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    Photoshop Touch Collaboration Project by Ross Wallis Jul 30, 2013 Products Photoshop Photoshop Touch Photoshop Elements 2.5k 8

    This is a new game of image pong - with a difference - that I am playing with artist, teacher, and all things Apple and Adobe wizz Nicole Daleiso from California - you can see the results on my website.In this game we are sending each other a set of photographs, which we then collage into a single image, Nicole collaging my photographs and me collaging Nicole's photos.In each round we have sent anthing from around 6 to as many as 20 images. There have been no rules as to whether we should use all the photographs, or just a selection from the set sent. My collages have all been created using Adobe Photoshop Touch on a new ipad, and all the images that I have sent taken and sent directly from my iPhone.It is a great way to explore Photoshop Touch, giving us a reason to do lots of exploring of filters and effects.Click here for a selection of the original images.We plan to take this collaboration forward with our students, starting with themed photowalks - students could look for colours, or shapes, or textures, or particular angles. We will share a selection of the images that are created, then students can make montages from thier selection of the images.

    Web production collaboration and organization best practices Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Nov 11, 2013 Products Dreamweaver 5.9k 11

    For web projects to work smoothly and efficiently, it is important to follow best practices for team collaboration on and organization of project assets. In this activity students are introduced to best practices for efficient collaboration and organization, including file management, file organization, checking files in and out, and Subversion integration.

    Collaboration Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Dec 15, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Premiere Clip Adobe Spark
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    The Collaboration Toolkit provides strategies for engaging youth in collaborative media projects and exploring interests and perspectives between two or more communities of youth media makers. Facilitating this level of collaboration between youth from different locations offers educators the chance to promote global awareness and understanding. Throughout the Collaboration Toolkit selected youth media projects are referenced to watch and reflect on. This collection of youth media can be found on the Create with Purpose Vimeo Channel.

    BEST PRACTICES: Student Online Collaboration for Learning "Soft" Skills Discussion by Ed Kanet Sep 22, 2017 Products Acrobat 6 0

    I teach three sections of an introductory class (two brick-and-mortar, one online) dealing with communication using graphics. I've had a bit of training on how to help students learn, develop, and practice skills that are most sought by employers: Soft Skills or aka Employability or Life Skills. I do this with a team project or two all sections, but the online class is difficult to do as many of the students seemed disconnected. My job is to connect them with discussion forums, group emails, online webinars, but I am not there physically to oversee their activities. QUESTION: what are some of the best practices to help students develop Soft Skills (teamwork, cooperation & collaboration, creative thinking, communication, problem-solving skills) in an online environment?

    Adobe Captivate 7 Common Core Mathematics Collaboration Discussion by Tammy Moore Jun 16, 2013 Products Adobe Captivate 7.9k 3

    I would like to find other instructors or course designers working with Captivate 7 that would like to collaborate on the creation of a freely shared collection of math resources aligned to Common Core. I am finding way to many math text providers that say calmly that their material is Common Core and the are not aligned. The high stakes nature of Common Core for teachers and school districts means that the buck will stop with them instead of publishers. It would be nice if instructors could have a collection to draw from if they find their text falls short in an area. Captivate 7 is a perfect base to use for this library since it can easily create the types of interactions seen in the PARCC and Smarter Balance test and can do so in swf, HTML5 (for iPad classrooms), and in LMS score-able formats (SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can). If you are interested, contact Tammy Moore at teacher.tammy.moore@gmail.com.

    Collaboration Amongst Art Teachers Discussion by Aaron Roberts Jul 18, 2013 3.9k 2

    Teaching can be so isolating! I have 6 other great art teachers in my building, but it seems the only chance we have to collaborate is 15 minutes before school and 20 minutes during lunch. Most of the time, that collaboration time is really more about socializing. What are some strategies for collaborating with colleagues that fall naturally into the day? Are there any Adobe products that could help teachers communicate their ideas with one another?

    My-Thology: A Global Arts Collaboration Project by Matt Cauthron Aug 19, 2012 Products Photoshop Photoshop Touch Digital Publishing Solution
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    My-Thology is the fourth global digital arts collaboration from the Student Creative. This year's challenge invites high school students from around the world to create a modern interpretation of a classical or cultural myth. Selected digital images, video, and animation will be compiled as a digital text and made available as a benefit for the Jacaranda Foundation. All media is due March 2013 in order to meet our May publication release.

