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    Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Web Link by Jim Carleton Jul 28, 2010 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    Adobe Youth Voices is a great in depth program that takes educators and students through the process of creating multi-media with purpose. Adobe has now launched Adobe Youth Voices Essentials which makes many of the resources that are available to Youth Voices participants available to all.

    Adobe TV: Adobe Youth Voices Web Link by Adobe Education Sep 23, 2010 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Story Encore
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    Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation's signature philanthropy initiative empowering young people to Create with Purpose. Youth use digital tools to express themselves about issues important to them.

    Adobe Youth Voices Guide Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Adobe Spark
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    The AYV Guide is intended to both orient and support educators who are planning and implementing creative media projects with young people. The Guide presents a vibrant road map for the learning experience and provides educators with planning tools, examples, and tips for launching and sustaining effective youth media programs. It encourages educators to develop their own approach, with inspiration from an array of instructional materials, embedded video tutorials, and sample youth works from around the globe. The practical ideas shared in this Guide, together with the teaching and learning resources from some of the best thinkers and artists in the field, will, we believe, prove to be an invaluable resource to educators working with young media artists.

    Adobe Youth Voices Discussion by Brian O'Dell Sep 30, 2015 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
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    I came across this while I was looking for student contests to submit my class work into. Does anyone know if they will be doing the Adobe Youth Voices Contest for High School Students this year? I'm looking at the areas of Film, Graphic Design, Animation and Photography. Also are their any other contests that you are aware of? I know of the Art Institutes 2D3D Contests as well as Scholastic art and Writing Contest. Thanks

    Adobe Youth Voices Career Toolkit Digital Asset by Adobe Youth Voices Sep 10, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Photoshop Elements
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    This toolkit will give youth strategies and tips on preparing for the future and making choices that are right for them. The resources in this toolkit were developed expressly to help youth find their own creative path.

    Adobe Youth Voices Member Trendsetter Joined Jun 3, 2014 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    Increasing creativity, preparing young people to be the problem solvers, critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

    Learn Adobe Spark Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 2.5k

    Adobe Spark empowers anyone to turn ideas into social graphics, web stories, and animated videos in minutes. This brief professional development workshop will get you started right away.

    Crossover between Adobe Education and Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Discussion by Jeff Larson Jun 19, 2013 2.2k 1

    As part of some summer work I'm doing, I am looking at the Adobe Education Exchange and the Adobe Youth Voices Essentials sites. I am looking at points of intersection, overlap, and application mostly for the secondary education level, but definitely how it also connects to advanced level skills and work. What I'm wondering, if you have a moment, and any thoughts, is how many of you use both and/or are familiar with AYV curriculum. I know many of you have expressed interest in AYV, but because of grant conditions, are unable to participate in AYV proper (but now Aspire is open to all), but do you make use of any of the curriculum? If so, what do you use and why? And if not, perhaps thoughts on why you haven't? If you haven't looked at Essentials in awhile you might go back and revisit, because as of last summer all the curriculum is available to anyone who has signed up on the site. As a member of Adobe Ed Exchange, what keeps you coming back to the site? What does it offer you that you can't find elsewhere? Are there things you would like to see more of on either site? As an educator I find both sites to be extremely valuable for different aspects of teaching digital media and career technical education, and am hoping to hear your thoughts?

    Up & Running on the Adobe Education Exchange Workshop Oct 13, 2016 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Document Cloud 6.4k

    Learn how to make the most of the Adobe Education Exchange in this workshop. Explore the many opportunities to learn, teach, discuss, connect, and share and find the best way to engage with this community dedicated to creative teaching.

    Stand Out with Adobe Slate Workshop Nov 18, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 15k

    Get up and running with Adobe Slate, the simplest, most fun way to turn anything you want to communicate into a beautiful visual story that truly stands out.

    Up and Running with Adobe Illustrator CC Workshop Jun 27, 2016 Products Illustrator 18k

    Bring the industry-leading design tool into your teaching practice. Learn the essentials of Adobe Illustrator CC and begin to understand the fundamentals of graphic design and its application to your teaching practice.

