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    Ana Laura Gomes Member Trendsetter Joined Jul 16, 2013 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit Acrobat

    Author, Adobe specialist, collaborator on W3C Brazil, lecturer and instructor in companies throughout Brazil. Acts on Graphic Design, Webdesign and AEM areas.

    Ana Laura Gomes Member Contributor Joined Dec 9, 2016 Products Brackets Adobe Spark Dreamweaver

    Adobe Solutions Consultant for Digital Media (Creative Cloud and Document Cloud), writer, lecturer and learner.

    Tim Hardie Member Influencer Joined Jun 23, 2014 Products Brackets Adobe Spark Dreamweaver

    Graphics, Design, Technology, Computer Science Teacher and Head of Digital Learning.

    Web Motion for Beginners: Animate a CSS Sprite Sheet Project by Tom Green Feb 19, 2014 Products Edge Code Edge Animate Fireworks
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    CSS sprite sheets have opened up another door for web motion, allowing you to efficiently animate a series of images—anything from button states to character poses. In this quick course, Tom Green, in this Lynda.com course, shows you how to animate a character's walk cycle by creating a sprite sheet in Flash, editing in Fireworks, and putting it into motion (and into your HTML) with Edge Animate.

    Learning to Hand Code with Edge Code Project by Sheri German Jan 29, 2014 Products Edge Code 2.6k 0

    This is a new version of a hand coding exercise I created in Dreamweaver. Now that my college has the Creative Cloud, I am starting to teach my students to use the Edge tools. This exercise is part one: coding the HTML page. In part two that I will upload in the future, the students will learn to add CSS in Edge Code.

    Design Acumen and Creative Concepts Discussion by Leonel Fred Ador Oct 31, 2013 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver Digital Editions
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    I would like to know the strategy of educators in teaching students about taste for design, or design acumen. The way how will educators know that a particular design is better than the other. furthermore, what are the techniques educators are using in teaching design concepts and boosting creativity of the students.

    Quinto Martin Member Contributor Joined Jul 17, 2013 Products Acrobat Audition Muse

    I am a Creative technical problem solver, teacher, trainer, developer in E-learning and Media Development Specialist. I currently work in HigherEd

    Tom Green Member Trendsetter Joined Jul 12, 2010 Products Typekit Adobe Premiere Pro Edge Code

    Teacher, author,lecturer, tutorials,raconteur and all 'round good guy.

    David Egbert Member Contributor Joined Jun 3, 2010 Products Adobe Experience Cloud Acrobat Audition

    Interactive Learning Development, Photography, Omni-channel content creation and publishing

    Harjeet Singh Member Participant Joined Dec 21, 2015 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit

    Is it my imagination but it's distinct Discussion by Michael Chow Nov 4, 2014 Products Illustrator Line Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud
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    Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, Adobe used to have these amazing seminars almost every month promoting or introducing a new software, tip, or how it works with other companies in every city. As a young student, I looked for the opportunity to attend and possible snag some cool door prizes (probably my proudest win was an Adobe t-shirt!)...nowadays, these rarely comes to town anymore? Everything is now online.Or is it just my imagination....

    Bring it back! Discussion by Jody Campbell Aug 15, 2014 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
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    What products or product functions has Adobe discontinued that you would like to see them bring back? For example as a print designer I had to switch to another company's product when they removed JDF functions from Acrobat. Why would they do this when most print providers are using PDF-X? Adobe says not enough Acrobat users were using that feature. PDFs have grown into a hugely diverse tool used to do everything from forms to prefighting. Perhaps it has grown too large...do we need a production platform dedicated to these PDF needs from Adobe?

    Adding Background Video to an HTML5 Webpage, Part 2 Technical Tutorial by Tom Green Mar 1, 2014 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver After Effects 2.1k 0

    n part 2 of this tutorial, Tom Green uses Dreamweaver’s HTML5 video tools to add a background video to a webpage. He adds all of the necessary properties to the video tag and shows how to use Dreamweaver’s preview options to test the page in different browsers.

