posts on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to sharing creative and production know-how on communities like Behance or in more formalized and directed forms like Storied Portfolios on platforms like Spark Page. NOTE: While I work with art and design students, a storied portfolio is not the sole preserve of those disciplines. This sort of activity would make for excellent reflexive, meta-cognitive activity for students of any persuasion. More and more, being able to validate skills and knowledge using online tools is becoming the rigour and, so, I would encourage educators from other disciplines to try this out with their students. How is it created? It is important to provide students with some narrative scaffolding to help them structure the textual and visual elements that will constitute their portfolios. This can be in the form of question prompts or information categories, examples of which I will share later. The project is assembled using the Adobe Spark Page platform and shared with the community either through Behance or Twitter. Project Guidelines Follow this LINK to project explanation and story scaffolding Spark Page to the Storied Portfolio: Examples and Scaffolding Spark Page. Evaluation A rubric is provided in .xls format for you to download.

    Video Narrative Curriculum: Moment of Truth Curriculum by Adobe Youth Voices Jun 24, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Elements 5.5k 11

    In this 8-session video production curriculum, youth use video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Elements, to create a narrative film. Narrative is a special kind of filmmaking that allows for a lot of play and perspective-taking, as youth explore different points of view in telling their story. Young people will reflect on a real or imagined moment of conflict as inspiration for their work. Educators will find facilitation tips and strategies in this and in other resources from the collection. Learn to help youth utilize media tools to translate their ideas into a compelling story that captures real feelings and emotions. Throughout the curriculum selected youth media projects are referenced to watch and reflect on. This collection of youth media can be found on the Create with Purpose Vimeo Channel.

    Build Your Brand: Create a Web Portfolio Workshop Aug 5, 2015 Products Dreamweaver Fireworks 16k

    Build your personal brand with a web portfolio. Learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks to create it. Then use your portfolio to share, archive, reflect, and/or pursue new professional opportunities.

    Build Your Brand: Twitter & You Workshop Aug 5, 2015 Products Photoshop 6.0k

    Build your personal brand by creating an online presence using Twitter. In this workshop you will create your own profile picture for your Twitter account using Photoshop.