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    UK Team Game Development Competition Project by Mark Gatehouse Nov 18, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Color
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    Invitation to compete in the Second UK Team Game Development Competition run in conjunction with Autodesk and UKIE. The Brief is to design a playable game level and produce a trailer to promote your game on You Tube. Your level MUST start in a shed and finish in a waterfall. What happens in between is down to your creativity and skill! you can make it with Flash, Cinema 4d or any other combination of professional packages! Entry is open to all UK Level 3 students in teams of 2-4. To win teams need to produce the following by 13 February 2015. 1. a playable game level in the form of an executable file. 2. a trailer suitable for use on you tube to promote your game 3. a powerpoint that shows your pre production, concept art, story line, game play elements etc. Dare to be the best! Register your team now https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/game-design-competition-tickets-14287244533 Registration closes on 12 December 2014

    World Skills Graphic Design Competition Project by Mark Gatehouse Dec 6, 2014 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Creative Cloud
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    From 9 February to 20 March you can register teams to enter the World Skills Graphic Design Competition. The winner's will go on to the Global World Skills Competition to be held in 2017. They will be coached by international renowned designers on that path. This competition is sponsored by Adobe, Ogilvy Mather Advertising, Coley Porter Bell, Ideas Foundation. It is open to any level 3 student currently studying at a UK College or Sixth Form.

    Student Competition Grants Discussion by Tyler Dockery Apr 26, 2015 2.3k 1

    I am looking into grant funding to cover fees for student competitions. What are some good capped-fee student competitions? One example might be Graphic Design USA's design competition which has unlimited entries for $300... Thanks!

    Deck Design Competition: March 5 Deadline Project by Mike Skocko Feb 29, 2012 Products Photoshop Illustrator 2.7k 4

    Vector Tuts Plus just announced this competition. Time is short but even if you miss the submission window, kids always love the project. Follow the link (below) for details and the deck template.

    Hi GroupGroup Trip Memories Competition Discussion by Dominic McCall Feb 9, 2015 Products Photoshop 3.7k 9

    Hello Just posting a competition that has been emailed to me at work - Uk only entries I think- hope you win! Group Trip Memories CompetitionThe only thing better than discovering a new place and learning new things is experiencing it with others. Group trips see the creation of memories treasured for a lifetime – and HI Groups are inviting you to share your favourite group trip memories with us in exchange for the chance to win £250 cash! Introducing our #GroupTripMemories competition.You must be 18 or over to enter. Images must be your own. Terms and conditions apply. https://www.facebook.com/HostellingInternationalGroups/app_451684954848385

    Canadian High School Design Competition Discussion by Colin Byers Oct 29, 2014 Products Typekit Acrobat Photoshop
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    The Design Exchange is proud to announce the 20th Annual DX Canadian High School Design Competition. This competition promotes the study and awareness of all design disciplines in schools across Canada and is open to all high school students at junior (grades 9 and 10) and senior (grades 11 and 12) levels. Prizes are awarded at both levels in five categories: Industrial DesignFashion DesignCostume DesignArchitecture/Interior DesignGraphic Design If you are interested go here

    Kaboom! A Team Competition Game    Presentation by Jeremy Brown Oct 14, 2011 Products Animate 1.1k 0

    This is an interactive game board that is used to ask questions to review content. The game board asks for the number of teams, how many points it takes to win the game. On the board, students select a square to reveal how many points a question will be worth. If there is a bomb underneath, that team loses their points. The teacher asks that team a question worth the revealed point value and the team works together to figure it out. If they are correct, they get that many points

    A startup with Premiere Pro and After Effects Technical Tutorial by Matthijs Clasener Mar 30, 2016 Products Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects Media Encoder 1.0k 1

    I've been asked by a fellow awesome educator (Dan Armstrong) to make a in-depth tutorial for the Caped Movietrailer competition in Idaho. This is a huge competition where high school students from that USA state can make their very own original movie trailer in order to win great prizes for themselves and their school. In order to set them up I've made a 45 minute tutorial with several chapters about Premiere Pro and After Effects. It contains topics from ingesting footage in Premiere Pro until the final export in the Media Encoder. The tutorial has been made for the competition, but could be a valuable resource for other students as wel.

