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    Templates for creating fake Instagram posts and profiles Digital Asset by Megan Townes Oct 21, 2013 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 303k 73

    Want to use social media in the classroom but it's blocked? Never fear, use these templates to create Instagram profiles or photo uploads from famous people from history, fictional characters or today's celebrities, politicians and sports stars. These Instagram templates will allow you and your students to create a fake Instagram post and/or an Instagram profile. Editable components include the image(s), username, profile picture, post text, first comment, and number of photo uploads, followers and following. You will need to have the Roboto font installed on your computer if you would like the font to best reflect the font used by Instagram. I recommend downloading and loading this set of Instagram actions into Photoshop so you can apply Instagram-like filters to the photographs that you use in assembling a profile or photo. Credit to motheer-212. Check out this 'How to' on loading actions. Students will need to know how to insert images, move image layers, and edit text. What a great way to introduce them to these basic Photoshop concepts. Have fun!

    Aaron Roberts Member Trendsetter Joined May 10, 2013 Products Typekit Acrobat Muse

    I'm an Innovation Coach for Mason City Schools in Mason, Ohio. I'm a former art teacher who passionate about creativity and solving problems through design thin

    Kelly Kermode Member Trendsetter Joined Apr 28, 2011 Products Adobe Spark Dreamweaver Lightroom Classic

    Passionate creative. Teacher - English/ Yearbook/ Technology/ Design. Freelance designer. Potter. Reflector of all things philosophical and pedagogical.

    Judy Durkin Member Trendsetter Joined Sep 8, 2010 Products Typekit Acrobat Audition

    Freelanced 30+ years, taught in WA State for 10 yrs., Taiwan for 5 years, and now in Oregon.

    Ross Wallis Member Influencer Joined Jul 30, 2010 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Premiere Pro

    I am head of Creative Arts at a Quaker school in the UK - More information can be found on my web site - www.rosswallis.org

    Best Conference for a newbie Discussion by Randy Parazine May 5, 2017 Products Muse Adobe Creative Cloud Dreamweaver
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    I will be teaching Digital Design, Digital Photography, Web Design, etc next school year. 2017-2018. I've found tons of great information here to help me get started. I'm also looking for a decent conference to attend that would be beneficial. I found the Adobe Max conference in Las Vegas this October, but that's all I've been able to find so far. Has anyone been to this conference, and is it worthwhile for someone new? Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

    Rosie Sue Member Contributor Joined Jan 23, 2017 Products Adobe Spark Adobe Scan Photoshop Elements

    Rosie Sue is one of Adobe’s New Zealand-based Solution Consultants who works directly with organisations and schools, running workshops around the country.

    Victor Gonzalez Member Trendsetter Joined Dec 2, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Digital Editions

    • International Teacher • Movie Reviewer • MIE Expert • Adobe Edu Trainer • Cambridge University Press Author• Chair of the World Languages SIG • UOC Teacher

    Guardians of the Galaxy Poster - Photoshop Tutorial Technical Tutorial by Andrew On Yi Lai Aug 5, 2015 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 14k 29

    Hello all! Attached is a resource I use with my Year 7 and 8 ICT classes, also suitable for higher levels. The tutorial allows students to develop a range of Photoshop skills through remaking an existing Hollywood movie poster. I find that my students are particularly engaged with projects like this as they are familiar with the topic in this case "Guardians of the Galaxy". This tutorial is broken down into three key production phases including: background, images and text. It address skills like: deep etching, using the text tool, gradients, masking, free transform, groups, layering and blending modes. I also usually run a unit on design analysis before proceeding to practical tutorials. Students are also encouraged to create their own remakes or original posters after completing this tutorial. I have attached some student examples for your referral. This Photoshop tutorial is at an intermediate level and requires some basic knowledge of Photoshop and is suited for both Adobe CS6 and CC. The images used here are only for educational purposes and have been edited to the point where it no longer resembles the original image. Image assets are attached as a zipped file. I have developed a series of these tutorials over the year. I will be creating video tutorials for these projects as well in the near future. Would love to see you implement these into your own classes and would love to hear feedback on how it goes. Happy to create more if people find it useful! Enjoy! Andrew Lai

