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    Elements of Art brainstorming activity sheet Digital Asset by Leigh Ann Hasley Sep 16, 2018 Products Photoshop InDesign 0 0

    Students will spend class time completing this brainstorming sheet with table partners so that they are aware of opportunities around our school that the elements of art might be captured and with specific light. Students will label the photograph with the type of element while using the text tool in photoshop.

    Creativity in Education with Adobe Presentation by Tim Kitchen Sep 12, 2018 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
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    This post features resources shared by Dr Tim Kitchen at a professional learning event at Nerang State High School on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.Stay informed about future Adobe in Education professional learning opportunities for teachers in Australasia via:


 If you haven't already, please join the Australasian Adobe Professional Learning Group on EdEx to stay in touch with Adobe in Education - 


Also, keep in touch with the APAC Adobe in Education active use program via Tim's online journal - https://timkitchen.net/ as well as the CreateEdu TV Channel on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/createedu

    Interdisciplinary team taught courses Discussion by Megan Jacobs Sep 3, 2018 Products Photoshop Illustrator 1 0

    I'd love to hear if other faculty members are teaching interdisciplinary team-taught courses that bridge the creative arts with another discipline. If so, please share your experiences and projects for students!

    Virtual Reality Discussion by Matt Hankinson Sep 2, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Spark Animate 5 1

    I'd be interested to hear great ways to engage elementary/primary students with their learning through the creation or use of virtual realities or augmented realities in the classroom.

    Learn how create Bleed in Photoshop Technical Tutorial by Marek Mularczyk Aug 31, 2018 Products Photoshop 1 0

    Photoshop doesn't offer a Bleed feature like InDesign does, when you're creating a document for print like a book cover or a magazine cover. However, there is a way to do it and in this video I'm showing you how you can quickly and easily create Bleed using Adobe Photoshop. https://youtu.be/YeWxZRjJoCM

    Parent Connect Promotional Video Presentation by Carl Strycharske Aug 16, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects Illustrator 2 0

    I was tasked with creating an engaging motion graphic video that directs middle school parents to an online resource about online safety. All assets were made from scratch and video was part of a larger parent facing campaign.

    Creating and Applying the Golden Spiral in Digital Media Project by marcia blanco Aug 15, 2018 Products Photoshop Illustrator 21 1

    This is an assignment that I haven't done for a couple of years, so you may need to adapt the instructions on making a custom shape in PS to the latest version of CC. This is a fun project. Yo teach my students about the Golden Proportion, I first show them the first 15 minutes of the incredibly outdated but still fun cartoon: "Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land." Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4E8CUmYmUM We talk about the golden proportion and where it can be found, I show them the above video. I then have them create their own golden spiral in Adobe Illustrator (which nobody ever gets perfect, but encourage them to do their best.) Then they copy it and paste it into Photoshop, make 8 versions of a custom shape with it (one version for each possible variation, all of them constrained) and have them apply it to various famous works of art. (Great Wave of Kanagawa is a good one. So is Van Gogh's Starry Night) Then I have them find other images to apply them to and some of their own work. We then have a discussion about what they've discovered. It's great for photography especially, since so much emphasis for beginners is the rule of thirds.

    Interactive Multimedia Career and Technical Lab Discussion by William Oesch Aug 13, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop
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    Hello. I wanted to share a link to my career and technical lab. It is an 11th and 12th grade program that specializes in graphic design, video productions, product development, 3D modeling/3D printing, beginning game design, web and app development, and animation. We will be sharing their work throughout the school year. It would be great if you could visit and like the page and follow us on Instagram. It is my hope that as our Facebook and Instagram grow, the students will be able to get feedback from one of the largest creative communities. Thank you. Interactive Multimedia Facebook here or CCCTCInteractiveMultimedia Interactive Multimedia Instagram here or search for interactive_multimedia_ccctc We will be starting a student Behance page soon. Thank You!

    Visual Story Telling Lesson Plan by Niranjan Meegammana Aug 2, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop After Effects
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    Visual storytelling is creating imotions through your voice. A Story is a Journey. "it is the journey, and not the destination that makes our story more meaningful." Objective.This lesson plan helps educators to engage learners in to peek into their own experiences to find a topic that they are concerned with and work through series of story telling concepts that are practiced by master story tellers , and finally able to describe and define story purpose, visual to empathize the audience to call for an action. Method1 day workshop - class room learning and field photographyActivities 1. Story telling concepts - Find your story2. Design Visual concept3. Create it ! Improve it!4. Share It and Obtain feedback

    Writing in the Humanities: Cultural Studies Zine Using Adobe InDesign (by Trisha Remetir) Project by Todd Taylor Aug 1, 2018 Products InDesign 2 0

    This learning module encourages students to translate what they've learned during the semester into publications intended for a popular, lay audience. They do so by learning the history and cultural significance of zines (powerful, subversive publications that were used to question social mores, cultivate communities for LGBTQ folks, People of Color, and other marginalized groups, and share knowledge in low-cost, accessible ways) and using the research methods they've learned during the class to produce a zine of their own. While students are individually researching their final topic projects, they spend the first two weeks of this unit learning about zine history, ethics, and design. The next two weeks are dedicated to workshops devoted to teaching the basics of Adobe InDesign CC. The primary goal and outcome of the project is to deepen their understanding of their final research project by producing an analytical work that resonates both inside and outside the classroom. Though this final project was originally executed in a class that focused on themes of migration and globalization, this capstone project and related modules may be tailored to any class with interdisciplinary themes. Given the rich history of zines, this project would work especially well for courses in gender studies, ethnic studies, feminist studies, or service- and activist-oriented classes. The end products of this unit are an 8-page zine produced in InDesign, along with a traditional response paper (optional). The primary learning outcomes for this assignment are: Learn how to speak about cultural objects (film, advertisements, paintings, short stories, buildings, places, programs) and analyze devices pertinent to each genre Produce a short "close reading" of a cultural object as it relates to our class topic of migration and globalization Explore alternative methods of publishing work through a pamphlet or a short zine Learn how to format instructional presentations on InDesign.

    Getting started with Adobe Lightroom CC Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Jan 22, 2018 Products Photoshop Lightroom 7.8k 17

    Adobe Lightroom CC is an all-in-one photo service that makes it easy to add, view, edit, and share photos from any device - at home, school, and beyond. When any photos are added or edited in Lightroom, all connected devices are automatically updated. In this activity, students will learn how to add images to the Lightroom library, the basics of how to edit, organize, and share, and how to use Lightroom CC images in Photoshop.

    Getting started with Adobe Dimension Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Jan 22, 2018 Products Photoshop Dimension 5.2k 9

    Adobe Dimension CC opens up the world the world of 3D design to all kinds of digital artists and designers by making it easy to create photorealistic 3D images. In this activity, students are introduced to the Dimension application, learn about 2D and 3D images, learn how to work with materials, lighting, and 3D models, and learn how to render and export projects.

    Creative Problem Solving in Schools Presentation by Adobe Education Jan 22, 2018 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Document Cloud 5.7k 5

    New Adobe global study reveals that creative problem-solving skills are central to success in the future workforce but are not adequately supported in today’s curricula. In researching Creative Problem Solving in Schools: Essential Skills Today’s Students Need for Jobs in Tomorrow’s Age of Automation, Adobe surveyed 1600 educators and 400 policymakers from the U.K., Japan, Germany and the U.S. and learned how the people shaping education and students’ experiences view creative problem solving as a critical skill. Overwhelmingly, 86 percent of global educators believe that students who excel at creative problem-solving will have higher-earning job opportunities in the future, and 85 percent agreed that these same skills are in high demand by today’s employers for senior level and higher paying careers. Additionally, three quarters of respondents predict that professions that require creative problem-solving skills are less likely to be impacted by automation. Yet despite this clear consensus, there is a huge disconnect with what is happening in the classroom today. 90 percent of educators believe we need to find better ways to integrate it into the curricula, and more than half of educators explain that they do not have the tools, training or knowledge to nurture creative problem solving in their students. Of the policymakers surveyed, 88 percent advocate for finding a way to reform the current curricula in their region to better nurture creative problem solving in schools. To learn more about the study, view the infographic and visit the research study microsite to learn how other educators are teaching these critical skills.

    Getting Started with Adobe in the Classroom Course Nov 17, 2017 - Dec 31, 2018 In Progress Products Adobe Creative Cloud

    How can you inspire creativity in your digital classroom? In this course, understand the research, get projects in hand and leave with a toolbox full of resources you can use right away.

