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    Adobe Voice Story Telling Project by Judy Durkin Feb 13, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 2.9k 4

    Every student has a cell phone or tablet, right? Well, then they can do this assignment! Adobe Voice is slick, easy, fast, and fun! The results are terrific. Have your students tell a story using selected images by MC Escher, mostly his Castrovalva, shown here. Sample Voice made from the assignment: https://voice.adobe.com/a/JVG0L/ Attached is Three page document, Sheet of Cropped Views (PDF): MC Escher's Castrovalva. 10 images created from Castrovalva- re-framed, enlarged, and/or cropped showing file names and ideas for story themes. Three other Escher images to use. Assignment sheet with tips and instructions (PDF format AND InDesign .IDML format so that you can customize to your needs)Rubric (page 2 of the Assignment sheet)Teacher Notes (PDF format)13 images (PNG format) in a .zip file to be used in the assignment Let me know how it goes in your classroom. I did it with Grade 6 students with terrific success.

    Adobe Voice - Logo Design Process Lesson Plan by Maureen Clark Nov 30, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 6.4k 9

    Students used Adobe Voice to explain the design process and development of their logo idea for the 80th year celebration of Marketing Education. This sample is based on graphic design, however any subject could use these Adobe Voice examples in their classroom. When looking for resources on how I could incorporate Adobe Voice into my lessons, I had a hard time find examples that really applied to my classroom. So this lesson is not on how to design a logo, but more on how I applied using Adobe Voice to the student's project. My students narrowed down the 16+ rough sketches for the logo to three ideas that they wanted to explore further. The students developed those 3 ideas into 3 final products which were then emailed to the client. The client went through all the logos and picked one logo from each student that would be presented to the client "live" in the classroom at a later date. I still want to hear about the other 2 ideas that the students had developed. This is where Adobe Voice played an important role. The students used it as a presentation tool to show me their thought process/design development of the 2 non-selected logos. It was great to see what they were thinking while creating the logo and that they had a quick way to accomplish that task.

    Adobe Voice Syllabus Discussion by Jeffrey Jorge Apr 4, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 756 3

    Hello Everyone, I would like to create a syllabus for Adobe Voice to include the following: Introduction to Adobe Voice InterfaceStructuring your class for collaborationBasics of StoryboardingBasics of Scriptwriting3-5 Project Ideas (preferably with examples of student work) If you can reply to this thread with resources, I will aggregate them into a syllabus and share it with you all.

    Teacher Account for Adobe Voice Discussion by Juan Fernandez Feb 8, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 611 2

    Hello I am a librarian and I teach 800 students. Can my students use my Adobe account to log on to logon and use Adobe Voice? I have about 30 students per class. Does anyone know. Thanks!

    How are you using Adobe voice? Discussion by John Cowell Feb 12, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 664 5

    Hi everybody, I am new to the Adobe Education Exchange and wondered how people were using Adobe voice in the classroom?

    Giving Students a Voice: How to create storytellers using Adobe Voice. Lesson Plan by Albert Thomas Dec 9, 2014 Products Adobe Spark 6.3k 4

    This session is designed to be introduction to the Adobe Voice. The learning objective will be to explore ideas and ways to use Adobe Voice to as a creative tool for presenting ideas and provide engaging ways to introduce new concepts. At the end of the professional development, participants will be able to apply basic functionalities to successfully navigate the Adobe Voice App. and will create a foundation to their first lesson for students through Adobe Voice. The participants should be able to identify and apply the basic operations of the app. and produce an intro presentation to share with others.

    Learn Adobe Spark Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 2.5k

    Adobe Spark empowers anyone to turn ideas into social graphics, web stories, and animated videos in minutes. This brief professional development workshop will get you started right away.

    Ride the Digital Storytelling Wave with Adobe Voice Presentation by Rachelle Wooten Feb 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 556 3

    My colleague Tracy and I designed this presentation for our summer digital learning conference (hence theme Ride the Wave). It is a presentation that showcases a variety of lesson ideas for using Adobe Voice. Each lesson idea comes complete with a sample, project lesson plan, and a student planning sheet/page.

    An AET's Adobe Voice Topic Tip Discussion by Gareth Harle Mar 18, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 301 0

    Here's a tip for our friends across the pond. Given your current election fever how about using Adobe Voice with students to create a promotional video (I think you call them TV Spots) for a made up political party or candidate. They can have so much fun recording their views and campaign promises in words and pictures. It's so quick and easy to get great results and it's a great politics lesson starter. The YouTube channel Focus Apps has a quick tutorial to help you get going with voice... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJxayb958oI

    People Who Made a Difference - Adobe Voice Project Project by Rachelle Wooten Feb 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 1.8k 6

    This project was designed to help students learn about the various contributions of African Americans. Students' finished projects were broadcast on the school announcements during February (Black History Month). Students used Adobe Voice to publish their final projects. We had students work in pairs but it could easily be done independently. It took about 6 days to complete this project and most of the days were on researching the person they would feature for their story.

    Stand Out with Adobe Slate Workshop Nov 18, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 15k

    Get up and running with Adobe Slate, the simplest, most fun way to turn anything you want to communicate into a beautiful visual story that truly stands out.

    Adobe Voice for the classroom and your teaching practice Technical Tutorial by Rebecca Stewart Nov 3, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 4.6k 6

    This is a training video for any educator, teacher or lecturer who wants to incorporate this pretty awesome free app into their classroom and teaching, This video in an in-depth tutorial on how to set up voice, what makes a good presentation and when and where it can be used in the teaching room. Students will love this to create stories, educators are using it to introduce an ideas and its a brilliant tool to use for pitching. Whats even better, is its free.

    Up & Running on the Adobe Education Exchange Workshop Oct 13, 2016 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Document Cloud 6.4k

    Learn how to make the most of the Adobe Education Exchange in this workshop. Explore the many opportunities to learn, teach, discuss, connect, and share and find the best way to engage with this community dedicated to creative teaching.

    Up and Running with Adobe Illustrator CC Workshop Jun 27, 2016 Products Illustrator 18k

    Bring the industry-leading design tool into your teaching practice. Learn the essentials of Adobe Illustrator CC and begin to understand the fundamentals of graphic design and its application to your teaching practice.

    Up and Running with Adobe eSign Workshop Aug 19, 2015 Products Adobe Sign 2.7k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe eSign and begin using electronic signatures for common types of school paperwork.

    Use Adobe Voice For School Presentation by Donna Dolan Jun 13, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 1.1k 2

    Using Adobe Voice is so simple. Show this quick video to inspire other "Voice Newbies" to show their stories!

    Up and Running with Adobe Spark Post Workshop Aug 3, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 233

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Spark Post to begin creating and sharing stunning social graphics for all types of uses in your classroom and teaching.

    Up and Running with Adobe Animate CC Workshop Jun 17, 2016 Products Animate 902

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Animate CC to create a range of animated and interactive media for engaged learning.

    Up and Running with Adobe Captivate Workshop Aug 20, 2015 Products Adobe Captivate 6.1k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Captivate and begin to easily create interactive multimedia for use on any device.