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    A House Member Member Joined Oct 27, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Photoshop Mix

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    Easy going person, so ambitious and dedicated on everything about Computer.

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    Visual Artist, Designer and Illustrator.

    Workbook: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC Project by Joseph Labrecque Oct 10, 2015 Products Muse Dreamweaver Color
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    This is the full-color PDF workbook from the Adobe MAX 2015 session: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC! It is a 90 minute lab project that takes students through the basics of using Flash Professional CC with a smattering of new (Flash Professional 15.1) features sprinkled throughout. Need to get up to speed on the tooling in Flash Professional CC for your client and creative work? Maybe you need to target the web, iOS and Android devices, HD video and print. Great news: Flash Professional CC has been enhanced to expand upon the traditional Flash runtime targets and reach the native web through HTML5 Canvas and WebGL (and more) to help all types of use cases for desktop, mobile and beyond. During this lab, you’ll learn: The new creative Flash Professional CC toolingHow that tooling fits in the workflow industry professionals have come to rely upon when creating assets and animation for television, games, the web and moreHow to generate assets in Flash Professional and reuse them across a variety of creative projects and platforms

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    Art and Graphic Design Teacher - High School

    Sharing mobile device content on your desktop Web Link by Mark DuBois Sep 30, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Illustrator Draw Premiere Clip
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    I use a number of Adobe mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices. I also use both a Mac and a number of Windows computers. I have put together a weblog post covering how I currently display the contents of these mobile devices (such as Adobe Comp CC or Adobe Voice) when presenting to students and others.

    A. Tilley Member Participant Joined Sep 25, 2015 Products Typekit Acrobat Illustrator Draw

    Passionate advocate leading youth through creative processes, abstract thinking / problem solving... while exploring & enjoying!

    QSITE Conference 2015 Resources from Dr Tim Kitchen    Presentation by Tim Kitchen Sep 20, 2015 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Creative Cloud
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    This post features slides and resources shared by Dr Tim Kitchen during his workshops and keynote presentation at the QSITE Conference in Townsville, Queensland 23rd & 24th September, 2015. Find out more about the Adobe in Education active use program in APAC via:Our Vimeo Channel - CreateEDU TV? https://vimeo.com/createedu and Tim's online journalhttp://timkitchen.net/

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    Adobe iPad Apps - Increase your creativity with Adobe iPad Apps Lesson Plan by Gary Crossey Sep 15, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Illustrator Draw Ink & Slide
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    The Adobe iPad Apps class is a showcase of the different Adobe Apps that are available. Due to recent changes in the Adobe App choices (Adobe Ideas dropped from the Creative Cloud). The Class includes what apps are available in the app store - rather than a focus on one of the apps. The workshop does not aim to teach the participants how to use the apps, the objective is to showcase the apps. And for the participants to have a better expectation of what each app function is (video, audio, presentation, drawing, planning etc.) Most people are slow to adapt using the iPad in any meaningful way. Most people want to know how they can improve their workflow - not make it more difficult by using inferior versions of apps they have on their desktop. This workshop objective is to help user know when they can use iPad apps to reach different goals. Visit the Class Resource page for sample of work created with Adobe iPad Apps that you can use in your class. The class feedback form is also included. CLASS RESOURCE PAGE: http://superduperteam.com/adobe-ipad-apps-improve-your-creativity/

    App Smashing with Adobe Mobile Apps Web Link by Shauna Kay Sep 15, 2015 Products Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Mix
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    I made this Adobe Voice presentation to introduce a creative way to use Adobe Mobile Apps with "App Smashing". App Smashing is a creative process that you can apply across the curriculum and all subject areas. It is the process of completing a challenge by choosing multiple creative tools or "Apps" to achieve the task. You create content in one app and extend it in others. It is relevant to most year levels as the App Smashing concept can be adjusted to reflect age appropriate content for your students and subject area. It incorporates many 21st century learning skills such as ; Self directed learningCreative collaborationDesign thinkingGrowth mindsetReflection and feedback

    Angel Gerena Member Participant Joined Sep 15, 2015 Products Typekit Acrobat Audition

    Hello, my name is Angel. I'm a photographer/muse web developer. I love what I do, thanks Adobe for providing me the tools essential to my success!

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    I love to paint with oils, photograph quiet moments, and throw on the potters wheel. I dabble in a little bit of everything and enjoy sharing my passion.

    Gustavo Adolfo Delance herrera Member Member Joined Sep 9, 2015 Products Acrobat Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud

    I am a 26 years old graphic designer, my passion is the great worl of illustrations and concept design. Music and landscapes are my muses.

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