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    Mark Matuszewski Member Participant Joined May 24, 2017 Products Photoshop

    I am a masters graduate from Davenport University where I am also a supplemental instructor and professional tutor. I also teach courses at Dorsey School.

    Making Marble Rollers and Rollercoasters Curriculum by James Colbert May 24, 2017 Products Adobe Spark 0 2

    This was a presentation I gave to a group of teachers at a professional development conducted at my school. It includes information on the task, as well as links to assessment and curriculum planning.

    James Colbert Member Participant Joined May 24, 2017 Products Photoshop Adobe Spark

    Teacher at The Geelong College in Australia. Currently teaching Year 5. I've been teaching for 15 years. It's a life-long passion!

    Cynthia Osterhus Member Member Joined May 23, 2017 Products Acrobat

    I have been teaching in a variety of contexts for the past 43 years; online the past decade. Ph.D. Mathematics Curriculum; Research and Technology expertise.

    Ron Shaffer Member Member Joined May 23, 2017 Products Photoshop Photoshop Lightroom

    BA, MA, PH.D

    Dianne Holmes Member Member Joined May 23, 2017

    Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, STEM Ambassador

    Walt Justice Member Member Joined May 23, 2017 Products Acrobat Dreamweaver

    I am the instructional designer for the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University.

    Creating Stories with Adobe Spark - Series Web Link by Claudio Zavala May 22, 2017 Products Adobe Spark 0 0

    This is a three part series I wrote on Adobe Spark. Part 1 - Adobe Spark VideoPart 2- Adobe Spark PagePart 3 - Adobe Spark Post The purpose of this series was to help teachers utilize Adobe Spark in their classroom for their students and themselves.

    Janet Epley Member Member Joined May 18, 2017 Products Acrobat Flash Player

    Courtney Stallmann Member Member Joined May 18, 2017

    K-12 Reading, ESL, Google Certified

    Htet Aung Member Member Joined May 18, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop After Effects

    I have over 4 years experiences about Graphic Design field.

    Earth-science animations Web Link by Jenda Johnson May 16, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop Flash Player
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    Simple-concept animations clarify Earth processes, with a focus on Earthquakes and Seismology. Available here: http://www.iris.edu/hq/inclass/search#type=1

    Heather Cortez Member Member Joined May 15, 2017 Products Adobe Captivate Presenter Adobe Connect

    I'm pretty amazing!

    Brad Miller Member Member Joined May 14, 2017 Products Photoshop Illustrator

    Graduate from U of M Ann Arbor with a B.S. in Biology. Graphics hobby resulted in freelance work and career switch to Graphic Design.

    Illustrator Charts for Research Posters Technical Tutorial by Mel Wolverson May 12, 2017 Products Illustrator 13 0

    Creating Bar Charts https://youtu.be/IDtMFFS39ng Creating Pie Charts https://youtu.be/BDDZiBKHe94 I originally created these tutorials for our students and professors. They create large format research posters for demonstrations and events. They were making posters in PowerPoint and saving them at low quality, giving them pixelated and hard to read prints. I made a tutorial for increasing resolution in PowerPoint as well, but that really only works in PPT 2016. Illustrator is a better option, since it uses vector art. I hope this can help others as well.

    Dancing Raisins Presentation by L Wolf May 8, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro 6 0

    My lesson plan and video walks a teacher and audience through the Dancing Raisins demonstration to facilitate critical thinking with respect to density. The intent is for the teacher and students to have their own version happening at their desk or table for minute by minute observation and data recording.

    Anne Kamper Member Participant Joined May 8, 2017 Products Flash Player Adobe Spark

    13 years in public education as CTE teacher, turned MS science teacher, turned tech coach.

    Michael Kennedy Member Member Joined May 6, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Muse

    Beginner, interested in learning Adobe Dreamweaver and building websites for personal use

    Scottz Lip Member Participant Joined May 6, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver