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    Web Develop    Technical Tutorial by MD.Mahfuzul Huq Talukder Apr 29, 2017 Products Dreamweaver 0 0

    Here I am trying to teach about web develop.Now a days , web develop is more useful for every person. People can earn money by learning web develop.I am trying to share some knowledge about web developing language ("html","css","php").

    Peter Fick Member Member Joined Apr 28, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud

    Manuel Rojas Member Member Joined Apr 26, 2017 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Premiere Pro

    arshad ali Member Participant Joined Apr 25, 2017 Products Edge Code Dreamweaver Edge Animate

    Senior web developer at orasoft 15 years of experience

    Chantelle Thompson Member Participant Joined Apr 25, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Dreamweaver

    For 15 years, I have helped higher education institutions, B2B, and B2C firms find the most meaningful ways to connect with their audiences.

    Any thoughts on the 2016 Macbook Pro being stripped down? Discussion by Peter Stearns Apr 25, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver
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    I am ready to buy a new macbook pro and went to configure it while browsing on line. I realized there is no option of 32gb of ram. That seems really short sided and almost like a planned obsolescence. I am a huge fan of Macs but this lack of upgrade options and a lack of ports and options has me looking at PC's like Lenovo P50 and Dell XPS 15. Curious what other Creative professionals and Graphics Instructors think/feel about this.

    christopher power Member Member Joined Apr 24, 2017 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    Striving to make things better! Virtual Enterprise Coordinator, Adjunct Professor, Graphic Designer, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur -www.powerx5solutions.com

    Marquita Stottern Member Participant Joined Apr 24, 2017 Products Prelude Acrobat Adobe Stock

    Technology and creative ways to use it are my passion!

    Merrilee Hale Member Participant Joined Apr 22, 2017 Products Acrobat Dreamweaver Photoshop

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    Kala Griffin Member Participant Joined Apr 20, 2017 Products Acrobat Audition Adobe Creative Cloud

    Laura Mellon Member Member Joined Apr 20, 2017 Products Adobe Marketing Cloud Typekit Acrobat

    Product marketeer with a demonstrated history of developing brand voices in the technology companies.

    Amanda Malsky Member Member Joined Apr 20, 2017 Products Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver

    Current Business Educator of 11 years. Excited to learn more about Adobe!

    Karen Forgash Member Member Joined Apr 19, 2017 Products Typekit Adobe Stock Dreamweaver

    Design and production of FXB Center print materials, web design and videos

    Web Design II Curriculum by Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen Apr 16, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Animate CC 0 0

    This advanced course focuses on current online practice and theory for screen and handheld devices. It provides a detailed exploration of the technical and aesthetic challenges of user interactivity. Furthermore, students investigate dynamic site design, building and management. The course focuses on XHTML language, Dreamweaver and Fireworks in order to enable students to produce websites and multimedia projects with effective communicative impact.

    Jon Lund Member Member Joined Apr 14, 2017 Products Acrobat Dreamweaver Photoshop

    UZMA SHEIKH Member Member Joined Apr 13, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Animate CC

    I am a graphic and web designer

    Color Associations Lesson Plan by Chris Clark Apr 13, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Illustrator
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    People talk about the "meanings" of certain colors, but there are very few colors that have meanings upon which all human beings agree from birth. Most people associate blue with the sky and red with blood. After that, all bets are off. The attached materials should help you approach this subject with students.

    Wallace Hall Member Member Joined Apr 13, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Flash Player

    I feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach for the past 14 years. I challenge myself everyday to learn and grow in my profession so that I can share

    Communication theory intro video Presentation by Chris Clark Apr 13, 2017 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver
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    A one-minute video that uses a bit of humor to introduce basic communication concepts and terms - encode, interference, feedback, and so on. It has a music soundtrack, but no voice.

    anisa aziz Member Participant Joined Apr 13, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Animate CC

