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    Adrienne Kelly Member Member Joined Feb 24, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Flash Player

    My experience using Adobe products includes the usage of InDesign, Photoshop, and Adobe Professional to create graphically beautiful websites, magazines, etc.

    Jeannie Wojciechowski Member Member Joined Feb 19, 2017 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements

    I am a Pet Sitter and I take tons of pics of my clients. I taught myself how to digitally paint their portraits, but want to learn how to do more.

    Sherri sullivan Member Participant Joined Feb 16, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Muse

    I'm fluent in about 15 different adobe software programs and have been using their software for about 13 years. I have clients throughout the us.

    Tonnines Elliott Member Member Joined Feb 16, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Audition

    Since I can remember I've always been a creative. I take pride in teaching and prepping creatives' with the education and tools they need to succeed.

    Sir Shafiq Member Participant Joined Feb 16, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Adobe Stock

    Shafiq-ur-Rehman (Sir Shafiq) Over 16 year of Experience of Trainings for Adobe Products (Graphic, Web & Production) Microsoft Office Application 2d Animations

    Tina Flohr Member Member Joined Feb 14, 2017 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements Photoshop Lightroom

    Professional photographer now working at a private school teaching middle school photography.

    lillian leicester Member Member Joined Feb 6, 2017 Products Adobe Capture CC Adobe Premiere Pro Edge Code

    we will give you some of the most entertaining moments in leicester

    Billy Gittens Member Member Joined Feb 2, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Dreamweaver Photoshop

    Yea bOi

    rahul soni Member Member Joined Feb 1, 2017 Products Photoshop Photoshop Mix Photoshop Fix

    ❤️Artist ❤️Desiginer ❤Photographer ❤️Pogrammer •Jaipurite •15yrs

    Ryan Jones Member Member Joined Jan 24, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    Pam Dailey Member Member Joined Jan 23, 2017 Products Photoshop Elements

    Lyndon Godsall Member Participant Joined Jan 23, 2017 Products Acrobat Dreamweaver Photoshop

    Logical minded Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.

    Hagen Heinrich Member Member Joined Jan 17, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit

    1949: geb. in Lübbenau (Brandenburg) - 1970: Abitur an der Schillerschule Hannover - 1973: Abschluss Lehrer-Studium 1973-2014: Lehrer IGS Roderbruch Hannover