    Education and technology before kindergarten Discussion by jeremy galvan Jul 30, 2015 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Premiere Pro
    2.4k 2

    I am a life long learner. I will study till I grow old. With that said, I have two children under 4 who use iPad and learn computer motions quick. Should I let them run with it or limit their abilities?. As a computer programmer and database developer, I see a world where learning computer from birth is a possibility... i have read studies and conducted limited research on technology and kids as a learning tool ,,, where do you stand?,, what have you contributed to this area? Please endulge my curiosity as I try to give the next generations a tool to change the world for the better..

    Copyright Clearance Center video and downloads Web Link by Ms Lynn Cobbs Jul 15, 2015 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop
    5.0k 6

    This is a link to the Copyright Clearance Center video and podcast page. This site has downloadable videos and handouts on copyright policies and uses. http://www.copyright.com/learn/media-downloads/videos/

    Managing the Creative Classroom Workshop Aug 23, 2016 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 3.8k

    Consider ways to structure and manage your classroom to foster and catalyze creativity. Showcase your personal vision of a creative classroom space using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

    Looking for Ideas - Science Based Art Discussion by Jessica Gauci May 12, 2015 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
    3.7k 7

    Hi there I am in the process of developing a project that revolves around Science and Art. 2015 is the year of light which will be the theme. I am after ideas for artworks to create, programs to use, other ideas for this project. For example, photography tasks, Photoshop, Lightroom. Thank you in advance. Any crazy and random ideas will also be welcome! Jess :)

    What do you have in your head? Project by Ana Laura Gomes Mar 26, 2015 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements Illustrator 4.9k 6

    This idea come up visiting a behance portfolio of Akatre Studio, Paris, France - https://www.behance.net/gallery/23194649/Zero-To-Five-by-Akatre?isa0=1# it would be a great project for photoshop classes, even illustrator: what do you have in your head? the people could take pictures of real objects over/in front their heads or make photoshop collages. if working on illustrator, they could draw objects, vectorize their own photos and create portraits.

    warmer/ ice-breaker exercise Discussion by Chris Schnell Feb 4, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud
    8.2k 48

    Hi allI am wondering if you use any warmers/ ice-breaker exercises in your creative learning environment you want to share.Thank you.Have a great day Chris

    Visual Literacy and Student Development as Digital Citizens Discussion by John Drake Dec 23, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Digital Publishing Solution
    5.6k 10

    It is important to talk to my students and teach my students about how to become visually literate in this world of digital photography and manipulation. It starts with teaching them about what is ethical or not ethical. It is also about teaching them about what is fiction or fact when portraying digital images. I discuss visually literacy and ethics by showing my students resources, such as the resources suggested on the Adobe Education Exchange. I then let them practice digital manipulation for themselves. The steps that I use are usually: introduce by showing, lecture, practice real projects, and review and reflect.

    Dodge, Burn, Blur and Hide & Seek Technical Tutorial by Kev Lavery Dec 4, 2014 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 5.5k 16

    This short tutorial and activity will run you through the Dodge, Burn and Blur Tools which replicate dark room techniques. You will then use these skills for a game of digital hide & seek. Digital hide & seek involves using your Photoshop skills to hide images inside another image without them looking out of place.

    Bug's Life Project Introducing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Project by Jessica Gauci Nov 5, 2014 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop
    11k 21

    This project introduces and develops basic skills in using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Students are required to design and create bug game graphics and an app icon. This booklet contains interactive links, step by step instructions and examples throughout. It could be a project based learning style project as it contains writing tasks, literacy, numeracy and many other skills suitable for other subjects / key learning areas. History, Geography, Science etc can by incorporated to extend on the project. This project could also be extended to actually design the game using Adobe Flash.

    Escher Would be Proud: Exploring Culture and Design with Tessellations Curriculum by Katherine Yamashita Jun 8, 2014 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements Illustrator 6.2k 6

    This is a print and digital resource for a unit on the exploring the work of M.C. Escher, a tessellation design challenge, and an exploration of cultural symbols. This unit was designed with these goals in mind: Have students learn about the graphic design work of M.C Escher. Encourage students to look beyond the facts and pictures or even the stories of an artwork and seek to understand it's cultural, symbolic, and social meaning across cultures. to have students select one of a number of approaches to create a repeat pattern design in the form of a tessellation. This package contains instructions, student samples, downloadable and editable worksheets, reference links and a rubric.

    Me Project - a visual compilation of who I am! Assignment by Dena Wilson May 23, 2014 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop
    8.5k 15

    Nine revealing pieces compiled in a poster grid where the student/designer visually reveals what they want another to know about them. A great project for an entire grading period. Each piece can be for a grade and then one for the whole. Students can present their projects to whole class which allows for them to get to know each other better. Requires research into things like professions or heritage. Uses photography and photo manipulation. Great end of school project when skills are developed and attention spans are short - focusing on themselves is priceless!

    Multiplicity Portrait Lesson Plan by Mark Finlayson Apr 10, 2014 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 4.0k 6

    This task allows you to put yourself (or another person) in the same image a number of times. The concept was used by Australian photographer Michael Cook to create his series "Majority Rules". It's a lot of fun and is limited only by your imagination. I use it with my Year 9 students and the results are usually amazing.

    Digital Media Design Rubric Assessment by Matthew Miller Mar 19, 2014 Products Acrobat Photoshop Photoshop Elements
    13k 32

    A rubric we use across Art, Photography & Design classes. Includes Group elements on the back side so they can be optional. Includes product, process and craft.

    Adobe Apps for Education    Presentation by Adobe Education Oct 8, 2013 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
    106k 620

    Adobe Apps for Education provides an introduction to Adobe software applications, helps you learn what you can create, and inspires with ideas for sample projects using these tools. The document categorizes the types of digital content that you can create with Adobe software applications and identifies which tools are best for creating different kinds of content. Each content category includes sample projects for beginner, intermediate, and expert Adobe users. Some projects include hyperlinks to tutorials on Adobe Help and the Adobe Education Exchange. The document also includes an Adobe app glossary to help you easily identify the wide diversity of software applications Adobe offers. This document is published in three different formats: Low resolution interactive PDF file - this version is ideal for sharing digitally or sending over email and includes hyperlinks to tutorialsHigh resolution interactive PDF file - this version is ideal for sharing digitally and includes hyperlinks to tutorialsPrint PDF - this version is ideal for printing for use in classrooms, but does not contain hyperlinks to tutorials. Please let us know your comments and feedback below. This document will be updated periodically to add new tutorials and adjust sample project and applications as required. File Updates: Files updated on October 18, 2017 to include Adobe Dimension, Adobe XD, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Experience Cloud, (including Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud), Captivate Prime, and Adobe Scan.Files updated on May 19, 2016 to include Adobe Spark.Files updated on March 16, 2016 to include Capture CC, Post, Photoshop Fix, Animate CC, Experience Design CC (Preview), Fuse CC (Preview), Character Animator, and Portfolio. Files updated on July 13, 2015 to include Preview CC, Comp CC, Hue CC, Brackets, Slate, and Stock; Links to tutorials fixed and additional links added; product icons now show product name on cursor rolloverFiles updated on November 3, 2014 to include Behance, Behance ProSite, Adobe Framemaker, Voice, Brush, Shape, Color, Illustrator Draw, Illustrator Line, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Ink and Slide, and Premiere Clip; Product glossary now includes links to product information on adobe.comFiles updated on March 26, 2014 to include Adobe LeanPrint.