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    Meaning of Peace Project by Christopher Rozitis Feb 27, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    In a face-to-face classroom, you can easily moderate a discussion on the Paris Massacres that occurred on Friday, November 13, 2015. The question is, how do you moderate an emotional (anger-filled, confusing, etc.) discussion topic, in an online class? Do you have a discussion within your online class or as a whole school? Russel Tarr (@russeltarr) says that “…feeling emotional does not mean that we need to stop thinking, or that it is somehow distasteful to reflect rationally on the atrocity that has happened.” Tarr has three lessons on the Paris Massacres ( https://goo.gl/rZq6AS). The lessons topics include: Seeing through the eyes of other people within France.See through the eyes of other countries who are suffering terror attacks.Seeing through the eyes of the terrorists themselves. Each of the topics has discussion points, web links, and suggested tasks. In an online school, I would suggest finding a couple of teachers (and or students) that would like to moderate an asynchronous online discussion on one or more of Tarr’s topics. At the online school, I am at, we had a whole school discussion through the eLibrary. All the school’s students have access to the eLibrary. Another idea for students to share their feelings is to create peace symbols for different cities or countries. The image to the right, by French visual artist, Jean Jullien ( http://jeanjullien.com/),is an example of self-expression to help himself and others process the Paris Massacres. These are the instructions that I gave to my online students In the aftermath of the Paris attacks (11-13-15), the "Peace for Paris" image by Jean Jullien ( https://goo.gl/K1Swne) went viral on social media. This symbol is specific to Paris even though its underlying meaning is that of wishing for peace around the world. I want to challenge you to explore... What peace mean to you? You can convey your thoughts in poetry, photography, graphics, art, dance, music, etc. You can simply type your thoughts, upload a picture you have taken or designed, add a link to a video you've created, etc. The possibilities are endless. Let's put a spotlight on peace.

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    STEAM Lessons Discussion by Elena Capablanca Feb 6, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock
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    Best practices when teaching a class that is STEAM certified. How can a teacher strengthen the STEAM program at the high school level and adhere to state and national standards that will also meet the STEAM requirements.

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