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    reyesallenhermosura@angelicum.edu.ph Contra reyesallenhermosura@yahoo.com.ph YahooPhils:website:www.yahoo.com.ph-GoogleSearch ACCEPT#7323725loc127/T#9223246ACQC

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    Communications strategist and Teacher serving brands, companies, and institutions from the capitol of Europe. Try my new video marketing toolkit.

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    Theologian, registered nurse, first aid provider, EMT. Passion for communication, teaching, cardiology, first aid, music. Mom of two wonderful boys.

    ASCJ 200 Syllabus and Teaching Resources Curriculum by Adobe Education Mar 5, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Illustrator
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    Courtney Miller, Director for Digital Innovation at USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism (ASCJ), shares this syllabus for an innovative Communications course. Students create a variety of digital projects and learn creativity, critical thinking and storytelling skills.

    Courtney Miller: Infographic Project Project by Adobe Education Mar 5, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Illustrator 76 0

    This project is part of an innovative course designed by Courtney Miller of the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism. Students begin by identifying topics, and then spend two weeks researching. The details below are provided as guidance to students as they begin work on their infographics.

    Theresa James Member Member Joined Mar 1, 2017

    PhD, 1997, Tulane University MA, 1993, Tulane University BA, 1985, Spring Hill College Live now in Highlands Co. Florida and teach at South Florida State Coll.

    Martin Mckenna Member Member Joined Feb 27, 2017

    K-12 educator working in Hong Kong private schools for the past 10 years. Tech enthusiast specializing in social sciences with a passion for social justice.

    PD: Creativity and Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark Technical Tutorial by Ben Forta Feb 26, 2017 Products Adobe Spark 3.5k 6

    Students (and their teachers) love Adobe Spark and its ability to create beautiful videos, web stories, and graphics. The apps are fun, engaging, and actively encourage creative expression. Adobe Spark is incredibly easy to learn, so formal instruction and training is rarely needed. What educators do ask for, however, is guidance on how Spark can, and should, be used in the classroom. Over the past couple of years, Adobe educators have been conducting in-school and online professional development focused on creativity, digital storytelling, and the role that Adobe Spark plays in supporting the same. This kit is the culmination of these efforts. It contains everything you need to host your own productive and informative in-school PD session. The kit contains everything you need to host a successful Professional Development session on Creativity and Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark: Instructor notesSlidesParticipant guideEducation guideEvent invitationDetails on how to get Spark branded handouts The Adobe Spark team plans to update the kit regularly, so any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Mark Mathias Member Member Joined Feb 17, 2017

    I have been teaching for over 30 years. Started off in Elementary Ed and finished my professional career as a Full Professor. I work for Utah State University