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    del hendrixson Member Contributor Joined Oct 21, 2016 Products Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

    After my release in 1983 from prison I vowed to educate others to be productive persons and not go to prison or live a wasted life.

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    I will keep in mind this experience to assure me the momentum of moving forward in the site of success. The thought of having my “Cake by the Ocean” is awesome

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    Work as Spanish & French teacher in LA city. Spend almost all my time in my mail box sending and receiving emails.

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    Find all time good movies to watch. Explore best movies by year and genre. Follow direct links to watch top films online

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    Comparing Culture with Hofstede Lesson Plan by Eric Hawkinson Oct 11, 2016 Products Presenter 0 0

    In this lesson we will attempt to compare culture. This is no easy task! Culture as a concept is so dynamic and full of nuance that it might be impossible to quantify to any accuracy. Let us try to use Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions in a comparison of Japanese and American culture. As you watch think about how your countries culture would be compared. Eric Hawkinson explains.

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    Retired after 30 years on the local fire department, then retired with 10.5 years in the school system. Have an associate degree in the arts for para in educati

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    Born 1992, recently found creative cloud and am using it to further the influence and productiveness of my church.

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    Actor/DirectorFilmmaker VFX FitnessModel(no supp) MartialArtist Dancer Artist Tattooist ♎23/9 No Addictions✌ Mysterious20 salvierdmello

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    I am an artist ranging from but not limited too; spoken word poetry, DeeJaying, MC, photographer, beat-maker and audio engineer.

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