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    The Puzzle of Motivation Web Link by Mike Skocko Feb 25, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 1.6k 0

    In this TED Talk, Dan Pink presents the case for changing the way we attempt to motivate our students (just substitute schools and students for business and employees in the talk). After watching, you might realize that the real puzzle is why so many folks continue to resist the evidence or deny the validity of the research. The Puzzle of Motivation

    #RethinkHighSchool: ZIM = Zone of Intrinsic Motivation Project by Mike Skocko Jul 19, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 115 0

    We teachers are really good at what I want you to do. But seriously, how many of us consider what the kids want to do? Or what they’re good at? How might our students help us to improve the learning environment and as a result, enhance their learning experiences? I have no idea of the circumstances that led me to Bud Caddell’s blog—though it was probably mindless surfing to escape the dry, arcane, seemingly endless research papers I was tasked to read for my master's—but I do recall vividly the crystalline moment when his Venn diagram lit up my mind. The next day he answered my email and granted me permission to use a modified version of his How to Be Happy in Business graphic for educational purposes—with attribution, of course—and ZIM! was born. I invite my students to "grow my circle" by suggesting new ways to introduce or learn the material we need to cover and I stress that they should play to their strengths (or strengthen their weaknesses) when dealing with the matter at hand, whatever that may be. I tell that that ZIM! is a conversation, a negotiation, and for those who find it, a celebration. For all its simplicity, I've learned that ZIM! is a difficult concept to convey. Please see #RethinkHighSchool: AMP = Autonomy + Mastery + Purpose for more specifics. ----- NOTE: All #RethinkHighSchool resources here on the EdEx rely on the concepts expressed in my (re)Imagine blog post. See #RethinkHighSchool: The Series for more information or click this link to find all resources in this series.

    ZIM! The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation Project by Mike Skocko Oct 16, 2010 Products Photoshop Elements Adobe Premiere Elements 2.3k 5

    After hours of pondering and pounding the keyboard, I finally arrived at this question: How might I reconfigure and restructure expectations and assignments in my classroom to provide a wider array of sustained opportunities for students to tap into their own Zone of Intrinsic Motivation (ZIM) without compromising the integrity of the curriculum? Immediately thereafter a fully formed idea sprang to mind. Inspired by Bud Caddell's brilliant Venn diagram (link below), this image will be my guiding light until it proves to throw false shadows.

    ZIM! Revisited Web Link by Mike Skocko Feb 23, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 905 0

    The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation explained in six minutes. I recorded the video as a ZIM! refresher for my students. It's not a polished video by any means but I thought others might find it of value so I'm sharing it here as well. ZIM! in six minutes (6:06 actually) The ZIM! Venn diagram was inspired by Budd Caddell's How to be Happy in Business Venn on http://whatconsumesme.com and was repurposed with his permission.* Thanks, Bud! *The page is currently a 404. Here's a copy of Bud's original Venn.

    Value of badges Discussion by Mark DuBois Aug 8, 2013 Products Photoshop Illustrator 6.5k 17

    I am using Moodle 2.5 and note that one can now include badges as part of the environment. These tie to the Mozilla Open Badge project. I am curious who is using badges in their curriculum and how well they are received. Obviously, we all receive badges as part of the Education Exchange. I am planning to incorporate these in my fall classes. I am using Illustrator and Photoshop to create the badge (and properly size it) and Moodle to distribute them. I do realize that one must have a good understanding of the psychology/ motivation behind offering students a badge for completing a given task. That being said, I am curious as to how this is being pursued by others (and what the results have been). Best,Mark

    #RethinkHighSchool: AMP = Autonomy + Mastery + Purpose Project by Mike Skocko Jul 19, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 138 0

    Dan Pink's TED Talk, The Puzzle of Motivation, has been viewed over 18 million times. I have no idea how many millions of copies of his best-selling book, Drive, have sold but the undeniable conclusion is that the vast majority of teachers either have no knowledge of the findings or have willfully ignored the them. (Hey, we're not alone; business has, for the most part, ignored the data, too.) He says, "There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does." My edu-filter hears, "There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what education does." He says we have three untapped human needs: AUTONOMY: The desire to direct our own lives. MASTERY: The urge to make progress and get better at something that matters. PURPOSE: The yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Purpose, in my view, is critical. With shared Purpose, Autonomy leads to Mastery. Without Purpose, Autonomy leads to Chaos. The shared Purpose in my classroom is spelled out at the very beginning of The Mac Lab Way (a blog post on my site). AMP, for all its beautiful simplicity, needs its omega for activation. See #RethinkHighSchool: ZIM = Zone of Intrinsic Motivation for that connection. ----- NOTE: All #RethinkHighSchool resources here on the EdEx rely on the concepts expressed in my (re)Imagine blog post. See #RethinkHighSchool: The Series for more information or click this link to find all resources in this series.

    Music & Film Projects Discussion by Konstantin Köhler Oct 15, 2014 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro 2.6k 1

    Hello community, I would love to exchange insights & experiences with other educators doing music & music video projects with youth. How do you structure your workshops? Do you use ice breakers or other games for motivation? Suggestions for good scaffolding activities? How do you get the participants to come up with meaningful ideas and lyrics for the project? Looking forward to sharing and getting to know some of you. Greetings from Ecuador, Kosti

    Looking for best practices for small group learning stations Discussion by Netosh Jones Sep 21, 2016 0 0

    I am very interested in upgrading my skills using Adobe Products, in order to boost attention span, Self-motivation and Creative abilities to give my students more awareness about designing classroom materials snd training materials for teachers. All suggestions and energizing support here is mist appreciated

    Is Creativity used in the right way? Discussion by ng sw Oct 3, 2013 Products Audition Photoshop After Effects
    7.3k 2

    I would like to know if creativity has been used correctly. Since, everyone has a certain level of capacity to imagine, to create, to think and to come up with ideas which are very much as we like to express it, "out of this world". Have we been doing this right? We still continue to let ourselves bound by structure and rules. We continue to let ourselves believe that we are chained directly to the ground. Metaphorically speaking of course. Our creativity is limited and in no doubt plain and redundant. We kept using back things which others find it acceptable. The reason we have these ideas is to express ourselves. Regardless whether this world accept it or not. The problem of this redundancy, is we lack the motivation, the effort to direct things in a new way. There is no push in creating new and indirectly acceptable ideas. We just pursue only what the world let us pursue. Here, I want to list a few things which I plan to use in pursuing a certain "down-to-earth" idea (totally-chain-to-the-ground). I will be using Illustrator and Photoshop to create a comic strip. Then, another person will be using Flash, to create a one hour animation based on that comic strip. Utilizing After Effects, we would make this animation look more awesome. Later, employ a few voice actors to voice the characters. Adding a few sound effects. Once these recordings are recorded, they will be edited in Audition. Once it is complete, AfterEffects will be use again to combine both audio and video. How many people need to be involve in this process? How long will it take for this process to be completed for one episode? How long will it take for this process to be completed for 10 episodes? The United States of America has been dealing with Animation for a long time? What is the most current, latest software that is used in this business?

    Street Art In Brisbane Digital Asset by Juliette Bentley Jul 2, 2018 Products Adobe Spark 0 0

    This video is a work in progress, begun by me as an exemplar for a student project. It will be added to as I gather more examples of Brisbane street art and teach the students how to create and curate their own videos which will be embedded in our Google Tour of Brisbane street art. I will be getting the students to drill deeper into the nature of graffiti and street art and to have them create hypotheses for the motivation of street artists and graffiti artists, to share their work in so public a domain.

    Sir Ken Robinson: Education is Broken Quick Idea by Mike Skocko Oct 9, 2010 1.4k 8

    I just searched the Exchange and discovered, much to my surprise, that no one has shared any of Sir Ken's inspired and inspiring ideas. Here is a quote and a few links you might find worthwhile: "Their [teachers] job is to create the conditions under which people will grow. And those conditions include understanding the nature of talent and motivation. The need to feed people’s spirits and their energies. And instead of that we’ve got this very competitive system of mass education. And it’s failing." Are School Killing Creativity? Bring on the Learning Revolution! Education is Broken

    Table Tent Template Digital Asset by Tyler Dockery Aug 4, 2015 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Illustrator
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    When presenting to a group, it is often difficult to remember names and make connections with participants. Sometimes, it is helpful for users to remember their motivation for coming, and how they feel at the end may be different from how they felt at the beginning. Sometimes, they need to ask you a question and forget your contact info, and sometimes they want additional help but don't want to ask in front of their co-workers. I have created this table tent template for presenters. It has a large area for names, contact information etc. Folded in half lengthwise, it creates a great presenting helper keeping peoples name and department at your fingertips. These .INDD and .AI files can be customized to you and your presentation, and only uses text and shapes for easy editing. Please enjoy! Tyler Dockery

    How Prototyping Practices Affect Design Results (via Stanford University)    Presentation by Siobhán Murphy Sep 5, 2013 Products Photoshop 769 0

    Excellent video presentation that includes problem-solving exercises that empasise creativity. Being a Stanford University resource this concentrates on College/University students, but the examples seem like they could be adapted easily for lower grades. (January 15, 2010) Steven P. Dow of the Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Group discusses his research on how prototyping practices affect learning, motivation, communication, and outcome in design. To help answer this question, he has developed creative problem-solving tasks, such as an advertisement design task where design creations are to be compared through ad campaign performance analytics.

    Instant Video Projects with Adobe Photoshop Elements Project by Kim Cavanaugh Sep 24, 2010 1.8k 3

    In this episode from Palm Breeze Cafe, Adobe Education Leader Kim Cavanaugh shows Lee Keller and Lee Kolbert methods for creating those quick projects that can be done even in a one computer classroom. Using Photoshop Elements and the Elements Organizer students can take that fourth or fifth step in the project process, combing their writing and research to demonstrate their understanding of an assigned topic by creating digital slideshow. Projects like this can be done across the curriculum with careful foresight and planning and an eye on the learning objectives you’ve established for your students. Of course those components are required in any project-based learning experiences, but the value here is that the finished product provides that extra dose of motivation for your students as they create miniature videos that can be shared in multiple locations.

    Jet Sail ESL Project by Yanhui Ma Aug 25, 2011 Products Animate 1.7k 3

    Staffed with senior specialists in IT and education, the Vancouver Jet Sail Educational Enterprises engages in the development of elementary and secondary supplementary educational systems. The goal is to provide users with state-of-the-art educational software on the Internet. Through collaborations with educational authorities in China, Jet Sail has successfully launched its Jet Sail (www.myqizhi.cn) Family English Language System in 2010. The system features the following strengths: 1. It provides a unique nexus between families and language learning that transcends the concept of time and place, building an efficient launching pad for easy and fast online learning. 2. It enables a family-based learning environment for children with an emphasis on the value of motivation and self-discipline. 3. Besides following the standard syllabi of elementary and secondary schools in China, the system also engages students in the study of the English language in a relevant cultural ambience in the comfort of their own home. 4. The faithful adaptation to standard syllabi mirrors the critical links between kindergarten, elementary and secondary curricula in China. This is done without any compromise on information, fun, interaction and efficiency. Learning is done on a self-paced basis with clearly defined goals and study methods. Through its credible contents, excellent North American pronunciation and enticing animation, the Jet Sail System will clearly be a favorite study tool for children in China and bring them unexpected learning outcomes. Jet Sail continues to polish its programs in order to augment its contribution in language education.

    The Battle to Learn Adobe Flash Curriculum by Thomas Giannattasio Aug 2, 2011 Products Photoshop Animate 5.1k 24

    Learning Flash is tough and often discouraging, however the students that take an active involvement in learning it produce fabulous results. So to build their intrinsic motivation, I devised a curriculum structured as a game. Each student completes challenges, earns points to level up and can even win special badges for going above and beyond. A website was built and each student had their own account. The site tracked their progress, showed available challenges, provided resources to help them with the daily challenges and displayed an anonymous leaderboard to show where they stand amongst their classmates. The response to the project was incredible! I had students showing up early for class to complete bonus challenges and the competition aspect built a momentum where each student wanted to stay on top and learn all they could. The inclusion of simple game mechanics was enough to propel the class to a level that none of my earlier classes were able to reach. It was truly an invaluable tool. http://merit.attasi.com user: pablopicasso pass: pablo

    Intermediate-to-Advanced Adobe After Effects Workshop - available for syndication Discussion by Roland Kahlenberg Feb 5, 2014 Products After Effects 6.5k 0

    Dear AE ACI's, I have developed a workshop based on Shape and Text Layers. I have also incorporated topics on rendering, system optimization, interoperability between AE and PPro and there is also some coverage on Au. My motivation to develop this workshop is to account for the fact that AE has ballooned into such a huge application that the standard Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classroom courses that are commonly held, lack depth and focus. Also, users are demanding for more focused and in-depth courses/workshops to cater to greater industry demands from an AE artist/user. The licensing fees for syndicating my workshop is minimal and will allow you to easily expand the list courses/workshop that you offer to your trainees. Each licensee will be allowed exclusive licensing rights in their preferred territory. Visit the workshop's Webpage at http://www.broadcastgems.com/mographintensity_shapestext/ . Please take note that due to the amount of information offered on the page, mobile and tablet viewing is discouraged. Please use the embedded inquiry on said page to get in touch with me should you have an interest in syndicating this workshop. Bestest Roland Kahlenberg

    Customizable Game Mechanics via Free WordPress Plugin Digital Asset by Mike Skocko Jun 22, 2014 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 4.4k 3

    For the past four years, my students and I, aided by a growing number of adventurous educators from around the world, have created a tool—a WordPress plugin called Game On—that all of us use to gamify our curriculum. A collection of resources here on the Exchange have chronicled that journey. Over 3,000 comments (and countless emails) from nearly 150,000 pageviews have helped to shape and refine our plugin's features. I never wanted to become a developer. I'm a new media arts teacher who just wanted to use game mechanics to provide additional motivation and engagement for "flatliners"—those students who never really seemed to give it their all. Today, there are any number of tools teachers can use to gamify their classrooms. But four years ago? The cupboard was bare. So we invented our own system. Our plugin is free. WordPress is free. Hosting is not—unless your district provides it (as mine does). Expect to spend $20 (good) to $30 (great) per month for your own gamified site. Paying yearly brings this cost down. There are certainly less expensive options with eye candy we don't offer (yet) and maybe one of them fits your needs. If so, jump on it. Game mechanics can bring an additional level of excitement and engagement to the classroom. But if you need something you can customize to fit your needs, and a developer willing to respond to your request for new features, and a small but growing community of peers offering support and guidance, maybe Game On is what you're looking for. If you're serious and want to try it out, I'll even provide a test site for 30 days. Want to know the best part? Students have written 100% of the code. All I do is wave the wand and say what I (or you) want. Then they provide the magic. Students empowering teachers. It doesn't get much better than that. Game On PLN Please feel free to join, ask questions, and request features.Game On Release History Please feel free to hack our code (it's open source)WordPress.org Game On does NOT work with WordPress.com accounts

    Youth Media | Media Gallery Program

    This collection, including media produced by youth, builds on the curricula, toolkits, and stories created by the Adobe Youth Voices program.