    Why & How to become Adobe ACA Specialist Presentation by Shafiq Rehman Apr 12, 2017 Products Dreamweaver Photoshop Illustrator
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    Adobe Certified Associate Specialist Changing the world is possible, but it requires the right preparation and skills. Being ACA certified means that you are on your way to doing great things, and one great thing you can do right away is to take your ACA certifications to the next level with an ACA Specialist certificate. An ACA Specialist certificate is ideal for validating your Adobe cross-platform expertise, and it speaks volumes to prospective employers, academic institutions and the world. It is a valuable addition to your design portfolio. Getting an ACA Specialist certificate is straight-forward, simply earn three designated ACA certifications. 3 Aca certification = Aca specialist Note: ( no exam you have to give it is awarded by adobe by 2 eaerning aca badges ACA Certification Track ADOBE CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE VISUAL DESIGN SPECIALIST The following ACA certifications are required: ·Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator·Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign·Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop ADOBE CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE WEB DESIGN SPECIALIST The following ACA certifications are required: ·Interactive Media using Adobe Flash Professional·Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver·Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop FAQ Frequently Asked Question Q: Is the ACA Specialist an ACA certification?? A: No. The ACA Specialist is not a certification. It is a valuable credential that validates one's skills and knowledge in select categories of Adobe digital-media software applications. It does not require an additional exam. When an individual earns three qualifying ACA certifications, that individual will be awarded an ACA Specialist certificate for a select digital-media category. Q: Can Creative Cloud and CS6 certifications be combined to achieve an ACA Specialist credential? A: No. Select ACA Creative Cloud exams qualify for the Creative Cloud-based ACA Specialist certificates, and select ACA CS6 exams qualify for the CS6-based ACA Specialist certificate. Q: What is the value of the ACA Specialist credential? A: Digital-media projects often require cross-platform expertise in more than one Adobe application. For example, a project that requires Adobe Photoshop may also require Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to bring it to completion. Someone that possesses multiple-areas of expertise has an advantage over their peers that do not. Q: Who should consider getting the ACA Specialist certificate? A: The ACA Specialist is for anyone with an interest in Adobe digital-media applications. Often, these are students or employees working to advance their Adobe skills and may be looking for an effective way to validate those skills. ACA Specialist is a powerful credential to include on a resume, college or job application or a design portfolio. It is also an excellent professional development opportunity for teachers, instructors and academic administrators. Q: What happens when someone earns their third-qualifying ACA certification? A: When someone earns their third-qualifying ACA certification, they will be notified by Certiport of their accomplishment. Their ACA Specialist certificate will be available in their Certiport portal, along with all of their other ACA certification information. Q: If someone already has three qualifying ACA certifications will they automatically qualify to receive an ACA Specialist certificate? A: Yes. Anyone that has earned three qualifying ACA certifications prior to the announcement of the ACA Specialist will be eligible to receive an ACA Specialist certificate. Value of a ACA Aca as Students As a student, you have the ability to influence, and even create your career path in an unprecedented way. With a vast, instantly accessible digital world at your fingertips, knowing what you want to be, what you want to do is no longer the problem. The problem is how do you get there, and how do you do it as quickly as you can? The Adobe Creative Cloud offers you access to all the same software and services professionals across a variety of industries use, so you can transition seamlessly from your education to your career, while the ACA certification validates your skills and demonstrates your knowledge of the software to employers. And as the job market continues to change and evolve, your ACA certification is the evidence that you can use tools that change and evolve with it. What you learn today will continue to prepare you for tomorrow. Along with unlocking your career potential, validating your skills, and providing college credit, perhaps the most important benefit of an ACA certification is helping you find your creative core, and unleashing it. You have passion, you're full of raw creativity, you have a story inside you, and this is your chance to share your story, to connect, to join the creative conversation, and to create an amazing new story. If you're ready to start forging your path, an ACA Certification is the perfect foundation for success. Aca as a Teacher Teachers are the foundation of education. As a teacher, you wield an awesome power to recognize and inspire creativity in your students. The classroom is not boring, or sterile, but instead a place where day after day, year after year, you foster growth, and enable opportunity. It's not just what your students are doing today, it's also what they will be doing tomorrow. You are helping them to unlock and fuel their future. The Adobe Creative Cloud is an amazing asset, allowing students to approach tasks and projects in new ways, working out solutions they couldn't have seen before; and helping you as teachers to expand your own creativity, and become involved with your student's creative process on a new level. An ACA Certification is the perfect place to start, offering your students a foundation for success by validating their skills, and offering you the ability to measure your student's progress, engagement and involvement, and find new ways to empower them. The ACA Certification program helps you open up your classroom, leaving behind walls and desks, and becoming part of a global digital classroom. By giving your students the opportunity to earn an ACA certification, and be able to provide proof of their abilities and knowledge to employers, you are connecting them to the unlimited career opportunities of our digital world, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives. You owe it to your students, and to yourself, to explore what an ACA certification can do for you. Aca as a Institutions Administrators are vital to leading the charge to creativity. But balancing all the concerns of your institution and still finding ways to provide your teachers and students with the right tools and the right environment for creativity is no easy task. What can you do to make sure your institution is offering the best to the students who come through your doors? What software, apps, or services will best serve your teachers and students? What is the benefit of a certification? The answers are surprisingly simple. Take a moment and consider the Adobe Creative Cloud and the ACA Certification program. 65% of today's primary school kids will end up at jobs that do not currently exist. In order to help students to prepare for and thrive in a continuously evolving job market, the Creative Cloud offers tools and services to inspire and enable career paths, and the ACA certification serves as proof to employers of the right skills and abilities. Additionally, a majority of students, 58%, say they learn more in a blended environment where teachers provide them access to more recent, often non-traditional tools and technology. The ACA Certification, then, becomes invaluable both as way to encourage creativity, and creative expression, and a metric for your institution to measure that creativity, by validating student's skills and providing evidence of their knowledge. In fact, studies show that students who earn a certification as part of a career-oriented education program achieve a much higher level of academic success, with an average GPA half a point higher, and an almost 30% increase in the graduation rate. Even better, the ACA Certification program provides you with teaching materials, practice tests, and a host of other resources, so you're never on your own. As a leading institution, invested in the success of your students, the ACA Certification is a perfect opportunity to better prepare the students who pass through your doors for a world driven by collaboration and creativity. Read More on Aca at Certiport visit Certiport Purchase voucher from certiport and Give Exam at Certiport Autorizrd Testing Center visit Aca Exam Vouchure Shop Tools for Preparing Aca Exams Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Flash Professional CC Adobe Dreamweaver CC Supporting Material Aca Exam Demo ">Adobe Certified Associate Exam Demo Document list in Pdfs Adobe Certified Associate program datasheet. Aca Exam Objectives Application Wise ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Photoshop CC ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Illustraor CC ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Indesign CC ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Flash Professional CC ACA Exam Objectives Adobe Dreamweaver CC Certification Knowledge Resources Get certified. And get noticed Training Material Resources Offical Adobe Training Resources Training msterial for adobe applications Good Look ! Earn you Aca Associate & Aca Specialist Certification Today