    Eagles Website Showdown Competition (The Apprentice Style) Project by April Branscome Sep 4, 2012 Products Dreamweaver Fireworks 2.0k 2

    For the past five years, my Web Design 2 students have teamed up with a local business/ organization to redesign their Web site. The process is intense and lasts approximately 11-12 weeks. This past year (2011-2012) 150 students were involved in redesigning City of Valparaiso's Web site. We started the project on February 14, 2012 and ended it on May 9, 2012 which is approximately 47 hours (8 weeks). This figure does not include the number of hours where students came after school or during other class periods to work on their projects. Dr. Diane Kelley, City of Valparaiso Commissioner, contacted me to see if I would be interested in partnering with the City in order to redesign the City's Web site. Students learned the entire Web development process in this project. Here are the steps in which students participated: At the beginning of the project, Interested students apply to be project managers which includes completing an application and getting teacher recommendations. All other students create a personal resume as well in order to apply for a position on a team. Selected project managers interviewed potential "employees"/teammates. Teams of 3-4 were created through a lottery-type selection process. Students created a team organizational chart defining job roles of every individual on the team as well as other project management forms. Using Adobe Fireworks, teams designed a prototype. Using Adobe Dreamweaver, teams created their individual Web site using the prototype as their guide. On May 4, all the teams presented their Web sites to three judges who came into the classroom. The judges were professional Web designers from the area. Out of 37 teams, five teams were selected to be in the final presentation to the City of Valparaiso. On May 9, five representatives (Mayor Arnold, Commissioner Kelley, City Clerk, Asst. Library Director, City Administrator) from the City of Valparaiso came to the NHS auditorium to watch the presentations of the five finalists. The City selected Team Swag as the winning Web site. Each member of every team received one of the following a prizes: 1st place team - laptop computer, 2nd place team - $100 gift card to BestBuy, 3rd place team - $50 Visa gift card, 4th and 5th place teams - Rave Motion Picture movie passes. Each project manager received a Rave Motion Picture movie pass as well. Individual awards were also given out to outstanding students. You can see the winning site at http://www.valp.org. Students designed every aspect of the site.

    Student Competition: "Passport to Creativity" Discussion by Remy Mansfield Jan 26, 2016 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 2.3k 4

    Adobe's Student Team just announced a cool creative opportunity for students called "Passport to Creativity." THE OPPORTUNITY: Adobe is working with Passion Passport to give six students from around the world the chance to travel to one of three of the world’s most protected natural environments. On location, students will use Adobe Creative Cloud to capture and interpret the environment’s sights, sounds, and sensations. Each student’s creative output will be showcased through an immersive, multimedia installation that recreates their expression of the protected landscape in an urban environment. LEARN MORE & HOW TO APPLY: blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/education/2016/01/20/passport-to-creativity-with-adobe-students/keyimage/ on Behance: https://www.behance.net/joblist/51687/Passport-to-Creativity

    Student Stress & Grades Discussion by Angela Wong Mar 1, 2017 938 3

    Hi Everyone! I teach students in grades 9 - 12 at a suburban high school outside of Boston. I'm in my 5th year teaching and my colleagues and I have been noticing what seems to be an emerging trend with our teen students. Many are under such intense stress while they try to achieve "perfect scores" because college competition is so high that their creativity is stifled. They are afraid to take risks and make mistakes because they see it as hurting their average and ruining their chance for an A. I consistently encourage my students to take risks and even demonstrate that making mistakes are OK and a part of the creative process, but the mindset they come into the classroom with seems so ingrained from school culture in general. I was wondering if anyone else was dealing with this and what you do to help your students?

