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    Vijayakumar Jayaraj Member Member Joined Jul 11, 2017 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver

    Hello, I'm Vijayakumar Jayaraj, an Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator based in Vellore, India. I've been working independently for the past four years and

    Industrial Hygiene Discussion by Albert V Condello III Jun 26, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Captivate
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    Hello - I am preparing for the CIH Exam so that I can be recognized as a Certified Industrial Hygienist thru ABIH. (American Board of Industrial Hygiene) I have taught Industrial Hygiene while at Texas State Technical College in Marshall, TX when they used to offer an Associate Degree in Industrial Hygiene. Would like to share my teaching outline, syllabus, and PowerPoint lecturers in hope to help others to be able to pass & obtain this important professional credential. Would appreciate interacting with other professors who are presently teaching Industrial Hygiene and related topics such as Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, and airborne sampling of contaminates such as mold, VOCs, solvents, spent clean agent fire suppression retardants, etc.

    Unblocked Games Discussion by rajdweep katiyar Jun 22, 2017 Products Framemaker Flash Player After Effects
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    I am a gaming freak and love to research more about games whenever I am free. Recently I stumbled upon this Unblocked Games things that seem to be very popular. I searched on google that around more than 50k people around the world search for these games. Could anyone please let me know what these new gaming trends are all about. @deepak Thanks in advance and cheers!!!!

    Engaging Learners Discussion by Elvir Mandzukic Jun 14, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit
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    Examples of better practices in classroom on how to engage learners with Adobe Creative Cloud

    Skill Builder UX Course Sep 11, 2017 - Oct 17, 2017 Enrolling Products Photoshop Adobe Spark Experience Design (Beta)

    This short two week introductory UX Design course aims to meet the needs of educators wishing to get started with the very basics of UX Design and Adobe XD.

    AGP UX2UI Fall 2017 Course Oct 2, 2017 - Nov 17, 2017 Enrolling Products Photoshop Adobe Spark Experience Design (Beta)

    This five week UX Design course aims to meet the needs of educators wishing to gain the skills required to understand UX Design.

    What's the best tool for Augmented Reality? Discussion by Derek Dorsett Jun 4, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit
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    I would love to know more about what is out there and what teachers are using. I know that it might be too expensive right now to use AR, but I hope that there is something that can help the students get on board with using technology to learn. Are there an Adobe tools that can help with this process?

    Carlos Calla Huayapa Member Influencer Joined May 30, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Acrobat

    Microsoft Certified Master Trainer, Especialista en Innovación TIC, Entusiasta de las TIC, Consultor en Tecnología Educativa.

    Evans Mkungo Member Member Joined May 26, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Photoshop

    Nicolaus Sherrill Member Participant Joined May 24, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop

    Senior Graphic Communications major at Clemson University. Originally from Atlanta, GA. Pursuing graphic design/brand management career.

    Paul Elliott Member Participant Joined May 23, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit

    Hello, My name is Paul Elliott and I teach at the Marine Institute in Newfoundland, I try to use Abobe Creative Suite whenever possible.

    Max Bizley Member Participant Joined May 23, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    Hi, I'm a graphic design from South Africa living in Taiwan. I'm here to learn. I'm pretty fluent in Ai, Ps and Id, and would like to Ae above all else.

    nilgun aydin Member Participant Joined May 21, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    I was born 1986 in İzmir. 2009- I graduated from fine arts in Dokuz Eylül University.

    Re-Open The Courses! Discussion by Bandar Alabdaly May 8, 2017 Products Adobe Capture CC Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver
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    Hello everyone, Since I become busy over and over, I couldn't keep up with some of the courses that I enrolled in. I missed the deadline and wondering if these courses will be provided again sometime later. It's not about the certificate, but I'm really interested to learn and finish all the requirements. So, it would be very helpful if you guys re-open the courses from time to time which will help me and other learners to manage our time and continue learning the subjects we love. Thank you Bandar A. Learning Design & Technology. PhD.

    Selma Dawani Member Contributor Joined May 5, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Adobe Creative Cloud

    I am an Educator and life-long learner. I am passionate about creating curriculum that inspires & encourages both K12 teachers and their students.

    STEM / English / Library Lab Lesson Plan Lesson Plan by Antwone Morris Apr 28, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop Experience Design (Beta) 63 0

    The basis of this lesson plan revolves around that idea that interactive media design is not a “new” concept and that many students interact with media on a daily basis without thinking of the inner-workings. This lesson plan frames interactive media in a storytelling/decision-based framework. In this respect, it is likely useful in media design, English, and library lab classes. Outline for 45min class: Play Button-Based Game 3mins Introduce Action-Response / Romeo & Juliet 10mins Game Controller Button Mapping Worksheet 7mins Discuss 5mins Writing Prompt / PowerPoint Instructions 20minsWrite 3-paragraph Assignment (Word, PPoint)Finish For Homework The resources will depend on what class you teach. For instance, English may focus on character-based decision-making in recent reads (essentially personas); whereas, an exploratory technology class may focus on MIT Scratch or engineering related media. This assignment also allows you to identify struggling students and pair them with stronger-versed students for a larger group project. Perhaps they will change the path of a well-known story using Powerpoint or Adobe XD. That’s the creative portion. Once they understand site mapping and planning, it opens doors to all forms of interactive media, whether it’s video game design, mobile application development, robots and even authoring their own stories. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Game Controller Worksheet: https://exmus506210.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/blank_xbox_360_controller_map_by_kasanra-d4w2z65.jpg

    Cynthia Roth Member Participant Joined Apr 27, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock