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    Blended learning with Adobe - Presentation to Swinburne University    Presentation by Tim Kitchen May 22, 2017 Products Acrobat Muse Adobe Creative Cloud
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    This post features resources shared by Dr Tim Kitchen at the Adobe in Education Professional Learning session for Swinburne University Teachers on Tuesday 23rd May, 2017. Blended Learning with Adobe Find out more about how Swinburne’s Adobe content creation & communication tools help enhance a blended learning approach to teaching & learning. This workshop will be run by Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe’s Senior Education Specialist for Asia Pacific and former Victorian educator (and Swinburne teacher). Tim will be showing how a mix of Adobe’s free and professional tools & resources such as the Adobe Spark products, Photoshop, Acrobat DC, Adobe Presenter Video Express, Premiere Clip and the Adobe Education Exchange are being used to bring to life an authentic blended learning experience for teachers and students. Stay informed about future Adobe in Education professional learning opportunities for teachers in Australasia via: 

If you haven't already, please join the Australasian Adobe Professional Learning Group on EdEx to stay in touch with Adobe in Education - https://edex.adobe.com/group/apac-pl/ 
Check past Adobe in Education active use activities via http://timkitchen.net/ and CreateEdu TV http://timkitchen.net/

    Passport Career Development Workshop. Curriculum by Richard Campbell May 16, 2017 Products Acrobat Photoshop Adobe Document Cloud
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    Welcome to Passport. This is a painless career development course dedicated to teaching research and writing skills to advance young careers. Through a unique course we’ve created a system that is simple for you to implement, that brings your students to a whole new level of accomplishment. Why does this work? Students struggle with information literacy skills they need to find employment because frankly, traditional information literacy library presentations bore them. Passport replaces the traditional pedagogical method with an exciting new approach that prepares them for the world of work, simultaneously taking them through information literacy training on their own terms. For younger students trying to fast track from secondary school to college, using information literacy to promote career discovery enhances critical skills, self-esteem, and the ability to create a personal game plan. The question is: how is the Passport system different from current practices? The major premise of this course is to present a career advancement model based upon self- actualization to be used with a unique hybrid environment to leverage information literacy skills of the students during their quest for employment. Passport includes its own physical course package, and career development text: Passport: The Authentic Quest for Your Dream Career. The approach is based upon a number of well-known learning models, augmented by a powerful shot of unorthodox creativity. The process of self-evaluation and actualization is combined with structured training in information literacy to create an exciting new platform that you control. It might be said that the learning curve for this work is a creative modality not normally asked of academic instructors. This is a very unique hybrid process that relies upon a dedicated work flow designed to captivate young minds. The structure and materials that take students from an information literacy desert to the promised land are all custom created for you. The transaction that takes place between student and instructor appears simple and easy to navigate, the underlying work behind this workshop is an out of the box eye opener for educators who want to bring students with learning challenges into the primary stages of career development. The end result is to assist students in finding employment, but this program also distinguishes itself by focusing upon methods of personal development within a creative modality that carefully plot out a realistic progression for entering the workplace. For young students this means they imagine themselves in the real working world and discover their hidden talents. This is a truly hybrid program that spreads the learning process out among participants, utilizing powerful communication tools. Librarians and teachers share a process in this workshop with career development staff to create a whole new methodology that students recognize as innovative and creative. In short Passport is not a traditional workshop, but a new pathway for your students to accelerate their learning curve to find valued first time employment positions. Interested? Take a look at the book outline to get a feeling for the program, and let us know what your think.

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    I protect sensitive information. I break things. I make things. I am never bored. I believe in inductive design. AI will never replace imagination.

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    My name is Melissa and I am a mother of three beautiful boys. I love to write and educate other mothers or mothers to be on advice on babies, toddlers and kids.

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    I have started my job as Art Director for Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandising since 2000 Painting, Graving & Designing.

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    Technology and creative ways to use it are my passion!

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    Product marketer with a demonstrated history of developing brand voices in the technology companies.

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    I am a student based out of Brooklyn, New York. I moved here on a whim from Maine where I was on a traditional path. I want to help other people see beauty.

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    Creative consulting services that provide customized support for indie authors, music & visual artists.

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    He is an in implementer of innovative projects to accelerate learning in he film and television industries

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    Retired Principal, Past President of the Wisconsin State Reading Association, Educator, Instructional Designer

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    Alejandra Viana is a fashion designer turned entrepreneur. She launched her first company Leg Candy Apparel at age 20 in 2010.