    National web design contest Discussion by Mark DuBois Jul 14, 2016 Products Muse Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    I run a national web design contest (under the auspices of SkillsUSA). We recently concluded our 2016 contest in Louisville, KY in late June. I thought it might be helpful for others to learn about what we are trying to accomplish via this competition. For those associated with SkillsUSA, you should be aware that I also participated in WorldSkills last year (and helped run their web design contest). Here are links to various aspects of the competition. I look forward to subsequent discussions on this topic. If you are involved in web design competitions, it would be great to continue these discussions. I suspect we can learn from each other. An overview of the contest importance - http://webprofessionals.org/national-web-design-contest-importance/An overview of the contest itself - http://www.webdesigncontest.org/2016-contest-overview2016 contest winners - http://www.webdesigncontest.org/2016-national-championsJudge’s comments - http://www.webdesigncontest.org/2016-web-contest-judge-commentsA look behind the scenes - http://www.markdubois.info/weblog/2016/06/national-web-design-contest/An overview of the software used in the contest - http://www.markdubois.info/weblog/2016/06/national-web-design-contest-software/For fun here are some time lapse videos of the event - http://www.markdubois.info/weblog/2016/07/national-web-design-contest-time-lapse-videos/ Best always, Mark

    ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Discussion by Sir Shafiq Apr 12, 2017 Products Photoshop Illustrator InDesign 32 6

    ADOBE DESIGNACHIEVEMENT AWARDS LAUNCHING STUDENT CAREERS With 14 categories, the ADAA is a competition for creative students of all disciplines. Early bird submission deadline: May 2, 2017 THE ADAA COMMUNITY See how student creatives are going after their dreams. #adobeawards Adobe Design Achievement Awards on Instagram#adobeawards For Entering and viewing log on https://www.adobeawards.com/us

    What are your success stories from your Adobe® Certified® Associate® students? Discussion by Chris Schnell Oct 25, 2016 201 0

    From knowing very little about Adobe Photoshop to having internationally recognised ACA certifications and now taking home gold at the 2016 WorldSkills Australia competition in Melbourne :-)It is a delight to see my students successfully using the Adobe products to industry standards and being ACA certified. check out:https://blog.central.wa.edu.au/2016/10/20/graphic-... https://www.facebook.com/graphicdesignproduction/ I am curious to learn about other success stories from your Adobe® Certified® Associate® students ...

    Slam Poetry using Adobe Spark Video Lesson Plan by Jason Lane Aug 2, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 664 2

    In this creative activity, students use Adobe Spark Video to create a poetry slam presentation. The following suggested activities will help structure and guide students' learning: First, what is Slam Poetry? Slam Poetry is a type of competition where people read their poems without props, costumes, or music. Using Adobe Spark Video (formerly Voice) students have the ability to focus on a strong vocal performance enhanced with the use of visuals.Students should be given stimulus material(s) and a period of time to develop their own, original poem for use in their Spark Video presentations. To assist students' learning, examples of poetic devices could be explored.Storyboarding: Students should storyboard their poems to use their time more effectively when developing and refining their Spark Video presentation. A storyboarding template (PDF) is linked in this resource to assist students planning presentations following the workflow of Spark Video (i.e. text, photo, icon, voice).Using Spark Video: to assist students creating new Adobe accounts and getting started using Spark Video, a short YouTube video is linked in this resource. This resource follows the simple sign-on using Google App for Education accounts that many schools use. These resources can be adapted and modified to suit any digital storytelling project.

    Using Adobe Animate CC (Flash Professional)/Illustrator in the classroom: Work Sample Presentation by Drew Mayhills Oct 4, 2016 Products Animate Illustrator 81 1

    An example of a video animation produced by one of my students in the Year 10 Multimedia course. The task essentially was to liaise with a local business (a real one!) and develop a short animation in response to a client brief. This product went on to win 3rd prize in the Young ICT Explorers Competition 2016, opening the doors for this student to pursue his graphic design work in an entrepreneurial context.

