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    Career research Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Nov 11, 2013 Products Acrobat Audition Dreamweaver
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    There are many kinds of jobs within the design field including careers in graphic design, web development, video production, and so on. In order for students to take the skills they are using and apply them in the real world they should understand what career choices are available and what qualifications and skill sets they will need to be hired for a job in their desired field. In this activity, students research career areas and job titles to help them identify career goals, necessary certifications and qualifications, and to help them determine the focus and goals of a portfolio.

    Career Choices Lesson Plan by Mark DuBois May 20, 2014 Products Adobe Spark 4.7k 11

    Students research a career and create an Adobe Voice story that explains what the career does. They also comment on whether or not they would be interested in that career. Note: Adobe Voice can optionally connect to a variety of online services, like photo storage and video hosting services, that require account creation and are not available to users under the age of 13. If you plan to use these online service features with students under the age of 13, the teacher (and not the student) must create the online service account.

    Social Studies: Raising Awareness PSA Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Nov 2, 2017 Products Premiere Clip 937 1

    Students will create a 30-second video to raise awareness about a social issue, relevant to the topic they are studying. They will learn to evaluate effective Public Service Announcements (PSAs), and then collaborate in small groups to create persuasive PSAs; using researched facts, a storyboarding template, and the Adobe Premiere Clip app. Groups will share their PSAs with the class and use a rubric to provide feedback on their peer’s PSAs. PSAs can also be uploaded to the web and shared with a global audience. Note:The lesson plan and associated files are available once you sign in to the Adobe Education Exchange. Google Docs are shared with view-only privileges. If you would like to use and adapt the lesson plan and resources, you will need to select File > Make a copy and add to your Google Drive.

    Integrating 3rd Party Certification into your Career Pathways Live Event May 19, 2016 Watch a recording

    Integrating 3rd Party Certification into your Career PathwaysLearn how to use and integrate your local, state, and federal funding like Perkins, K-12 grants, and more to fund 3rd party certification in the classroom and how to leverage the program to build pathways, create professional development programs, and marketing opportunities outside of your institution. Adobe Education Leader Sean Glumace and Digital Media Arts Instructor and Adobe Campus Leader Angela Gomez-Holbrook discuss how they built a successful instruction model around the Adobe Certified Associate certification program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA that is now rolling out in other regions in California as a best integrated program practice.Panelists: Sean Glumace - K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Northern California/Adobe Education Leader Angela Gomez-Holbrook - Digital Media Arts Instructor & Adobe Campus Leader, Golden West College

    Career Pathway Alignment - How does this affect my school program? Live Event Aug 25, 2016 Watch a recording

    Career Pathway Alignment - How does this affect my school program? Please register.Event Location: https://seminars.adobeconnect.com/adobepd Career Pathway Alignment is becoming ever more important in education as we strive to better serve our students and prepare them for future jobs of impact in the creative economy. In this webinar, you will learn about how Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in the U.S. may soon be affected by the new WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) legislation. Using the U.S. and Federal WIOA legislation as a model, you will learn how this type of program may also influence the local system you are in to define Career Pathways in order to move toward a common vision for career pathways nationwide from K-12 all the way to industry.This webinar is the third in a series of three that Adobe Edu has run on the Education Exchange. You can view the previous recordings at here:Integrating 3rd Party Certification into your Career Pathways: https://certificationcareerpathways.attendease.com/Connecting the ICT-Digital Media Dots: https://ictcareerpathways.attendease.com/ Panelists: Angela Allison - K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Southern California Sean Glumace - K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Northern California/Adobe Education Leader Renah Wolzinger - Statewide Data Tools Technical Assistance Provider for California

    Connecting the ICT-Digital Media Dots - Creating Creative Career Pathways Between K-12, College, and Industry Live Event Apr 13, 2016 Watch a recording

    Connecting the ICT-Digital Media Dots Please register.Event Location: https://seminars.adobeconnect.com/adobepd Overview of Creating Creative Career Pathways Between K-12, College, and Industry The arts are making a comeback in education! The arts have been added to STEM to make STEAM, and industries are looking for not only degrees, but creativity in their workforce. So the question is, how do we connect creativity, K-12, colleges, and industry to build career pathways that matter? Join Adobe Education Leader Sean Glumace, CA Career Pathways TAP Angela Allison, and CA Data TAP Renah Wolzinger to get an overview of how Career Technical Education (CTE) programs like ICT-Digital Media, 3rd party credentialing, and multiprogram crossover/contextualization have been used in California to build creative pathways, and how you can too! Panelists: Angela Allison - K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Southern California Sean Glumace - K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Northern California/Adobe Education Leader Renah Wolzinger - Statewide Data Tools Technical Assistance Provider for California

    Linked Learning 2.0: Custom Career Pathways Discussion by Mike Skocko Feb 23, 2014 3.7k 2

    We—the students and I—have finally received the green light from the superintendent to formally roll out Linked Learning 2.0 in our district next year and he wants it scaled. Several teachers and admins have already asked to sit down and explore that possibility. Specifics are briefly summarized in this Google Doc. I've begun tweeting with the #LinkedLearning20 hashtag and am hoping the powers that be, @IrvineFdn, @linked_learning, @ConnectEdOrg, @CADeptEd, @TomTorlakson, @CaliforniaCTE, among others will get behind the concept. I'm not sure how it will work in other states but in California, the Local Control Funding Formula gives us the freedom to implement innovative programs, even at comprehensive public high schools like ours (with built-in accountability, of course). And for the record, we—the students and I—have been testing this program for the past few years. It's not really all that daring. To quote a recent tweet: Why should schools decide which pathway to offer? Allow students to construct custom pathways. So, I ask you: Why should schools decide which pathway to offer? Do we really know better? Please see this Google Doc for details. If you like the idea, tweet it to your followers using the #LinkedLearning20 hashtag and add your feedback—pro or con—below. Thanks! Inspire. Engage. Empower.

    Career Project Project by Amber Geldien Dec 5, 2014 Products Acrobat 1.7k 1

    This project is designed to engage students with a creative way of illustrating the following topics: Financial Planning Career Readiness Importance of Credit Rating How to avoid debt

    Behance Creative Career Manual Digital Asset by Adobe Education Feb 27, 2015 Products Behance 17k 14

    This PDF shares tips on how to use Behance to kickstart your creative career. For more information on Behance, complete our self-paced workshop here: Up and Running with Behance

    Passport Career Development Workshop. Curriculum by Richard Campbell May 16, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop Adobe Document Cloud
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    Welcome to Passport. This is a painless career development course dedicated to teaching research and writing skills to advance young careers. Through a unique course we’ve created a system that is simple for you to implement, that brings your students to a whole new level of accomplishment. Why does this work? Students struggle with information literacy skills they need to find employment because frankly, traditional information literacy library presentations bore them. Passport replaces the traditional pedagogical method with an exciting new approach that prepares them for the world of work, simultaneously taking them through information literacy training on their own terms. For younger students trying to fast track from secondary school to college, using information literacy to promote career discovery enhances critical skills, self-esteem, and the ability to create a personal game plan. The question is: how is the Passport system different from current practices? The major premise of this course is to present a career advancement model based upon self- actualization to be used with a unique hybrid environment to leverage information literacy skills of the students during their quest for employment. Passport includes its own physical course package, and career development text: Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career. The approach is based upon a number of well-known learning models, augmented by a powerful shot of unorthodox creativity. The process of self-evaluation and actualization is combined with structured training in information literacy to create an exciting new platform that you control. It might be said that the learning curve for this work is a creative modality not normally asked of academic instructors. This is a very unique hybrid process that relies upon a dedicated work flow designed to captivate young minds. The structure and materials that take students from an information literacy desert to the promised land are all custom created for you. The transaction that takes place between student and instructor appears simple and easy to navigate, the underlying work behind this workshop is an out of the box eye opener for educators who want to bring students with learning challenges into the primary stages of career development. The end result is to assist students in finding employment, but this program also distinguishes itself by focusing upon methods of personal development within a creative modality that carefully plot out a realistic progression for entering the workplace. For young students this means they imagine themselves in the real working world and discover their hidden talents. This is a truly hybrid program that spreads the learning process out among participants, utilizing powerful communication tools. Librarians and teachers share a process in this workshop with career development staff to create a whole new methodology that students recognize as innovative and creative. In short Passport is not a traditional workshop, but a new pathway for your students to accelerate their learning curve to find valued first time employment positions. Interested? Take a look at the book outline to get a feeling for the program, and let us know what your think.

    Peace Day Philly Public Awareness Campaign Project by Frank Baseman Sep 15, 2012 Products Illustrator 1.8k 0

    Creative Team: Carly DiBona, Thomas Donkin, Megan Galllagher, Chris Hartzell, Samantha Mola, Michael Saldutti, Natalie Vespe The “Peace Day Philly” project was a large-scale interdisciplinary project with seven students from four different majors (Graphic Design Communication, Interactive Design and Media, Animation, and Professional Commu­nication) working together as a team to brand and promote September 21 as the International Day of Peace locally—in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love—and globally. This complex project had several deliverables, including Brand Identity and Logo; Business Stationery; Website; and Integrated Public Awareness Campaign including print (bus shelter and small scale posters) as well as motion in the form of PSAs (Public Service Announcements).

    Educator's Guide to the AYV Career Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Photoshop Elements
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    This Guide is for Educators to use in tandem with the AYV Career Toolkit. The Career Toolkit is a resource youth may use independently or with the guidance of an educator. The kit provides support, strategies, and activities for youth who are contemplating their career options and preparing for future opportunities.

    Using Adobe Software in Career and Technology Education Classes    Presentation by Debbie Keller Jul 27, 2011 728 2

    Presenter: Debra Keller, Warren High School (San Antonio, Texas) Learn how to use Adobe software to teach industry skills and professional workflows. Find out why Adobe tools are ideal for use in career and technology education courses such as Animation, Multimedia, and Web Technologies. - Get project ideas and teaching strategies that can easily be adapted for your own classroom - View samples of student work

    Digital Publishing Suite in Career and Technical Education    Presentation by Dan Armstrong Jul 27, 2011 Products Digital Publishing Solution InDesign 1.4k 1

    Presenter: Dan Armstrong, Lake City High School (Idaho) Learn about Adobe solutions for digital publishing in career and technical education. This workshop will focus specifically on the process of taking your Adobe InDesign® file and making it available on the iPad. The process includes: - Using new tools in InDesign to create multiple state objects - Using the Viewer Builder for making the app for multiple issues - Using the Bundler to create .folio files - Using the Overlay tool to create an interactive experience

    Anyone using "flipped" lessons or "flip teaching" in technology/design disciplines? Discussion by Rebecca Kirrane Sep 24, 2013 Products Prelude Audition Adobe Premiere Pro
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    The "flipped classroom" is a very popular trend in education at the moment. More and more teachers are using online video/multimedia content as a prerequisite for lessons, allowing class time to be opened up for more constructivist engagement. This type of approach seems particularly well suited to technology/design disciplines which require both hard skills (hardware, software etc.) and soft skills (critical awareness, collaboration, teamwork etc.). I am currently researching this area and was just wondering if anyone is actually currently using this approach in their tech/design classroom, as I am?