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    document on the making of Cosmic Abuse : Part 1. Project by jason washburn Mar 24, 2017 Products Story Portfolio 25 0

    This is a compilation of behind the scenes shots from the making of Cosmic Abuse part 1. The beginning was shot on Mt. Quandary Colorado making our way to the top and on the top. Other parts of this documentary are the discussion with the cast about the script. Out takes of certain scenes. Me giving a commentary while constructing the set at various stages of development. The model building or me giving directions to the cast while shooting. This is all very raw footage not very seamless but you get the feel of how it was made . Ending with comment on Israeli and Palestinian scene. Enjoy Jason S. Washburn

    candid commentary of making "Way Out There" Assessment by jason washburn Mar 21, 2017 Products Photoshop Story 9 0

    This is an emotional commentary on the work and effort in making this film. I owe apologies to some for the time it has taken to complete this projects. This has been a long project and many years have passed from when I started and the completion. I have gone thru some changes in life in the process and I do not think the same now as when I began this work. I need to thank all the people who helped me out in the making of this and want to acknowledge their support . Film making has taught me an important lesson in respect and treating others well and fairly, not that I always do this or have done so but over time it becomes clear how important it is in working with others. I have made no money shooting my films and do it simply because I really like to do so. Jason S. Washburn

    walk thru of movie set for "Way Out There" Presentation by jason washburn Mar 21, 2017 Products Story Photoshop Sketch 9 0

    This is a walk thru of the move set for "Way Out There" It show the set and talks about the different types of materials used- most of which were recycled. It is some commentary and talking about the plot. I shot this film overt twenty years ago and did not get around to finishing it but a few years ago. So you can see me when I was a lot younger . Here is some more to think about . I love to shot films and love to talk about shooting films. All the Best - Enjoy. Jason S. Washburn

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    My first couple of super 8 films . Presentation by jason washburn Mar 20, 2017 Products Story 8 0

    Here are two of my first Super 8 mm films shot with an old school friend in Boulder Colo. The First one is a visit to the old school and romping grounds we knew when we were kids. The second is our very first film ever. Called "Fallen Angel" it is about an Astronaut who has a dream. This were shot in Boulder Colo. and used some footage from Mike Mihalas' early days of shooting. We had friends do different parts and had lots of fun shooting and editing it. The film is jumpy on You Tube but you can get the gist of it. Enjoy. Jason S. Washburn