    What Is The Aca World Championship Presentation by Shafiq Rehman Oct 28, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    What Is The Aca World Championship? The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ design skills using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Top students are invited to represent their respective countries at the World Championship where they will create a designated design project for Certiport’s chosen nonprofit client. In some countries or regions, students are required to participate in a National Championship, and the winners of that event continue on to the World Championship. Watch Promo Watch Promo How do i compete? Get certified to compete! By taking an Adobe Certified Associate exam in either Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, you’ll be automatically entered into the ACA World Championship and could be chosen to represent your country! The Certiport team is proud to partner with our Solution Providers around the world What Will I Win? 1ST PLACE $7,000TrophyMedal of AchievementWinner’s Certificate 2ND PLACE $3,500Medal of AchievementWinner’s Certificate 3RD PLACE $1,500Medal of AchievementWinner’s Certificate What’s The Deadline To Enter June 18 2015 Last day to enter the 2018 ACA World Championship View past competition highlight Watch More ACA Exam Demo ACA Exam Demo ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 Adobe Animate CC 2015 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

    Imagine a component, Draw it with Illustrator, Save it to a Flash Drive, Cut it with a Laser Cutter, Assemble the component, Use it! Technical Tutorial by Andy Marks Nov 1, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Illustrator
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    I am a M.E.S.A. adviser in Utah's Granite School District: MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement. This year's project is a prosthetic hand with "integrated computer science elements". The hand is to be controlled with an Arduino. In the past, other MESA advisers and their students have struggled with the "carpentry" aspects of designing and building things. I thought this year's project would be no different as I played with designing and building a hand that could be computer controlled. I modeled the hand after my own, limiting it to an index finger and opposing thumb. The first hand I made took hours to build from three 1/2" layers of plywood, hand machined to accept a small stepper motor and to have enough room for a 16T, 32P, 5mm bore pinion gear driving a "gear finger" drawn in InkScape. The finger looks like my index finger, but at its base, where a knuckle resides, is a 48T, 32P gear. My first "gear finger" was cut by the good people at www.ponoko.com, a NZ firm offering laser cutting service on the web. I programmed the Arduino to drive the stepper, "flexing" and "extending" the finger with the push of a button. It worked swell. But then I had an epiphany. I realized I could draw the hand as a series of 1/4" layers, with each lower layer being derived from the topmost layer. Draw layer 1 with holes for screws to hold all the layers together. Draw a hole for the motor (28BYJ-48 stepper), noting its shaft position and mounting holes. On the next layer down, draw a larger circle, centered on the motor shaft, for the gear. Draw a large circle for the gear at the base of the finger. Duplicate the 2nd layer as the 3rd layer, making about 1/2" of space for the hand's "transmission" if you will. Make the final 1/4" layer a copy of the first layer, omitting the motor hole. Draw the finger, with a 48T, 16P gear, or what ever drive mechanism you choose. Set the line widths according to the requirements of your favorite laser cutter (high schools have them, the Salt Lake Maker's Space has one, www.ponoko.com has many). Get fancy. Have some lines drawn for cutting and others for mere etching. Bedazzle the hand, indicating which motor it is meant for, labeling the layers so they're easy to organize and assemble, etc. Tessellate the hand components so that many can be cut from one sheet w little waste. Add two 75mm diameter disks for each hand so that the assembled hand can be mounted on the two 75mm disks (glued together to form 1/2" thick, 75mm diameter disk). Mount the hand on the disks in the end of a 3" cardboard mailing tube so that the prosthetic can be worn by a student who has a fully functioning hand but who wants to participate in this year's MESA competition. Go crazier. Cut 34 hands, fingers, and disks from a few 2'x4' sheets of 1/4" under-layment, buy 8-32 screws and nuts, assemble all the hands, and put them in ziploc bags, one for each MESA group in the school district. Know, as you feed sheet after sheet into the laser cutter, that all the parts are perfectly interchangeable, and that all the hands are identical. Know that each hand costs about $0.50! Get the district to contribute the small stepper motor and drive pinion gear. Get everyone over the "carpentry" barrier at once. Tell them they can alter the hand design, and cut it with a laser, by learning just a little Adobe Illustrator. Tell them they can change the motor, and drive mechanism, as many times as they want, by altering their Illustrator file and re-printing it. My intent, and the district's by extension, is to get as many students (and advisers) developing (C/C++) code to operate their hand. The fun begins when the plywood hand, with motor, gear, and gear-finger, is connected to and driven by an Arduino (we're using Sparkfun Redboards, but no matter). There is plenty to be done, learning how to drive the stepper motor, working with gear ratios, converting arc lengths to angles to rotations of the pinion gear under 1/4 step instruction from the microcontroller, coming up with a way to instruct it to "flex" or "extend" quickly and accurately, and then modify it to have a hand powerful enough to deal with moving "groceries" from a container, to another, and back again within 60 seconds. The MESA project is always HUGE. There are three performance tasks (60 seconds to toss 10 bean bags into a target, 60 seconds to shuffle groceries, 60 seconds to insert three bolts into three holes in a vertical pine board and thread on their respective nuts, all to be done with the prosthetic only). Write a 15 page technical paper describing your engineering, math, and science wonder. Create a 3'x7' academic display explaining your team's process. Give a 10 minute oral presentation to judges, telling them how you did it. I included an .AI file with a hand design I've cut, built, and tested. I included a video of the hand in action (Premier Pro). I have stills of the hand (Lightroom). I have a blog too (but it's private). When the people who came up with this three year project requested "integrated computer science elements" I don't think they were thinking Illustrator / Laser Cutters / Premier Pro / Lightroom in addition to the Arduino IDE and K&R C, but I love that SO MANY computer science elements can be brought to bear on the project, and that kids can get exposure to them all, and have such a real-world tangible device bringing them all together. I also LOVE that people can imagine something, draw it, cut it, assemble it, and either use it or improve the drawing to the point where they can use what they imagined / drew / cut / assembled. Incredibly quick development cycle, incredibly inexpensive, incredibly addicting too. Enjoy.

    Biotechnology: Discovering the Extraordinary in our Ordinary Lives    Presentation by Anna Cherylle Ramos Aug 13, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Animate
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    A short animated film which features current and emerging contributions of biotechnology in our daily lives in a down-to-earth explanation. The film won in the 2014 GRAND PRIZE WINNER (PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY) – BIOTECH SHORTIES competition, a national video-making competition in the Philippines, organized by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture – Biotechnology Information Center (SEARCA-BIC) which was awarded during the 10th National Biotechnology Week on November 28, 2014 at the Philippine Commission on Higher Education.

    An Exercise in Competitive Analysis Project by Andrew Wilson Jan 21, 2015 Products Dreamweaver Business Catalyst 2.6k 2

    This exercise allows students to consume websites from a design/usability perspective rather than the content. Not only will this capture some ideas of great design, but help you in making your own designs more usable and accessible in order to create sites that outpace the competition.

    Global Video Battle 2013 Project by Matthijs Clasener Jul 12, 2013 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects
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    This year we did the second edition of the Global Video Battle. An awesome project where students world wide work in a competition. They need to make the best short fiction movie possible in 8 weeks time. Age approximately 18 years. Final four products: https://vimeo.com/channels/gvb2013

    Create a vector art using InDesign and Illustrator Web Link by Jonathan Jones Aug 19, 2016 Products Illustrator InDesign 326 0

    Here is a vector art competition you can conduct in your school.This will help students understand the vector designing more thoroughly.The teachers should give proper training to the students. You can make them design any product in vector.For my students I told them to create a vector of a dehumidifier.This is because I recently purchased one of the best dehumidifiers in the market and I wanted my students to understand the health benefits of dehumidifiers. Thus this design competition would become more useful as they would also learn about a new product. I hope everyone likes this. Feel free ask questions in the comment section,if anything is not clear.

    Global Video Battle 2016 Project by Matthijs Clasener Mar 3, 2016 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Clip
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    In 2012 the very first Global Video Battle was a fact. My school and Allen High where in a battle for making the very best short film ever. It was an epic competition! Students could see the competitive teams on the other side of the ocean via webcam and social media. An amazing experience for students and teachers. And now in 2016 we are doing this competition for the fifth time! The project is very simple. It's a test if the students team can make a fiction movie from scratch until the final montage including a nicely done post production. For students it's important to learn to work with the Adobe tools. These types of software are the industry standards. It's good for students to have a participation on world wide competition on their resume using the Adobe tools. And Adobe loves the way students are working with their tools so much that they are sponsoring Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions for the winning team. Students will be working on their production from early may and need to hand it in before the end of June. A professional jury will then be able to grade the material and give meaningful feedback. And of course... at the start of July we will know which school team has won the Global Video Battle 2016