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    Harnessing Mobile Learning for Creativity Workshop Aug 23, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 921

    Harness the power of mobile learning and take your students’ creativity to the next level with Adobe Spark apps. In this workshop you’ll explore how social media and mobile learning can create personalized learning experiences that foster creativity.

    Teach Visual Literacy: Interactive Diagrams Workshop Aug 19, 2016 Products Animate CC 346

    Immerse yourself in interactive diagrams and level up your skillset as you learn how to add interactive elements to your science diagrams with Adobe Animate CC.

    Up and Running with Adobe Spark Post Workshop Aug 3, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 233

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Spark Post to begin creating and sharing stunning social graphics for all types of uses in your classroom and teaching.

    Design a stunning web page in minutes Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 456

    Making a web page for your class or club is easier than ever with Adobe Spark Page. Learn how to create a beautiful and functional web page quickly and easily.

    Learn Adobe Acrobat DC Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Acrobat 724

    Learn the basics and get started with Acrobat in a flash.

    Learn Adobe Spark Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 2.5k

    Adobe Spark empowers anyone to turn ideas into social graphics, web stories, and animated videos in minutes. This brief professional development workshop will get you started right away.

    Create a website without writing code Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Muse 1.4k

    Looking to make a website, but not ready to learn to code? Adobe Muse provides the answer. Learn how to create your first website with Muse in this brief workshop.

    Up and Running with Adobe Animate CC Workshop Jun 17, 2016 Products Animate CC 902

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Animate CC to create a range of animated and interactive media for engaged learning.

    Up & Running on the Adobe Education Exchange Workshop Oct 13, 2016 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Document Cloud 6.4k

    Learn how to make the most of the Adobe Education Exchange in this workshop. Explore the many opportunities to learn, teach, discuss, connect, and share and find the best way to engage with this community dedicated to creative teaching.

    Create a Digital Portfolio Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Acrobat Muse Dreamweaver

    Design and build your own professional teaching portfolio using Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat DC.

    From STEM to STEAM: Careers in STEAM Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Muse 2.9k

    Open up your classroom to the world of STEAM careers and create a website using Adobe Muse to display your students’ learning.

    Digital Media & Learning: Video Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Adobe Premiere Pro 3.7k

    Learn the skills you need to create compelling and engaging videos that will get students curious to learn more. Teach your students to make their own videos on topics they care about.

    Flash / Animate Exchange Group 56 Members Owner Adobe Education Products Adobe Scout Flash Player Adobe Media Server

    Flash Exchange is a group for discussion and resource sharing around Animate CC and the Adobe Flash Platform with a focus on education and educators. All Flash-related content and interest is welcome: Animate CC, Flash Player, AIR, HTML5 Canvas and WebGL, animation, creative tooling, Adobe Connect, Adobe Media Server, ActionScript, JavaScript, Flex, Starling, Feathers, Away3D, mobile development, apps, games, video streaming, et cetera...

    Hosting a Behance Portfolio Review Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Behance 2.0k

    Learn how to host or attend a Behance Portfolio Review, a series of volunteer-organized events with a goal of bringing together creative professionals, in your local community.

    Stand Out with Adobe Slate Workshop Nov 18, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 15k

    Get up and running with Adobe Slate, the simplest, most fun way to turn anything you want to communicate into a beautiful visual story that truly stands out.

    Take a Creative Stand Against Bullying Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Photoshop Behance 5.1k

    Help your students use creativity to take a stand against bullying. Learn how to create and submit artwork for The Bully Project Mural.

    Create and share digital portfolios Workshop Nov 28, 2016 Products Behance 8.8k

    Behance is an online platform built to help creatives showcase and discover the world’s best work. Learn how easy it can be to create and share digital portfolios in your classroom and beyond with this brief online workshop.

    Telling the Story of Your Institution: The Basics Workshop Jul 31, 2015 Products Acrobat InDesign 5.8k

    Explore best practices for telling your institution’s story. This self-paced workshop is the first in a series designed to empower you to use digital media to showcase your school, your classroom, and your impact.

    Up and Running with Flash Professional Workshop Jun 14, 2016 Products Animate CC 4.7k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Animate CC to create a range of animated and interactive media for engaged learning.

    Up and Running with Adobe Presenter Workshop Aug 20, 2015 Products Presenter 3.7k

    Learn the essentials of Adobe Presenter and begin to create instructional videos for a flipped classroom model.