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    Melissa Cadena Member Member Joined Apr 29, 2017 Products Adobe Stock Photoshop Adobe Sign

    My name is Melissa and I am a mother of three beautiful boys. I love to write and educate other mothers or mothers to be on advice on babies, toddlers and kids.

    christopher power Member Member Joined Apr 24, 2017 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    Striving to make things better! Virtual Enterprise Coordinator, Adjunct Professor, Graphic Designer, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur -www.powerx5solutions.com

    Laura Mellon Member Member Joined Apr 20, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Acrobat

    Product marketer with a demonstrated history of developing brand voices in the technology companies.

    Westminster PT Academy Member Contributor Joined Apr 19, 2017 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Creative Cloud

    Ph.D. in Control in Social and Economics system / Applied Economics/ technical Science - Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Master Degree in Mathematics with H

    Michael Peter Curry Member Participant Joined Apr 8, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro

    He is an in implementer of innovative projects to accelerate learning in he film and television industries

    Aldian Hudaya Member Participant Joined Apr 2, 2017 Products Acrobat Premiere Clip Photoshop

    http://t.me/oichidan Undergraduate Student Sociology Education Department Indonesia University of Education Year 2015 Freelance teacher and enthusiast INTP

    Randi Van Der Sloot Member Member Joined Mar 21, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop

    I am a music educator and vocal director in Harrisburg, SD.

    George Vernon Member Member Joined Mar 20, 2017 Products Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud Dreamweaver

    Photo based designer who has been using adobe products since the early 90's.

    cathy taylor Member Participant Joined Mar 7, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Sign

    Community College administrator & educator with experience in corporate marketing and talent acquisition.

    Ciera Hall Member Participant Joined Feb 22, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop

    Educator & Entrepreneur from Tampa, FL. Florida A&M University Alumna. BS in Graphic Design. Owner and Operator of Dreamquarters Creative Studio.

    Dane Morgan Member Member Joined Jan 27, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Audition

    I am a full-time, freelance website developer. I build sites primarily with WordPress and I focus on direct response websites for entrepreneurs and small busine

    Ryan Jones Member Member Joined Jan 24, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    Steve Evans Member Member Joined Jan 3, 2017 Products Acrobat Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud