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    Photo based designer who has been using adobe products since the early 90's.

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    Using Adobe Mobile Apps on iPads - Mix / Sketch - Is it possible to create folders for each class? Discussion by Angeline Ferguson Mar 10, 2017 Products Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Mix
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    I'm using Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Sketch with several classes in school, is it possibile to organise their work in the cloud so each class has a folder? At the moment the ipads are all logged into one Adobe account, the problem is the children become easily distracted when the app launches and they see everyone elses work. In the mobile creations section in the cloud I can only find archive or copy, I cant find any option to create subfolders, is there a way? Any advice welcome on efficient methods of saving and managing multiple projects in the cloud. Thanks!

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    Lyford Middle School teacher

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    Adobe Dinosaur Professional and Experience lecturer in Adobe Creative Cloud. Waiting for my T-shirt or Polo from Adobe as an instructor for long time

    How To Become A Better Guitar Player    Presentation by Leslie Reed Feb 1, 2017 Products Illustrator Draw 0 0

    There are a few tips to follow if you want to be better at playing guitar. Here are the five best ones found across the internet. Learn the major scale intervals The major scale forms a foundation for many chords and scales you’ll come across in your music career. By understanding its structure, you will be able to harmonize it in various ways so that you can form triads, seventh chords and extended chords. Try to learn something new every day. Find something guitar-related that you didn’t know already and dive into it. It could be anything. Just make sure to find it and learn it. Once you get into it every day, your brain will add the new concepts to your muscle memory and ultimately aid your ability to express yourself and perform effortlessly on the guitar. Go over every single chord you know- This might seem over the top. But it will train your fingers to switch from chord to chord…even to those that have no relation to each other. And great things will come out of that. Practice playing the C major chord on different places of the fretboard- this will give you the practice needed to do the same with other chords. It will also give your fingers the much needed exercise they need to get better at moving on the fretboard. Play along with various records until you match with them – This is great practice as it will increase your chord vocabulary and it will improve your style. Keep track of your progress – Being aware of the improvements you are making as a guitarist can markedly improve your growth. As you find the discipline of practicing every day, you should remember to keep a log of your improvements in order to see how you are doing.

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    Extended Diploma in Graphic Design, University of the Arts London. Apple Teacher. Graphics blog https://goo.gl/r2bLFt

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    Playlist Writing Instruction Micro Lessons Web Link by Stacey Knapp Jan 25, 2017 Products Adobe Stock Illustrator Draw Adobe Document Cloud 0 0

    I recently launched a short, sequenced video series to support writing instruction across disciplines. I utilized Adobe Creative suite to add drawing elements to this series. You can access the series via my Study Guides, where they are sequenced and embedded with the writing instruction lessons or via You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8onMsCU9MYkw4iWEcZCn_j5RF0VPwPT7

    How to use Font awesome in Photoshop cc, Illustrator, Indesign or other graphic software Technical Tutorial by Harjeet Singh Jan 17, 2017 Products Illustrator Draw Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
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    Lots of peoples and my students asked me, is there any option that we don’t need to use images for icons in Adobe Photoshop or It will take lots of time to create icons for their design. So, I come up with a solution J and Its FONT AWESOME. What is Font Awesome? Font awesome gives you 600+ scalable vector icons. You can use them in web designing. These icons can instantly customize through CSS (Cascading style sheet). You can change their size, color, rotation, shadows and anything. These days’ font awesome become very popular to add icons in websites. In this photoshop tutorial we are going to learn how we can use font awesome icons in any graphic design software. After this tutorial, you will be able to use any type of font icons in your design like Bootstrap Glyphicons, Fontello etc. Let’s Begin. #1 Download and Install Font awesome First, you need to download latest font awesome kit from their websiteGot to http://fontawesome.io/ then click on download button. #2 Install Font awesome Once you download, Open Font Awesome folder. In this folder, you will find Css, font, less, scss folder. You need open fonts folder.Just double click on FontAwesome.otf (Open type font file) or right click then click on open.Then click on Install Button. #3 Choose Font awesome After Installation you need to open font awesome cheat sheet click Here to open.Select any icon you want to use and copy it (Ctrl+C or Cmd + C). I am using heart icon (fa-heart-o) #3 Use Font awesome in Photoshop cc Now Open Photoshop.Create a new document (Ctrl+N)Select type tool and paste you copied icon (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V). It will look something like image given below.Go to control panel and change font to Font Awesome. Hopefully the article of How to use Font awesome in Adobe Photoshop cc, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and other Graphic Software? useful for you.

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    I'm a student. I'm from Armenia Studying Architecture at Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction