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    Tonnines Elliott Member Member Joined Feb 16, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Audition

    Since I can remember I've always been a creative. I take pride in teaching and prepping creatives' with the education and tools they need to succeed.

    Waqar Zia Member Member Joined Feb 8, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Adobe Creative Cloud

    Dustin Hodges Member Participant Joined Jan 28, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Stock Illustrator Draw

    Playlist Writing Instruction Micro Lessons Web Link by Stacey Knapp Jan 25, 2017 Products Adobe Stock Illustrator Draw Adobe Document Cloud 0 0

    I recently launched a short, sequenced video series to support writing instruction across disciplines. I utilized Adobe Creative suite to add drawing elements to this series. You can access the series via my Study Guides, where they are sequenced and embedded with the writing instruction lessons or via You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8onMsCU9MYkw4iWEcZCn_j5RF0VPwPT7

    Ryan Jones Member Member Joined Jan 24, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    J. Lynn Kronk Member Member Joined Jan 23, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Document Cloud

    Serial Entrepreneur interested in developing adult education on-line learning course in Workplace Ethics & Professionalism.

    Lyndon Godsall Member Participant Joined Jan 23, 2017 Products Acrobat Dreamweaver Photoshop

    Logical minded Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.

    Shannon Ray Member Member Joined Jan 15, 2017 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop

    STEAM Careers Research Project by susan parsons Jan 8, 2017 Products Muse Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro
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    This project is to encourage students to learn more about the many careers that include science, technology, engineering, art, and math. By allowing students to see many current careers and letting them hone in one a few that peaks their interest, students will not only learn about the career, but gain direction on what schooling, salary, work environment, etc. each of the careers include. Description STEAM Website by Wall High School Students Students will first use the internet to search for STEAM careers. Once they have a list, they can then use the Ferguson's database to research each of the careers. Students will select five STEAM careers. They will research an overview of each of these careers. Based upon their findings which they have posted in a Google Doc, they will select their most favorite from the five. They will then conduct more detailed research of this favorite STEAM career; again adding their findings to their Google Doc. Once they have obtained more detailed information on the career such as schooling, workplace environment, description of a day in that career, job description, hiring potential, and potential salaries, students will then be videoed while describing their chosen career. Videos will be shared via the STEAM website.

    Kevin Kamau Member Participant Joined Jan 5, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Muse

    Father , husband , graphic ,web & designer from Kenya living in Norway. Adobe enthusiast.

    Denguhlanga Julia Kapilango Member Participant Joined Dec 21, 2016 Products Photoshop Mix Adobe Spark Adobe Document Cloud

    Denguhlanga Julia's graphic design arts and digital coordination projects include Michigan Humanities Council Heritage Tracking Advancement Progress and CW50’s