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    Victor Gonzalez Member Trendsetter Joined Dec 2, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Digital Editions

    Language and IT teacher • Workshop leader • Movie Reviewer • International School of Bremen • Cambridge University Press • exuc.org

    warmer/ ice-breaker exercise Discussion by Chris Schnell Feb 4, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud
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    Hi allI am wondering if you use any warmers/ ice-breaker exercises in your creative learning environment you want to share.Thank you.Have a great day Chris

    A short course in Typography Technical Tutorial by Matthew Miller Mar 4, 2014 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro
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    A poster I developed for my graphics design classes, summarizing what I felt were the essential elements of typography I wanted easily reference-able. If you feel there is anything I've missed that's essential, please let me know about it for consideration for inclusion in version 2. It may not be obvious from the thumbnail here, so I want to mention specifically that this is licensed CC-BY-SA, so feel free to use this in your courses, modify it, share it with others, and so on, subject only to the requirements to attribute me and share it in the same fashion (see the link if you're not sure what this means).

    Candie Witherspoon Member Trendsetter Joined Sep 2, 2013 Products Typekit Acrobat Muse

    Highly Qualified Art Educator at Alfred M. Barbe High School, Artist, Web Designer, Animator, Photographer, Art Technology Enthusiast

    Henrietta Miller Member Contributor Joined Aug 9, 2012 Products Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop

    Henrietta Miller is a teacher at Roseville College in Sydney. She is also an Adobe Education Leader spreading the word about Adobe products in Sydney, .

    Mark DuBois Member Trendsetter Joined Jun 2, 2010 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Creative Cloud

    Created first accredited AAS degree in web systems.Created first accredited certificate in rich Internet application development.

    Joseph Labrecque Member Trendsetter Joined Jun 2, 2010 Products Typekit Audition ColdFusion

    Senior Interactive Software Engineer - Artist - Author - Absintheur - Adobe Education Leader - Adobe Community Professional

    What's the best tool for Augmented Reality? Discussion by Derek Dorsett Jun 4, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
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    I would love to know more about what is out there and what teachers are using. I know that it might be too expensive right now to use AR, but I hope that there is something that can help the students get on board with using technology to learn. Are there an Adobe tools that can help with this process?

    Todd Nickle Member Contributor Joined Apr 29, 2016 Products Acrobat Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver

    Dr. Todd Nickle is a Professor of Biology at MRU promoting active learning in the classroom. He challenges students to take ownership of their learning.

    Claudio Zavala Member Influencer Joined Feb 19, 2016 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    20+ years in education with role as teacher, trainer, and designer. Professional drummer. 10+ years freelance photo/cinematographer & graphic designer.

    Rich Sigfrit Member Trendsetter Joined Feb 1, 2016 Products Adobe Spark Dreamweaver Lightroom Classic

    eLearning developer with an expertise in New Media production and distribution.

    Jonathan Doyle Member Influencer Joined Oct 19, 2015 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop

    I've been Spanish Teacher since 2003 & freelance artist since 1991. I make worlds, characters, animations, assets, etc in 3D using Blender, Unity, etc.

    Year 7-9 Digital Technology National Curriculum Discussion by Tim Bateup May 9, 2015 Products Illustrator Line Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud
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    Hi all, If anyone is using Adobe programs in Years 7, 8 or 9 with the new National Curriculum, would you mind sharing your ideas? As far as I can see, we need to have a focus on programming. I'd like to see what everyone is doing. I'm going to miss using Photoshop and the like in the Junior Secondary years. Thanks for your help!

    Madra Ullrich Member Trendsetter Joined Dec 31, 2014 Products Brackets Adobe Spark Dreamweaver

    I am a Visual Communication Designer. Freelancer. Career emphasis on digital publications for education (K-12).

    Design Acumen and Creative Concepts Discussion by Leonel Fred Ador Oct 31, 2013 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver Digital Editions
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    I would like to know the strategy of educators in teaching students about taste for design, or design acumen. The way how will educators know that a particular design is better than the other. furthermore, what are the techniques educators are using in teaching design concepts and boosting creativity of the students.

    Ben Forta Member Contributor Joined Jul 30, 2013 Products Typekit Acrobat ColdFusion

    Adobe's Sr. Director of Education Initiatives, author, and teacher for over two decades.

    School technology management Discussion by Nancy Parker Jul 28, 2013 Products Acrobat Adobe AIR Flash Builder 4.1k 3

    Need a little help researching best practice for teachers: How is the technology managed at the school location at your district. Please indicate the following: Type of school: Elementary, Middle, High, College Type of control classroom teachers have for school owned laptops: Complete(I may install software, update, and manage applications); Power user (I may install, uninstall and manage application and software but I am not able to make major user and system changes; User with update access (I am able to update readers like pdf reader, players such as flash player and software plugins and browser settings; Restricted (I am able to use it but I have no access to change any software or settings) What type of control would you prefer? Are you completely satisfied with the level of control that you have? Do you find any limitations, frustrations, or concerns that limit your technology usage? Thanks in advance.

    Lori Lind Member Influencer Joined Jul 28, 2013 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Flash Builder

    Involved in technology as a software engineer, educator, and currently instructional technology, video and animation.

    Shaloni Naik Member Influencer Joined Jun 18, 2013 Products Illustrator Draw Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro

    Alisha Crawford Member Trendsetter Joined Mar 20, 2013 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Premiere Pro

    Graphic Designer, Videographer and Multimedia Specialist

    Ivan Bradley Member Influencer Joined Feb 28, 2013 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Fireworks

    I am an instructor for the Graphic Design, Video Production, and Animation courses at Atascadero High. I also am a lecturer prof. at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

    Dennis Martinus Member Influencer Joined Jul 31, 2012 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    I am an AYV lead educator for K12 students and also a teacher in tertiary education. I'm also an Adobe Education Trainer and lead youth in civic engagement.

    michael kearney Member Influencer Joined Apr 22, 2011 Products Acrobat Audition Muse

    I have 16 years radio experience, 16 years broadcast tv experience, and ran my own audio/video production business for 15 years before starting teaching.