    Adding Background Video to an HTML5 Wepage, Part 1 Technical Tutorial by Tom Green Mar 1, 2014 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver After Effects 1.7k 0

    Using After Effects to edit a video clip, Tom Green prepares a clip for use as a background video for a webpage. In part one, he uses black and white, blur, and compression to reduce the file size and data rate. The final step is outputting the video from After Effects and preparing mp4, webm, and ogg versions of that video for the web.

    Mobile Education Best Practices Group 18 Members Owner Mark DuBois Products Acrobat Muse Edge Code

    More and more students are attempting to bring their own devices to classes (ranging from smartphones to tablets and beyond). I believe we should establish a set of "best practices" which will guide other educators as usage of such devices continues to grow. Specifically, what apps (and devices) are most helpful to students in learning? What apps (and devices) are most helpful to educators in teaching? How do we share screen content between devices (particularly when demonstrating a concept)? What issues do we face as educators in the use of mobile devices within our institutions? What obstacles do we have to overcome in the use of mobile devices? How do we best address these issues? I thought the best place to discuss these questions (and more) would be our Adobe Education Exchange.

    Expert lecture series: CSS Animation and Motion Graphics with Val Head Presentation by Tom Green Feb 19, 2014 Products Edge Code 2.9k 0

    Each month we invite an industry "name" to talk to the Interactive Multimedia and Advertising and Graphics Design students at my College. I record these lectures and make them available to my students. In this lecture we featrure Val Head, CSS Animation "Goddess of All She Surveys".

    Creating Interactive Projects with Edge Animate Project by Tom Green Feb 19, 2014 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver Photoshop
    4.8k 1

    In this Lynda.com course, Tom Green explores the emerging workflow between the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Edge Animate through a series of hands-on projects. Discover how to create phone and tablet applications using both PhoneGap Build and Dreamweaver with Edge Animate. Then learn how to build an interactive banner ad using assets created in Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator. The course wraps up with a lesson where you use your Edge Animate skills to create projects for Adobe Muse desktop, tablet, and smartphone sites. Topics include: Exploring the project filesPlanning the workflow of your projectsOptimizing and sizing your images in FireworksAdding Smart Filters and blur to video with PhotoshopAdding Edge Web Fonts to a compositionUnderstanding the responsive features in Edge AnimateCoding in Edge AnimateAdding content to Muse

    Up and Running with HTML5 Video Project by Tom Green Feb 19, 2014 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver 1.7k 0

    HTML5 is a good choice if you're looking to embed video on your website, since visitors don't need any special plugins and HTML5 is becoming more widely supported by browsers. But the lack of a single accepted video codec does pose some challenges. In this Lynda.com course, Tom Green takes you through the history of video on the web, and shows you how to move forward with HTML5. Learn how to play a video stream on your website, set up autoplay and poster frames, and use alternatives like Adobe Dreamweaver and the JW Player to play back video. A series of Challenge and Solution videos give you a hands-on opportunity to practice what you've learned.

    Audion in Edge Animate: Part 4 Technical Tutorial by Tom Green Feb 19, 2014 Products Audition Edge Code Edge Animate 1.6k 0

    How to use Buzz.js, Edge Code and Edge Animate CC to add the .mp3 and .ogg audio tracks to an Animate composition.

    Create and add audio to Edge Animate 3 Technical Tutorial by Tom Green Feb 17, 2014 Products Audition Edge Code Edge Web Fonts 3.7k 0

    The new audio feature of Animate 3.0 is dead simple to use. It is especially useful for adding background audio to an Animate composition. This video explores creating the audio and adding it to an Edge Animate composition.

    Student View of Behance Portfolios Web Link by David Egbert Jul 31, 2013 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
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    If you're looking for a student only view of Behance portfolios please see http://studentshow.com instead of going to the normal site. Student Show displays only the online portfolios of students.

    Audio and edge Animate Technical Tutorial by Tom Green Jul 2, 2013 Products Edge Code Edge Animate 3.0k 1

    There are 4 videos in this YouTube series. The first walks you through the assembly of the composition. The second shows you how the mp3 and ogg files are created in Adobe Audition.The third video shows how to write the HTML5 code that adds audio to Animate. The final one explains how to easily use the Buzz.js library - free- to add audio to an Animate composition.