    3D Design Full Course For BA or Master Courses Collaboration Discussion by Ares Hovhannesyan Dec 23, 2016 15 0

    I am teaching student at Faculty of Design at NUACA University in Yerevan, Armenia and we want to know more about full course subjects from others lecturers and University who have 3D Design courses for Graphic and interior Designers for BA and Masters Would be appreciate to have discussion concerning above subjects and share thoughts. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    A Practical Examination of Learner Intervention and Collaboration    Presentation by Adobe Education Mar 13, 2014 Products Presenter 2.0k 1

    This recorded session features a case study of quiz performance tracking and student-teacher collaboration using Adobe Presenter 9 conducted by Renaldo Lawrence at Chiswick School in London, where he creates and develops interactive materials for both teachers and students. In this example we will look at the resources Renaldo built for a photography class and discuss how the teacher is using the materials in the classroom. Renaldo will also discuss various others tools used to created eLearning materials and show examples of the materials.

    Introduction to team collaboration in learning about a microcontroller Project by Dan Blevins Jan 12, 2017 Products InDesign 90 0

    Key components and concepts: STEM, BYOD, microcontroller components, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, communication. Explanation and purpose of activity: This is an initial activity for a new elective course that I volunteered to create and teach this semester (teaching a class not part of my job description as an Instructional Technology Specialist; in fact, is discouraged by the district central admin due to responsibilities). I call the class "STEM for All" since I specifically asked the counselors to enroll a diverse range of students (GT, Special Needs, students in alternative programs, etc.), students not in our state recognized campus STEM Academy program, a balance of ESL and non-ESL students, and it be gender balanced to encourage more girls into STEM interests. This STEM activity is two fold: 1) introduce the concept of team building and collaboration in taking ownership of the learning process, 2) rapidly have the students rapidly dive into microcontrollers as a key building block of future projects such as Mission to Mars, Transportation, Environment, Energy, Make the World a Better Place, etc. Having successfully leveraged as force multipliers my own learning disabilities (Aspergers, dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, color blindness) I have discovered "jumping into the deep end of the pool" method empowers many students who are conditioned to being micromanaged in the learning process, which this activity does as well as gives the teacher much flexibility in integrating the activity. Sit back and enjoy because the kids totally get it!

    Collaboration Nations Project by John Henson Oct 12, 2011 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop 1.2k 2

    The inspiration for this project came from the merging of our various disciplines: Literacy Studies, Media Literacy Studies, Media Production, and Science Education. We decided to collaborate on a cross-curricular lesson that focused on developing students' understandings and knowledge of issues in environmental sustainability, integrating multiple media for core subject learning and project-based assessment. We envisioned this website as a launching point for students to access various environmental literacy concepts such as solar power, wind power, and and the power of trees. The home page design is meant to serve as a metaphor for connecting local environmental issues in the Appalachian community and landscape with global issues across the world. To best facilitate integrated learning, we created four lesson concepts to promote interdisciplinary learning events: Print literacy: After reading the picture book Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai, students will create their own picture books using original drawings and Photoshop. Media literacy: After viewing a clip from the Taking Root documentary and reading a news article about Wangari Maathai, students will analyze and evaluate both media, examining differences in representation of Maathai's life and efforts. Science literacy: Using scientific process skills, students will explore erosion using digital images they take at their local stream. Media production: Using media production tools, such as digital cameras, students will document and communicate environmental literacy in their local area to begin creating a website in Dreamweaver to create awareness of environmental issues. This project represents a model that K-12 teachers and teacher educators could use and elaborate on as a means to promote cross-curricular study and multiple literacies in their classrooms and preparation programs. In addition to "Trees," the home page design includes wind and solar power and these areas may be developed using the sample cross-curricular, multiple literacies pedagogy employed in our sample lesson concepts for "Trees." In addition to a focus on multiple literacies, this project exclusively employs Adobe Creative Suite products in its design and implementation, including student project-based work.

    Adobe Connect 8: Working with the Adobe Connect Collaboration Builder Toolkit SDK Best Practice by Adobe Education Nov 1, 2010 Products Connect 1.4k 0

    The Adobe Connect Collaboration Builder Toolkit Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to create custom Flash content and applications for use in Adobe Connect. The Collaboration Builder SDK is available to both hosted and licensed Adobe Connect customers free of charge. This SDK is for developers who have a working knowledge of Flex, ActionScript, and Flex components and want to develop collaborative Adobe Connect applications.

    Learn Adobe Acrobat DC Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Acrobat 724

    Learn the basics and get started with Acrobat in a flash.

    Tiny Planets: cool collaboration for art students Project by Kris Fontes Aug 20, 2012 Products Photoshop 3.0k 3

    What is a Tiny Planet and how is it made? The first step to making a Tiny Planet is to photograph a panorama. To do this you could use a traditional camera and slowly and carefully rotate 360 degrees, being careful to keep the camera steady and overlapping each shot. Using the Photosynth app (a powerful tool for capturing and viewing the world in 3D) makes this process much easier as it automatically takes each shot as you rotate and stops shooting when you get to the last shot. Once you have the panorama it’s time to turn it into a Tiny Planet. Using the app by the same name, I selected my picture and clicked on the tiny planet icon at the bottom of the screen and watched and waited while it processed. It took about 30 seconds and there it was! My first Tiny Planet! (I had the option of choosing Tiny Tube, which inverts the process, making the image look like it is being sucked into itself...also a cool effect, sort of like down the rabbit hole.) Getting ready for the new school year, I have practiced making Tiny Planets and found that the Photosynth app is really awesome for this project, but that the Tiny Planet app doesn’t create the best image every time and that it would be better for my students to use the Photosynth app for their panorama and then import that image into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop the students can follow the directions I found on Photojojo http://tinyurl.com/yasjnr5 I am really excited to introduce this to my students and then to students around the world. How exciting to see the images produced by students in Asia, New Zealand, London and small towns like my own! Show me yours! If you are interested in participating in this adventure, look for more info on Art Ed 2.0 or email me at kfontes2@gmail.com The first tiny planet below is from Miami beach and the second one is from the Shelburne Museum in Burlington, VT.

    Anyone using "flipped" lessons or "flip teaching" in technology/design disciplines? Discussion by Rebecca Kirrane Sep 24, 2013 Products Prelude Audition Adobe Premiere Pro
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    The "flipped classroom" is a very popular trend in education at the moment. More and more teachers are using online video/multimedia content as a prerequisite for lessons, allowing class time to be opened up for more constructivist engagement. This type of approach seems particularly well suited to technology/design disciplines which require both hard skills (hardware, software etc.) and soft skills (critical awareness, collaboration, teamwork etc.). I am currently researching this area and was just wondering if anyone is actually currently using this approach in their tech/design classroom, as I am?

    Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production Syllabus by Adobe Education May 12, 2014 Products Photoshop Illustrator InDesign
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    Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production is a project-based curriculum that develops career and communication skills in graphic design, illustration and print and digital media production, using Adobe tools. Visual Design develops four key skill areas: project management and collaboration; design; research and communication; professional digital photography, illustration, and page layout using Adobe tools.

    Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production Syllabus by Adobe Education May 9, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Illustrator Photoshop
    8.7k 2

    Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production is a project-based curriculum that develops career and communication skills in digital video production, using Adobe tools. The Digital Video curriculum develops four key skill areas: project management and collaboration; design; research and communication; and professional video production, using Adobe tools.

    Interactive Design: Foundations of Animation and Interaction Design Syllabus by Adobe Education May 9, 2014 Products Animate Illustrator Photoshop
    6.6k 6

    Interactive Design is a project-based curriculum that teaches digital communication skills in the context of professional animation and interaction design process, using Adobe tools. Interactive Design develops four key skill areas: project management and collaboration; design; research and communication; and professional interactive media authoring tools.

    Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design Syllabus by Adobe Education May 7, 2014 Products Dreamweaver Illustrator Photoshop
    15k 11

    Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design is a project-based curriculum that teaches digital communication skills in the context of the professional web design and development process, using Adobe tools. Digital Design develops four key skill areas: project management and collaboration; design; research and communication; and professional web-authoring tools.

    9 Squares Web Link by Mike Skocko Apr 16, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 1.8k 2

    An international collaboration of 9 different designer/animators. Each designer creates an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette. Just for fun. Twice a month. Probably. I'm so stealing this for a classroom project. Lots of room to modify the parameters, too.

    Up & Running on the Adobe Education Exchange Workshop Oct 13, 2016 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Document Cloud 6.4k

    Learn how to make the most of the Adobe Education Exchange in this workshop. Explore the many opportunities to learn, teach, discuss, connect, and share and find the best way to engage with this community dedicated to creative teaching.

    Behance as a tool for teaching and learning Discussion by Adobe Education Feb 27, 2015 4.4k 10

    In our professional development workshop, Up and Running with Behance, we consider Behance as a tool for teaching and learning. How do you use Behance in the classroom? In what might you use work sourced from Behance in your classroom?How might you use Behance to foster collaboration, feedback, and sharing among and between students?In what ways might you use Behance to help students develop college and career-readiness skills?

    Make Collaboration Easier With Track Changes in Adobe InDesign    Technical Tutorial by Marton Perhiniak Jul 20, 2013 Products InDesign 543 0

    Track changes is a great feature in Adobe InDesign for collaborative text editing. By setting up different users and enabling Track Changes you can keep track of all text editing in your document and you can easily easily decide at any point either to accept or reject the changes. More courses by Yes I'm a Designer available here: https://www.udemy.com/u/martinperhiniak/