    Adobe Youth Voices Trainer Guide & Training Modules Curriculum by Adobe Youth Voices Jan 28, 2016 Products Photoshop Elements Adobe Premiere Elements 162 0

    Drawing upon best practices in the youth media field, positive youth development principles, and the fundamentals of project based learning, the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) training advances an educator-facilitated approach to youth media making that promotes social change. Adobe Youth Voices, was a ten year, philanthropic effort of the Adobe Foundation to increase creativity in education. The primary activity of the initiative was professional development for educators in both formal and informal settings to guide them in facilitating creative media-making experiences for young people. Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) Adobe’s lead program partner for the initiative, developed this collection of training materials and resources to unify the program. This collection is now freely available and schools and community based organizations can use these materials to train and support educators interested in engaging young people in youth media making. The collection includes a Trainer Guide and four Training Modules. Each Training Module includes a training script with detailed instructions on how to facilitate training activities and prompts for discussion, presentation slides that correspond to activities detailed in the script, and a collection of handouts for use during the training as well as in instruction. The Create with Purpose Vimeo Channel hosts a collection of media referenced throughout the training.

    Up and Running with Adobe eSign Workshop Aug 19, 2015 Products Adobe Sign 2.7k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe eSign and begin using electronic signatures for common types of school paperwork.

    Up and Running with Adobe Spark Post Workshop Aug 3, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 233

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Spark Post to begin creating and sharing stunning social graphics for all types of uses in your classroom and teaching.

    Up and Running with Adobe Animate CC Workshop Jun 17, 2016 Products Animate 902

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Animate CC to create a range of animated and interactive media for engaged learning.

    Up and Running with Adobe Captivate Workshop Aug 20, 2015 Products Adobe Captivate 6.1k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Captivate and begin to easily create interactive multimedia for use on any device.

    Adobe Youth Voices Teacher Training Centers - Krause Center for Innovation and BAVC (S.F. Bay Area) Web Link by NICOLE DALESIO Sep 3, 2010 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    Here are two of my very favorite places! Adobe invests in teacher education by providing free classes for teachers at both of these schools. Better than a trip to an exotic location, I have spent many of my teacher vacation days during the last two years taking these classes. ( I even went on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve one year.) I've loved every minute, and besides learning all the Adobe software, my general technology skills improved dramatically. It would be an understatement to say that it was a life-changing experience. It was during these classes that I learned valuable skills (and created some of the material) that has enabled me to make my Photoshop tutorials. Although the classes are actually intended for middle school and high school teachers, elementary school teachers are also accepted if classes don't fill up right away. (With persistence, I've gotten in every time!) The Krause Center for Innovation, at Foothill College in Los Altos, California, is a top-notch facility that is warm and inviting to all educators. The classes are bigger, but is run by former K-12 teachers who truly understand what goes on in the "trenches." They did a great job on teaching the software while also emphasizing pedagogy. My favorite classes there were Photoshop and Flash, and were worth taking again and again. KCI also hosts the "MERIT Program," which pays teachers to work over the summer to create curriculum around technology. Previous themes included Photoshop, this year video was emphasized. This is also an incredible program and a terrific way to network with like-minded technology teachers. Preference goes to math/science teachers in middle and high school, but there were plenty of exceptions. BAVC, the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, is a private school where there are small classes, and customized Adobe courses just for teachers. The facilities and instructors are absolutely excellent. They do a great job of teaching all the Adobe software, but my favorite was the video production classes and Premiere. Normally the tuition there is very expensive, but for teachers, Adobe foots the bill. (Sweet deal!) At all of these classes, I met some really terrific teachers who think something like me. (Kind of like the Adobe Education Exchange) I think (not sure) the classes at these locations are only for teachers in California, but they have classes like this in Washington state as well. (I do remember though, that teachers came from all over the state to take them!) No matter what your level, they are well worth it.

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    Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation to be lifelong creators.

    Up and Running with Adobe Presenter Workshop Aug 20, 2015 Products Presenter 4.7k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Presenter and begin to create instructional videos for a flipped classroom model.

    Getting Started with Adobe in the Classroom Course Nov 17, 2017 - Dec 31, 2018 In Progress Products Adobe Creative Cloud

    How can you inspire creativity in your digital classroom? In this course, understand the research, get projects in hand and leave with a toolbox full of resources you can use right away.

    Up and Running with Adobe After Effects CC Workshop Aug 18, 2016 Products After Effects 613

    Take your videos to the next level with engaging motion graphics and cinematic visual effects. With After Effects, you and your students will discover bold new ways to put ideas into motion.