    Introduction to UX & UI Design Lesson Plan by Adobe Education Oct 16, 2017 Products Adobe XD 32k 27

    User experience (UX) design is commonly defined as the process to design experiences and interactions with a digital or physical product that is useful, easy, and enjoyable. User interface design (UI) is commonly defined as the process of designing the visual look of the product and the functionality of the interaction. In this activity, students will be introduced to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, the role of designers, and the design process. To reinforce UX and UI design principles, students will assess and provide analysis on the design of an existing product.

    Graphic Design 1 Curriculum Curriculum by Adrianne Nix Sep 13, 2017 Products Photoshop Illustrator 5.0k 41

    In my Graphic Design 1 curriculum you will find all of the projects I assign students over the course of a semester at the high school that I teach at. You will also find the order in which I teach projects and techniques as students must build upon skills to work towards completing the semester.

    征悟 松下 Member Participant Joined Sep 12, 2016 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Adobe Spark

    Harnessing Mobile Learning for Creativity Workshop Aug 23, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 921

    Harness the power of mobile learning and take your students’ creativity to the next level with Adobe Spark apps. In this workshop you’ll explore how social media and mobile learning can create personalized learning experiences that foster creativity.

    Jazz Animation 2016 Project by Ashley Stroud Aug 23, 2016 Products Photoshop After Effects 18k 22

    Students animated the melody of a jazz song using imagery inspired by Paul Klee from hand drawn and painted surfaces, making shapes in Photoshop and animating in After Effects. The final animation was given to our school's jazz band, under the direction of Patrick Bowen, without any audio and then interpreted by the students into a new song. The piece was projected during one of their performances and they played their composition live.

    Digicorps: A 22-week Curriculum for Learning Illustrator Curriculum by Judy Durkin Aug 8, 2016 Products Illustrator 21k 31

    I ran this program during Spring semester 2016 with success. I will continue this year with a new batch of 3rd and 4th grade students. The children really got into it and were quite competitive. Students earn badges for each of 6 levels.There are 23 steps in all, each designed to be completed in a 55-minute session, making the program 22-23 weeks long. To see the program in progress, go to: http://digicorps.businesscatalyst.com/index.html Please feel free to download and revise anything so that it fits your program. I have included the Illustrator file for the badges so that you can customize them for your program. Included below are: Intro video (made with Adobe Spark).pdfs of every lesson step of the program - editable in Adobe Acrobat DC.ai file of the badges, easy to customize for your program.ai files of the pen-tool worksheets.ai (Illustrator) files of the badges so that you can customize the program for your class! Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

    Flipping the Elementary/Middle School Technology Classroom Discussion by Bertha Kirschten Feb 14, 2016 Products Audition Photoshop Adobe Spark
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    I am interested in flipping some of my elementary/middle school technology content. I teach business and computers in grades 1-12. I am considering flipping some of my content - in particular tutorials that teach students about the various tools and techniques in many Adobe applications. In our district, I know that all students have internet access at home, so it is plausible that the flipped learning model would work for certain types of instruction. There are so many high quality tutorials for learning that it would be a better investment of time to use these for students to watch and learn at home and then practice skills at school. Implementing the flipped classroom model would give students more hands on time learning and practicing the skills with guided help from me when needed. My questions to those of you who teach at the elementary level -- At what grade level have you used the flipped model? What types of materials do you use when flipping the elementary level -- video tutorials, handouts, etc?How do you ensure that students view materials at home?What advice/hints/tips do you a have for a flipping newbie?What Adobe products do you teach at the elementary level? At what grade do you start teaching Adobe products? Thanks for you input. I look forward to the discussion.

    Justifying Annual Cost of CC / Benefits to School Discussion by Karen Hellyer Feb 10, 2016 Products Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
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    Greetings! I'm finally getting our school to switch from our perpetual, 500-seat site license of CS6 Master Collection to CC. Our budget admin is weighing the pros and cons of continuing to provide access to all Adobe products for all students, staff and faculty, due to the increase in cost. Our Ed Tech director is trying to negotiate with Adobe Education about this, but communication has been spotty. We are a 1-to-1 laptop school with a Mac Lab for digital arts classes in electronic music production, video, photo, animation and publication arts. Without access to CC on their PCs, students in those classes are limited to working only during class time and after school. Additionally, other students do use Adobe products provided on their PCs for other classes. I'm wondering how your school does it. What's possible? Is it necessary for kids to use Photoshop, or is there a free product that students can use instead? (Yes, that's a question I was asked. How would you respond???) Thanks!